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this is Auto world guide.

Like most successful car blogs today, Auto World Guide (AWG) started out as a hobby. Martin Kristoffersson, a Swedish entrepreneur and car enthusiast, created this blog to help automobile users diagnose and fix minor car problems by themselves.

Collaborating with professional mechanics and writers globally, Auto World Guide continuously seeks to answer the most important questions relating to car maintenance. Turning on the notification status and subscribing for our newsletter will keep you informed when we cover a new topic.

Note that this DIY auto blog does not aim to replace professional mechanics, but intends to provide makeshift, on-the-go, and urgent guides to fixing minor car issues and prolong the lifespan of your car.

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Martin Kristoffersson
Cofounder, Editor in Chief
Martin is an absolute genuis.
Melvin Braide
Cofounder, Partner
Melvin dreams to reach Martin's level.