7 best Steering wheel covers - Guide (2023)

Steering wheel covers are car accessories used to protect, augment and/or decorate the steering wheel. The steering wheel is the most used part of the car, save for the seats, and can show wear over time. A steering wheel cover will help to hide the wear and add a stylish touch to the look of the car.

Apart from wear, a steering wheel cover could be used to bring added comfort and grip to your driving experience. Ultimately, the driver’s goal is to ensure they have a steering wheel that fits just right in their hands. The added features a steering wheel cover brings to the steering wheel usually improve driving safety. Although, not everyone likes steering wheel covers.

Some claim they make the steering wheel grip thicker, reducing road feedback while driving. Ill-fitted covers may make driving unsafe due to slippage in critical moments. At first, the benefits of using a steering wheel cover may not be apparent. However, the more you use one, the more you will appreciate its usage. Let’s explore the pros of using a steering wheel cover.

Importance of a steering wheel cover

steering wheel cover

For those with sweaty palms or poor grip strength, a steering wheel cover with a textured grip will help significantly. Your driving becomes more comfortable with a steering wheel cover, especially during long commutes. steering Wheel covers help reduce driver fatigue.

They do this with memory foam and other such paddings in some covers acting as a shock absorber, In extreme weather conditions, a suitable wheel cover will protect your hands and also the steering wheel from further wear.

Certain covers could be padded with materials that either warm the hands in cold weather or prevent the absorption of heat in hot weather. Most importantly, steering wheel covers are affordable, easy to install, and very customizable. Below are the different types of steering wheel covers.

Types of steering wheel covers

Leather covers

Leather steering wheel covers

Made of leather, they are durable and very resistant to extreme weather. They are also breathable and provide a good grip. However, leather steering wheel covers are expensive and usually limited to black, brown, and white colors. Other colors are available but even more expensive.

Synthetic covers

Synthetic steering wheel covers

These are covers made from artificial leather: either polyurethane leather or microfiber leather. They are mostly similar to leather, but not as durable. Nonetheless, synthetic steering wheel covers are available in multiple color options and are not as expensive as real leather types.

Cloth/Plush covers

Cloth or Plush steering wheel covers

Most cloth or plush steering wheel covers are made from faux fleece or faux wool. These covers are perfect for drivers in colder climes. They come in a variety of colors and are very affordable.

Wooden covers

Wooden steering wheel covers

Wooden covers are quite eye-catching and look stylish as a steering wheel accessory. However, they are not as adjustable as other steering wheel cover options. They are usually made in 14-inch and 15-inch variants, although larger size variants are available. They also tend to fade with frequent exposure to the sun and are not ideal for hotter climes.

Rubber covers

Rubber steering wheel covers

Rubber covers are perfect for those who need an extra grip on their steering wheel. Most rubber covers are resistant to all weather changes and are very affordable. They are not as durable as synthetic and leather covers, but they offer a tight fit to your steering wheel.

How to choose a steering wheel cover

At this point, you can appreciate the importance of a steering wheel cover. You are also intimated by the different types available. What do you need to look out for when choosing a steering wheel cover for your car?

Most people make their choice based on aesthetic qualities. They usually lookout for color, design, or patterns and how these fit into the look they intend for their car.

But most importantly, when choosing a steering wheel cover, you need to look out for the right size for your steering wheel. Although adjustable cover variants are available, choosing the correct, if not exact, size for your steering wheel is ideal.

If you are unsure about the size of your steering wheel, all you need is a tape measure. When measuring your steering wheel, you need its outside diameter and grip circumference. Note that steering wheels are measured in Inches. Follow the steps below to measure the size of your steering wheel:

Steps involved

  • Measure the area from one far side of the steering wheel to the other. This is known as the Total Outside Diameter of your steering wheel. Most vehicles have a 14-inch or a 15-inch steering wheel but some could measure up to 17.5 inches.
Measure Steering Wheel Cover
  • Wrap your tape measure around the thickest part of your steering wheel to measure the Grip Circumference. Most grips are 2 to 4.5 inches thick.
Measure Steering Wheel handlle

Ensure to look for steering wheel covers that match the dimensions of your steering wheel. This will make sure the steering wheel cover stays put and does the job it was installed for.

Further factors to note when choosing steering wheel covers

Apart from size, you also have to take into consideration the local weather where you intend to use the vehicle. Wooden and cloth steering wheel covers are not ideal for use in hot weather.

They absorb heat and may cause injury if the vehicle is left in the sun for too long. In colder climes, you may have to ensure that the steering wheel cover possesses a steering wheel heater to keep your hands warm. You could also choose a wheel cover with internal padding that keeps the steering wheel warm.

Whatever your choice might be, you have to be practical in choosing. You can combine your aesthetic desires for your steering wheel with qualities that guarantee your safety and comfort while driving. Also, note that wheel covers are not permanent and can be changed anytime. You can change them to match your outfit, the festivities of the day, or even your mood.

How to Put on a Steering Wheel Cover

Now that you have selected the ideal steering wheel cover for you, you need to install it on your steering wheel. The installation requires no tools or special expertise. Follow the steps below to install your steering wheel cover:

How to Put on a Steering Wheel Cover
  • Wipe down the steering wheel thoroughly with a clean rag and some isopropyl alcohol. Neglecting to clean the steering wheel first could result in dirt, dust, mold, or bacteria growing underneath the cover over time.
  • Strip the steering wheel cover of any wraps or other packaging. Remove any old covers, wraps, tie-downs, or anything else attached to the steering wheel. To make it easier to install, you may want to use a blow dryer to apply heat and soften the insides of the cover. Should you choose to apply heat, do not let the cover cool off, start installing the cover once you finish with heating.
  • Sit in your driver's seat and align the cover with the steering wheel. Begin wrapping it around the wheel by pushing the cut around the inside curve of the cover over the wheel. Start at the top.

Further steps

  • With one hand hold the cover and work it around the top of the wheel a little bit at a time. Switch sides every few inches. Continue pushing the cover over the steering wheel until the top half is complete.
  • Carefully proceed to wrap the cover around the bottom half of the wheel. The cover gets more difficult to wrap around the last part of the steering wheel. Use one hand on the finished portion to keep it in place and prevent it from slipping off.
  • You will need to use some force to stretch the last portion of the cover over the wheel. Secure the top half of the cover with one hand. With your other hand, pull down until you can slip it over the steering wheel. Use both hands to work the cover on the steering wheel so that it appears even and symmetrical.

The top 7 steering wheel covers

With the knowledge you have gathered so far, it is now time to choose a suitable, quality steering wheel cover. Below are the 7 best steering wheel covers we have found so far:

SEG direct black microfiber leather steering wheel cover

SEG direct black microfiber leather steering wheel cover

This is an eco-friendly, synthetic leather cover designed to be a universal fit for most medium-sized steering wheels. The cover is soft and slightly padded so you will not get sore during long drives. It is made of durable material, eco-friendly, skid-proof, odor-free, and extremely comfortable.

You will find it present in most cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks. The SEG Direct Black Microfiber Leather steering wheel cover is the highest-rated and most popular steering wheel cover available. It is quite affordable and heat, cold and wear-resistant. It comes in a variety of colors so it can match most car interiors. Its elegant, modern design appeals to both male and female drivers.

Mayco Bell microfiber leather steering wheel cover

Mayco Bell microfiber leather steering wheel cover

Check the Latest Price Revered as the best synthetic cover, the Mayco Bell Microfiber Leather steering wheel cover delivers great quality for its value. This cover fits steering wheels ranging from 14.5 inches to 15 inches and it can be used in most vehicles. Its premium microfiber leather material provides a nice grip texture improving the steering wheel handling while driving.

The product has several well-stitched colors to pick from. Featuring a breathable and durable design, this cover protects your steering wheel against fading and scratches. The padding is satisfactorily soft and feels breathable to the palms even on a hot day.

It does not add too much bulk to the steering wheel, but the padded cover makes the grip a bit chunkier. It may be a bit difficult to install so you might need to apply some heat to the insides of the cover to ease installation.

Alusbell microfiber leather steering wheel cover

Alusbell microfiber leather steering wheel cover

Check the Latest Price The Alusbell Microfiber Leather Steering wheel cover’s universal size fits most vehicles, SUVs, and vans. Suitable for middle-size steering wheels from 14.5 inches to 15 inches in diameter. Its breathable mesh design helps with the grip, giving you more control on the road. High-quality microfiber leather material makes this cover breathable, heat, cold, and wear-resistant.

The material will keep the hands dry from sweat in the heat. This product's design makes it perfect for use in a sports car as well as in trucks. The microfiber leather exterior and pure rubber interior make this cover eco-friendly and wholesome. Its slip-on setup makes it easy to install. The sporty, black color of this cover makes it a perfect fit for any car interior, making your car even more unique.

Rueesh microfiber leather car steering wheel cover

Rueesh steering wheel covers

The Rueesh Microfiber Leather Car Steering Wheel Cover is a great choice for driving in hot weather. Its microfiber finish helps to keep your hands cool and dry. The microfiber leather steering wheel cover is quite affordable and fits steering wheels from 14.5 inches to 15 inches in diameter. It features a stylish pattern but is only available in black.

Using eco-friendly and wholesome materials, this cover is heat, cold, and wear-resistant, much like the other covers on this list. The high-quality microfiber material features soft padding in a breathable and anti-slip design. Rueesh also offers a 2-year warranty with the purchase of this cover so you can return or change it.

Valley comfy Boho cloth steering wheel cover

Valley comfy steering wheel covers

Check the Latest Price The Valleycomfy Boho Cloth Steering Wheel Cover is one of those covers designed specifically for women. It offers a variety of different color styles giving your car interior a unique look. It weighs much less than other covers in this list, because of its soft and thick cloth material.

This provides drivers with an improved grip on the steering wheel for better control of the vehicle. Valleycomfy designed it to fit steering wheels ranging in size from 14.5-inches up to 15.5-inches in diameter.

The cloth design is soft and comfortable to the touch making this a great choice for women. The cloth material does not retain much heat in hot weather nor transmit much cold during the winter. This is the cover we would recommend if you are looking for a bright and colorful steering wheel cover.

ChuLian Diamond leather steering wheel cover

Chulain steering wheel covers

Check the Latest Price If you are looking for a more flamboyant look for your steering wheel, the ChuLian Diamond Leather Steering Wheel Cover is for you. With its outer surface covered in hundreds of small crystals, the cover provides a great grip on the steering wheel. The crystals also massage your palms when you hold the steering wheel.

This diamond leather cover gives your car interior that extra oomph. Thanks to the rubber lining inside the cover, it fits tightly on any 15-inch steering wheel of most car brands. You might have to heat the insides to ease the installation of this cover due to its lining. This cover will make a perfect accessory for the interior of your car. Even as a present for someone who loves sparkly items.

BOKIN microfiber leather steering wheel cover

Bokin steering wheel covers

BOKIN’s Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel is manufactured from microfiber leather and viscose, a semi-synthetic fiber. It has a unique mesh-like side grip material called “ice silk stitching” which makes for better, more comfortable, and safer grips. This design prevents your hands from feeling cold during winter but also keeps them cool in hot weather.

The BOKIN microfiber is marketed as the best all-weather steering wheel cover. This 15-inch, 1.35-pound steering wheel cover has a breathable, anti-skid design. Like all steering wheel covers with rubber linings, you might have to heat it a bit to make installation easier. It also comes with an 18-month product guarantee and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


If you are looking to give your car interior a facelift or for more practical reasons, there is a steering wheel cover out there for you. You cannot go wrong with any of the 7 listed above. Your safety while driving is of utmost importance and a well-fitted steering wheel cover goes a long way to guarantee that.

Always watch for wear and tear and also ensure to keep the cover clean. Finally, the system ensures that the steering wheel performs its functions perfectly is the steering system. You should read on about it.

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