Best Aftermarket Fuel Pump

Finding the best aftermarket fuel pump brand may be easy or it may or it may be very difficult – it all depends on the year and make of your car. This is because a fuel pump in any new car usually lasts at least 150,000 miles or more, so by the time you need to replace the fuel pump, your car will be older.

What this means is that you will have to find a parts company that still makes a fuel pump that fits your make and model of car.Then you will have to drain the fuel tank and remove it before you install the fuel pump to see if it fits.

In the worst-case scenario, it will not fit and the search will continue. In some cases, the fuel pump has to be modified and installed by a professional who knows what they are doing. This can be expensive.

Here is a list of ten different brands of aftermarket fuel pumps to help get you started on your search:

Top 10 Best Aftermarket Fuel Pump Brand Review

01. Delphi Fuel Pump Module FG0052 – The Last Fuel Pump You Will Have to Buy

Delphi Fuel Pump Module FG0052

The Delphi fuel pump module is an energy-efficient fuel pump that will last a long time as a reliable replacement for the original part.This fuel pump also performs well in a few other ways like providing better gas mileage and providing the pressure that is consistent.

This is a high-quality fuel pump, made with superior materials and fits true to the original parts, including the electrical wiring.This fuel pump is also made to survive even the most extreme temperatures.

“Although it is better than the no-name brands, this fuel pump does not deliver the fuel pressure of an original part. It may take a while for it to start the car on cold mornings. It may fail after several thousand miles without notice.”

This pump is also quiet and will get your gas gauge working accurately again. It is designed to handle the ethanol gas as it has been re-engineered and updated from the original design.As well, Delphi has over eighty years of history designing and making parts that rival or exceed the factory-installed parts that come with any vehicle.

Highlighted Features

  • Enhanced filtration system
  • Body harness and connector
  • OE engineered
  • Gold-filled sensors
  • Large volume reservoir
  • Internal springs


  • Easy to install
  • High-quality materials
  • Good fit, no leaks
  • Long-lasting


  • Fuel clips not included
  • Retaining ring not included

02. AEM High Output In-Tank Fuel Pump 50-1000 – Better Performance than Factory-Installed

AEM High Output In-Tank Fuel Pump 50-1000

AEM’s high output in-tank fuel pump works in both forced induction EFI high-performance engines as well as in naturally aspirated vehicles.

This is an economical fuel pump that delivers the same high-volume fuel flow as the more expensive pumps, but for less money.It flows 84 GPH at 43 PSI and is able to support more than 1,000 horsepower at 43 pounds per square inch.

“This fuel pump may have to be modified to fit your make and model of car, or may not fit in at all, even though your car may be listed. The wiring need to check before you install it.”

This fuel pump is a higher quality part than the factory-installed pump it is replacing and will deliver hi-flow volume for increased motor power. It also eliminates most fuel issues and operates at a very low volume of noise.

Highlighted Features

  • Fuel pump diameter: 39 mm
  • Power rating 43 PSI, 13.5 volt
  • Includes end caps and rubber sleeve
  • Includes clamps, hose, pre-filter, and flying lead
  • In-tank design


  • Strong and consistent fuel pressure
  • Low noise output
  • Accommodates higher horsepower
  • Includes wiring harness


03. ACDelco GM OE Fuel Pump & Level Sensor Module MU1374 – Recommended by GM

ACDelco GM fuel pump & level sensor module is made specifically for GM cars so it will perform as well or better than the factory-installed fuel pump.It works to deliver a steady supply of fuel to the engine so that your GM car starts and runs every time. This fuel pump provides the durability and reliability you expect from quality GM parts.

“May not update the fuel gauge in real-time. There is a connector that may be problematic which feeds fuel to the pump that may have to be changed.”

The ACDelco GM fuel pump is a no-worries replacement part. It prevents pump starvation with a jet pump and reservoir that works even with a fuel level that is low.This fuel pump is also made from acetyl plastic that tolerates fuel with high ethanol levels.

The electrical connections are made to withstand the vibration of a running vehicle to eliminate high resistance and the strainer is located within the module to lessen the chances of it getting punctured.

Highlighted Features

  • GM suggested aftermarket fuel pump
  • Made specifically to fit GM vehicles
  • Exact same part as original equipment
  • Includes everything needed to install
  • No wiring needed


  • Exact fit to the original part
  • Easy to install
  • Works with a low fuel level
  • Withstands high-alcohol gas


  • Special tools may be needed to install
  • May not keep the fuel gauge accurate

04. Delphi Fuel Pump Module FG0324 – Operates Under All Conditions

The Delphi Fuel Pump is designed for the car owner who needs to replace their fuel pump once and then not worried about it.There are several features of the Delphi fuel pump that make this possible.

First, it has a large volume reservoir, so if you are a person who constantly runs their car on empty, this fuel pump won’t be affected.Second, this fuel pump is not a drain on the battery, so your car will always start, even if the battery is low.Third, this fuel pump works in all types of extreme weather so your car will start even in freezing temperatures.

“This fuel pump may not last as long as the manufacturer indicates. It may also not fit all applications as the manufacturer suggests. Some components may be of low quality.”

This is a fuel pump that provides consistent flow and has different design patents that make it significantly superior to other replacement pumps. For example, the Delphi Fuel pump is not affected by the excessive alcohol content of today’s gasoline blends.It can handle up to 20% ethanol content by volume and still run efficiently.What this means is that you don’t have to look around for a gas station that sells gasoline that doesn’t contain ethanol to save wear and tear on your fuel pump.

Highlighted Features

  • Internal springs stop tube chafing
  • Internal fuel strainer
  • Works with ethanol fuel
  • Energy-efficient turbine pump
  • Enhanced filtration system
  • Large volume reservoir


  • Works under extreme temperatures
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Work in low-fuel situations
  • Pump flow is consistent


  • May not have a long life as suggested
  • May not fit all applications as suggested

05. ACDelco Electric Fuel Pump Assembly EP309 – Original Equipment Fit & Function

ACDelco Electric Fuel Pump Assembly EP309

Since this ACDelco electric fuel pump assembly is made with more than 100 years of experience with General Motors, it is the clear choice if you are looking for an aftermarket fuel pump for your GM vehicle.This electric pump promises to deliver the steady flow of your fuel that your vehicle needs to start and then run reliably.

“Fuel pump may not last as long as manufacturer claims. Watch out for counterfeit parts or older parts substituted for new.”

This is a fuel pump that is easy to install and most people who know and own GM cars are satisfied with its performance.It gets a very high rate of customer satisfaction with very few surprises or disappointments.

Highlighted Features

  • Specifically made to replace OE fuel pump
  • Updated fuel-level sensor
  • Improved electrical connections
  • Recommended by General Motors
  • Provides same performance as OE parts


  • Easy to install
  • Fits perfectly for GM models
  • Recommended by GM
  • Works as expected


  • May not last long
  • Watch for old/counterfeit substitutions

06. GasTapper 12V Gasoline Transfer Pump – Siphons Gas from Most Fuel Tanks

The GasTapper 12V gasoline transfer pump will siphon gas or diesel from almost any fuel tank including equipment tanks, vehicles, boats, UTV’s and most any other gas tank.This transfer pump is convenient when you are changing a fuel filter and need to drain the gas tank or when you have to transfer gas from one tank to another.

This siphon kit comes complete with a fume-proof and weather-resistant carry case which is very portable and easy to store.You can even leave it in your car and you will not have to worry about the lingering fumes caused by using it to transfer or siphon gas.

“While this siphoning kit is a great idea, it is made of plastic which seems cheap. It is slow to pull out any large amount of gas (like from a pickup truck or a boat) and is only made for smaller jobs. The carry case is also too small to restore the pump and accessories.”

The motor is electric and the kit comes with everything needed to quickly siphon gas including the automotive-grade electric pump, LED power indicator, tubing, power cord, and fuel filter.This siphon has the power to continuously transfer one-half gallon per minute, so it will make quick work of any small siphoning job you have to do.

Highlighted Features

  • Siphons fuel from most tanks
  • Comes with storage/carry case
  • 12V electric case-mounted pump
  • 7-10 PSI
  • 15’ power cord
  • 6’, ¼” tubing


  • Electric powered
  • Convenient for small jobs
  • Everything included in the kit


  • Does not work for larger jobs
  • Carry case to small

07. Custoneparts Electric In-Tank Fuel Pump Kit E2157 – Less Expensive Alternative for Fords

Custoneparts Electric In-Tank Fuel Pump Kit E2157

The Custoneparts electric in-tank fuel pump kit has everything you need to install this fuel pump including wiring, rubber tube, clamps, and strainer. It is designed for many Ford models including the Explorer, the Contour, the Escape, the Escort, the Excursion, the F-250, the F-350, the F-450, the F-550, the Focus, the Freestar, the Freestyle, the Taurus, the Mustang and more. This includes various years and makes.

“This pump is hard to install, does not fit all models as promised and may quit prematurely. The pump may have to be modified to fit accurately. The vehicle may not start quickly, even if it is warmed up.”

As a fuel pump that is priced lower, this pumps works well and is reliable. It is easier to install in Ford trucks if you remove the truck bed instead of the fuel tank. Modification, as needed, seems fairly easy for experienced home mechanics.

Highlighted Features

  • Ford replacement part
  • 140-160 liter per hour flow rate
  • OE Specification components
  • Factory tested
  • Complete installation kit


  • Made for Fords
  • Less expensive than other fuel pumps
  • Everything included in the kit


  • Can be noisy
  • May have to be modified

08. TopScope Electronic Fuel Pump FP3507M – Original Equipment Quality Is Long-Lasting

The FP3507M fuel pump from TopScope is designed for the Chevrolet Cavalier (2000-2005), the Chevrolet Malibu (200-2003), the Chevrolet Classic (2004-2005), the Oldsmobile Alero (2000-2004), and the Pontiac Grand Am/Sunfire (2000-2005). This is an OE replacement fuel pump with no modifications needed when installing in these specific cars.

“This is a fuel pump that needs to be used under the best conditions. It is important not to run the gas tank at low levels at the pump needs to be submerged. As well, only high-quality gasoline is recommended for this fuel pump.”

Since these electronic fuel pumps are designed for particular makes, models, and years of cars, the fit and quality are very close, if not better than the originals. Each pump is tested before it leaves the factory.As well, the high-quality of the materials used make these fuel pump longer-lasting than other brands when taken care of.The components used in these fuel pumps are also designed to function better with the cars they were made for.

Highlighted Features

  • Electric motor armature
  • Fuel pressure sensor
  • One-way check valve
  • Quality OEM materials
  • Modular assembly protection
  • Turbine impeller


  • No modifications required
  • Sending unit measures the gas level
  • Senses high fuel tank pressure
  • Factory tested


  • Does not do well in low gas situations
  • Does not handle gas impurities well
  • Turbine impeller can get blocked

09. AEM In-Tank Fuel Pump Kit 50-1200 E85 – Functions Well With All Types of Gasoline

The AEM in-tank fuel pump is designed to work with both high-output forced induction EFE vehicles as well as naturally aspirated vehicles.It has a durably-constructed strong inner construction that will function under the low lubricity that is characteristic of both methanol and ethanol gas blends. It has actually been successfully tested on these fuels (ethanol up to E100 and methanol up to M100) as well as other types of gasoline.

“Does not last that long before it has to be replaced in some cases. May not last as long when running on ethanol/gas mix. It does not fit all makes and models as it claims. It makes more noise than other fuel pumps. Not as easy to install as manufacturer claims.”

This fuel pump kit includes everything you need to install it including the pre-filter, the wiring harness, the end cap, the rubber buff sleeve, and the internal fuel hose and clamps.This fuel pump offers an offset inlet design that makes it easier to install for the do-it-yourselfer. Each fuel pump is also factory tested before it is shipped.

Highlighted Features

  • Diameter: 39 mm
  • Works with fuel containing ethanol
  • Works with fuels containing methanol
  • 320 LPH flow at 43 PSI
  • Complete installation kit


  • Works with many types of gasoline
  • Factory tested before shipping
  • Everything included


  • Not long-lasting in some cases
  • Not easy to install
  • Does not fit all makes and models

10. Bosch OE Electric Fuel Pump 69131 – Improves the Drivability of Your Vehicle

Bosch OE Electric Fuel Pump 69131

The Bosch electric fuel pump delivers many modern advantages over pumps with an inner-gear design.First off, fuel pulsation is eliminated by the advance-engineered turbine pump. Second, the smooth fuel flow is enhanced by the Bosch designed impeller ring.Third, the polymer-encased armature is precision spin-balanced to reduce the vibration and noise caused by other fuel pumps.This noise is further dampened by the suppression coil which stops almost all radio frequency interference.

“The fittings are made of plastic, which is a downgrade from the original equipment. This make of fuel pump does not fit all makes and model vehicles that it claims. Watch out for counterfeit parts with the Bosch name put on them. Counterfeit parts seem to be a problem with this fuel pump, with otherwise good reviews.”

This fuel pump is an exact fit for the one it is replacing, which makes it easy to install. The quality materials and performance make it a long-lasting pump – one that won’t have to be replaced again.The precise function of the individual components also makes it a quiet fuel pump that doesn’t experience the effects of wear and tear that other brands do.

Highlighted Features

  • Turbine pump
  • Smooth-flow impeller ring
  • Polymer-encased armature
  • Long-life carbon brushes
  • Noise suppression coil
  • Instructions included


  • Virtually noiseless
  • No fuel pulsations
  • Smooth fuel flow
  • Reduced vibration


  • Watch out for counterfeits
  • May not last as long as it claims
  • Fittings are plastic

What You Need to Consider to Find the Best Aftermarket Fuel Pump Brands for Your Vehicle

Make and Model of Your Car

This may sound like an obvious consideration, that you should buy the fuel pump for your particular car, but it isn’t quite that easy. Of course, you can go to the mechanic at the car dealership and they can put a new fuel pump in your car, no problem.

But because the fuel tank has to be drained and removed and because you are looking at paying full price for a part, get ready to pay about $1,000 to install a part that costs about $150.Are you really willing to shell out that much money for a part that many people can replace themselves? Probably not, but even if you take your car to a local mechanic, it is probably better if you supply the fuel pump, as they will mark it up as well.

They may make a recommendation, but now it is up to you to start looking for the best replacement part for your vehicle. If you do some research and read some reviews you will find the fuel pump you need, even if it has to have modifications. This research will not only save you on the parts to replace the fuel pump, but it will also save you on the labor because it will be faster to install.

What it means to modify a Fuel Pump

When people talk about modifying a fuel pump, they are usually talking about the wiring, the connection, and the wiring harness.This is not that big of a deal for an experienced home mechanic, but if you are changing out a fuel pump yourself and it needs to be modified because something doesn’t fit, get some help!

Remember, this is the component in your car that supplies the gas to the engine. It is most likely a part that runs on electricity, so this means that you will have a part with an electric current that you have installed yourself right on your gas tank.

This is not something that you want to tinker with if you don’t know what you are doing.So never modify a fuel pump on your own for the first time, even if you watch a YouTube video that shows how to do it.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Remember, a fuel pump is responsible for getting gas to the engine of your car. This not only means when your car is running but also when it is starting up.So much like a car battery, if you live in a climate with either extremely hot or extremely cold days, you will need a fuel pump that will start your car in these conditions all the time.The manufacturers of car parts will make many claims, but you will find this information about extreme weather reliability in the review sections of any advertised aftermarket fuel pump.

Ethanol/Alcohol Percentage of Gas

Not all fuel pumps will run well for very long on gas that contains any percentage of ethanol, which may be why you have to replace it sooner than you anticipated.Product descriptions will tell you if the fuel pump replacement you are buying will be able to run on gas that contains ethanol.If not, you will have to find a gas station that sells pure gasoline or look for a different fuel pump. If you don’t take this seriously, you will be replacing your fuel pump again in less than 100,000 miles.

FAQ's About Best Aftermarket Fuel Pump

What Causes A Fuel Pump to Fail?

The main thing that causes a fuel pump to fail is consistently running your car or truck until it is empty.You should never run a vehicle on less than a quarter tank of gas.

When the gas tank is nearly empty, the fuel pump is no longer submerged and may overheat.Extreme heat, along with prolonged exposure to extreme cold will cause a fuel pump to eventually fail.When you replace the fuel pump, you should try to find a storage garage where you can keep your car out of the elements during extreme weather.

Corrosion of a fuel pump can also be caused by fuel that has contaminants in it.Over twenty percent of fuel pumps also fail because the gas tank is full of rust, dirt, or other impurities that may be sitting at the bottom of it.If you are buying a new pump, make sure the gas tank is free from these contaminants.

Try to buy gas without ethanol from a gas station you know has clean gas.This is because a clogged fuel pump strainer will also cause your fuel pump to fail. This is another reason when you go to replace your fuel filter, you need to make sure the gas tank is clean.The fuel strainer can’t keep up with a dirty gas tank and bad fuel, so your replacement pump will prematurely fail just like the one before it if you don’t clean the tank.

What Causes Low Fuel Pressure?

Since your fuel pump is responsible for delivering the right amount of fuel to your engine, it has to have enough power to do this.If you have low fuel pressure, before you replace the fuel pump, make sure you have sufficient power and ground to the pump.You will also want to check the fuel pressure regulator to see if it is working. If your fuel pump filter is clogged from contamination in the system, your fuel pressure will also drop and you will need to replace it.

Do I need a Fuel Pump Made by the Automaker of My Car?

No. There are many instances in which the automaker does not sell retail replacements parts for their cars.So oftentimes, the replacement parts for your car, like a fuel pump, will be made by a company that specializes in aftermarket car parts.

Even the dealership where you purchased your car may use parts that are authorized by the manufacturer but not made by them.In fact, sometimes the replacement parts are better quality than the factory-installed originals.Nevertheless, if this is a concern for you, look for a fuel pump that is made to OE specifications, which stands for “Original Equipment” parts.

Can I Install A Fuel Pump Myself?

Believe it or not, installing a fuel pump yourself is not the hardest car repair you can do, especially if you have someone helping you.Just keep in mind that if you take the car apart and get stuck, you will have to have it towed to the nearest mechanic.

The first thing you should do though if you want to install your own fuel pump is to watch a YouTube video on how to do it for the make and model of your car.This will give you an idea of what to expect. And if installing a fuel pump is way more than you anticipated, at least you can go to your mechanic a much better-informed customer.

That said, if you attempt this car repair yourself, there are some things you can do to make it easier and go faster.The first thing is to make sure you have the tools you need to do the job. You will also need a car jacks to lift the car so that you can get to the fuel pump.

Next, you will have to make sure the gas tank is drained fully. Also, make sure that there is nothing that can start a spark that will start a fire in your well-ventilated workspace. NEVER SMOKE WHEN YOU ARE CHANGING A FUEL PUMP.Also, don’t order the part until you are ready to install it. If you find that the fuel pump doesn’t fit or need to be modified beyond the scope of what your mechanical skills will allow, you will have to send it back.

Make sure you allow yourself enough time to return the part or else you are stuck with it.You will also be unable to drive your car until you replace the fuel pump. This is about a four-hour job for the average person.You may have to remove the fuel tank to get to the fuel pump, but if you are lucky, you won’t have to.Once you have access to the fuel pump, it is simply a matter of following the installation instructions and modifying the fuel pump if needed.

Final Thought

The biggest concern about a fuel pump is the installation. This is because you usually have to remove the fuel tank to change the pump, then reinstall the tank, put some gas in it, and then start the vehicle.

If you have the gas tank taken off and the fuel pump doesn’t fit, you cannot simply put the vehicle back together, start it again, and then drive it.So the biggest concern when buying the best fuel pump is buying one that fits right the first time - and then works long enough so that you never have to replace it again!

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