Best Brake Pads For Ford F150

We have come with the top 10 Best Brake Pads For Ford F150 after long research, we found Power Stop K3167-36 Z36 is the best brake pads for ford f150 truck.The brake is an essential part of every car; varying from luxury to basic ones. To drive safely, you need a brake pad and a rotor in your vehicle.For instance, if you are speeding and might have a risk of getting hit into a pole, then the brake pads will help you.These can save your life from an accident if appropriately maintained.

Superior quality brakes deliver the off-road performance, which is beyond any comparison. Let’s scroll down to choose the best brake pad for Ford f150 4x4. We found PowerStop, Bosch, Motor Craft, Approved Performance are the best brands for brake pad kits for f150 on the market, according to our automotive expert.For the front & rear, we recommend PowerStop; it includes all the necessary hardware & tools you need.

Ford f150 4x4 is a racing truck/jeep, specially designed for mountainous terrain, which needs to have premium quality brake pads to win the race. Moreover, for some people, it's not always about winning but also their safety matters the most. So, to install brake pads in your luxurious sports car is significant. To ensure safety, you must replace the brake pads according to the brake power you use.Brake pads are required regular change while needed like seat cover, tires, floor mat, etc. necessary accessories don't last for a long time.After a certain period, it should be changed before a severe problem occurs.

Which Is The Best Brake Pads For Ford F150 4x4 in Recent Days?

Power Stop K3167-36 Z36 brake pad kit is our first choice for the best ford f150 brake pad. It comes with a kit including rotors, brake pads made with carbon-fiber ceramic material. They say Power Stop brake pad has 30% less dust than other brake pads tested by 3rd party.

Why Power Stop K3167-36 Z36 Is Best For Ford F150?

Buying rotors and brake pads separately are expensive. If you purchase a kit where includes rotors, brake pads everything for new brake pads set up, it saves cost.Power Stop K3167-36 Z36 pack is less pricy than the conventional kit on the market.We recommended this one not only for the less price, our main reason to pick this one having lower dust, smooth performance, low noise, stainless steel installation hardware so many attractive features make the brake kit longer life.

Top 10 Best Brake Pads For Ford F150 Reviews And Buying Guide

01. Power Stop K3167-36 Z36 Front -  Best Ford F150 Brake Pads And Rotors

Power Stop K3167-36 Z36 Front

This brake kit has superior parts for a predictable and industrious speed. It is structured with the carbon-fiber ceramic to give the most extreme performance.The structure of the break cushions is created in an approach to suit the trucks.The low-dust formula is blended with the carbon strands to result in a robust compound blend. The compound guarantees to cease power without bargaining your drivability. Along these, give farewell to all the dusty brake pads that influence the effectiveness of your performance. How irritating it gets when you more than once hear annoying noises from your brakes that distract you while driving or when you're on a racing track?

With these brake pads, you don't need to encounter annoying noises any longer. The organization tests the brake pads, so you don't need to manage the noise from brake pads.Its capacity rotors are surrounded by the best G3000 metallurgy that extraordinary OE tolerance. This makes them look impeccable and work perfectly.The rush on overhauls the dimension without the need to make some other adjustments.The penetrate gaps in the rotor guarantees cooling to keep the temperature of your brakes down in appalling hot and sandy conditions.

The round spaces help to wipe away any debris and gas that interferes with the contact patch. Along these lines, this clears the contact fix for smooth and safe braking.The rotor is secured with silver zinc dichromate plating, which drilled and slotted. The material looks extraordinary that prevents rust.The electrostatic high-heat powder-coat prevents corrosion and rust that makes the calipers durable in the long-run.The red calipers are careful to touch and look perfect behind your wheels. The superior silicone lubrication helps the operation smoothly.The company guarantees each rotor installed in it. The maximum rotor run-out is 0.0032 inch whereas the DTV tolerance specification is 0.0005 inch.

Highlighted Features

  • High Temp EPDM Rubber
  • Silicone Lubricant
  • Plated Perfection
  • DTV tolerance

02. Power Stop Z36-1414 Front - Best Low Budget Brake Pad For F150

Power Stop Z36-1414 Front

The Z36 has high-performance components for consistent and persistent speed.It is designed with the carbon formula to give maximum performance. The structure of the brake pads is crafted in a way to suit the trucks.The low-dust ceramic formula is mixed with the carbon fibers to result in a stable compound mixture.The compound ensures stopping power without compromising your drivability. So, say ‘Goodbye’ to all the dusty brake pads that affect the efficiency of your performance.

How annoying it gets when you repeatedly hear noises from your brakes that distract you while driving or when you’re on a racing track?Sometimes you start to wonder what your vehicle might break or might stop in the middle of your journey.However, with these brake pads, you don’t have to experience embarrassing noise anymore.

The company tests the brake pads, so you don’t have to deal with the noise-free brake pads.The extra-ordinary carbon-fiber ceramic formula offers the increased braking power that would escalate the performance.Its power rotors are framed with the most excellent G3000 metallurgy that extreme OE tolerances. This makes them look perfect and function flawlessly.The advanced bolt-on upgrades the level without the need to make any other modifications.

The drill holes in the rotor ensure cooling to keep the temperature of your brakes down during sweltering and sandy conditions.The circular slots assist in wiping away any debris or gas that interrupts the contact patch.Thus, this clears the contact patch for smooth and safe braking. The rotor is covered with silver zinc dichromate plating, which drilled and slotted.The material not only looks great but also helps to prevent rust.

Highlighted Features

  • Power Coated Calipers
  • Silver Plating
  • Rust-free
  • Stopping Power
  • Away from dust

03. Bosch BC1414 Disc Front Brake Pad - Most Popular

Bosch BC1414 Disc Front Brake Pad

These Bosch manufactured brake pads are used in many Asian and European vehicles.Bosch has a significant role in the vehicle braking industry since its conception.They introduced both the electronic stability control systems and anti-locking braking technology.The Bosch Company got an edge with its Quiet Cast Premium Disc brake Pads.

The premium Quiet Cast disc brake pads are formulated using flexible and high accuracy materials that ensure high quality and practical usage. They offer quality, availability, and full coverage for all makes and models, be them Asian or European.The most significant relaxation is of the fact that all Bosch products come complete with the promise of durability and last longer than the other products in competition.Especially with the rubber core as the base of these soundless brake pads.

The specialty of Bosch is the use of specific materials. They ensure high braking power with low dust accumulation. The quiet operation is due to the rubber core material in these brake pads, which does not give away a loud noise and instead insulates that sound.These brake pads use copper-free ceramic and semi-metallic friction formula, which makes them in compliance with the 2025 copper-free legislation.Also, there is a transfer covering which becomes a layer for the protection of the pads to extend its life span.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable brake pads
  • Quiet operation
  • Maintains a quality standard in the industry
  • Low dust creation

04. Motor craft BRSD-1414 Brake Pads

motorcraft brsd-1414 brake pads

These ceramic front disc pads are manufactured by Motor craft and recommended by Ford Motor Company. They are focusing on high value without undermining the quality of the product. These high-quality, super duty series ceramic brake pads are integrally molded. Braking systems are an integral part of safety and performance.It keeps the passengers safe to stop in case of an emergency, and this ceramic braking pad system is the right fix the vehicle requires under these circumstances.

The motor vehicles that highly recommend having these brake pads include Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury.They are correctly adjusted to the required specifications and do not need any adjustments.The premium product has a perfect balance of safety and durability.Tested formulations are specific for each application with High tech materials like ceramic and semi-metallic.Motor craft uses hardware and stainless steel recommended highly by Ford which enhances reliability and a lot of stability. All of these aspects make motor craft very trusted.

Highlighted Features

  • The BRSD-1414 has a direct OEM replacement.
  • Meets all Ford motor company standards.
  • Fits vehicle perfectly and designed just for that specific function
  • Heavy ceramic design

05. Power Stop Front & Rear - best brake pads for f150 ecoboost

Power Stop Front & Rear

Power Stop Z36 Brake Kit is an excellent option for those who frequently travel in mountainous areas and also for hauling loads, lifting or towing trucks, or boats.The brake rotors that come along with this kit are drilled and slotted that it keeps the temperature down and to keep the debris away from the contact with the pad.The brake rotors are made up of G3000 steel castings. Moreover, for keeping away the rust, the rotor is plated with silver zinc.

This brake kit also contains brake pads made up of carbon fiber infused ceramic formula for increasing the power of the brake.Another element that comes along this kit is calipers that have new bleed screws, hardware, and pins.For improving the durability of the brakes, the calipers use EPDM rubber. Moreover, these calipers are of premium silicone lubrication for the smooth operation of the brakes.

Highlighted Features

  • Silver zinc plated rotors for rust resistance
  • Thermal scorched brake pad surfaces
  • Great for traveling in mountainous areas, hauling loads or lifting the trucks
  • Consist of Calipers that use high-temperature EPDM rubber
  • Stainless shims for providing noise-free braking
  • Brake pads made up of carbon fiber

06. Ford F-150 Ceramic Brake Pads

Detroit Axle - Front and Rear Ceramic Brake Pads

Looking for high-quality brake rotors and ceramic brake pads for your vehicle, then these are the best option for you.eLine Brake rotors provide a stopping power of extremely high quality. These brake pads and brake rotors ensure the safety of your vehicle, are durable, last longer, and most importantly, they are affordable.

These eLine brake pads and brake rotors do not require any modifications as they are designed to fit directly.These rotors are cross-drilled, reducing the heat up to 105° F. They are also chamfered so that they can prevent them from cracking.For preventing the rotors from corrosion, they are coated with zinc plating giving them a great appearance, making them long-lasting along with better maintenance cost.

Highlighted Features

  • Consists of 2 brake rotors and four ceramic brake pads
  • Are diamond slotted for increasing the brake pad bites
  • Countersunk for reducing the chances of getting cracked and also reducing the heat stress
  • Drilled holes to increase heat dissipation
  • Coated with special zinc plating to make them last longer
  • Chamfered rotors to prevent them from cracking

07. Motorcraft BR-1414 Kit-Brake Lining

Motorcraft BR-1414 Kit-Brake Lining

Motorcraft manufactures high-quality Brakes and Friction parts for the vehicles of Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury.The Ford Motor Company highly recommends these parts for their vehicles. Motorcraft manufactures the best and original brake and friction products for the Lincoln and Ford vehicles.All the brake and friction products manufactured by Motorcraft are free of noise and vibration and have the best breaking braking performance.

Motorcraft BR-1414 Kit-Brake Lining is an excellent option if you are looking for a kit consisting of new shims.This complete kit is designed to maintain durability, optimum friction, and performance.The brake pads that come along with the Motorcraft BR-1414 Kit-Brake Lining are tested for reduced noise and dust.This kit can be installed easily and is suitable for any Ford and Lincoln vehicles.

Highlighted Features

  • Complete kit that comes along with new shims
  • Consists of hardware
  • Pads are noise-free, durable and reduce dust
  • To ensure optimum friction, they are specially formulated
  • Pads are made up of good quality
  • Can be installed very easily

08. Fit 1997-2000 Ford F-150 Brake Ceramic Pads

Fit 1997-2000 Ford F-150 Brake Ceramic Pads

If you are looking for any brake rotors and ceramic pads that could provide your car with excellent braking performance for any driving conditions, then the PSport Drill Slot Brake Rotors and Ceramic Pads are the best.This kit consists of drilled and slotted brake rotors. The brake rotors have slots on them that grab more bite to brake pads so that it could provide even better-stopping power.To make sure that there is no heat warping or vibration, there are cross-drilled holes.

The brake rotors and ceramic pads are made of zinc-plated silver to prevent it from rusting and making it more durable and long-lasting.These pads and cross-drilled rotors improve the functioning of the brakes and give your car a look like it’s a race-car. The rotors present in this kit do not require any modifications and meet the OE specifications.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes 4 Brake Rotors and 8 Ceramic Brake Pads
  • Cross drilled rotors for quick heat reduction and air ventilation
  • Does not requires any modification
  • To absorb ventilation and eliminate noise the pads are shimmed
  • For improving pad bite and reducing stopping distance consists of slotted brake rotors
  • Ready to install

09. EBC Brakes Pad

EBC Brakes Pad

EBC Brakes DP41855R Street and Track Brake is a brake pad not only for the race cars but also for the routine use of vehicles.In reality, the EBC Brakes DP 41855R are the brake pads made for the race cars, but an exciting thing about them is that they can be installed in other vehicles as well and are incredibly safe to be used on the highways.

These pads are the best because of their high friction braking ability, and definitely, these are the most recommended braking pads for your cars.These pads can survive in extreme temperatures, especially during the races, and the effectiveness of the brakes can be seen in the first touch.These brake pads provide you with maximum stopping capacity and are the best for short-duration use.All the pads in this kit consist of center line slots, shims for noise reduction, OEM hardware and finally the edge chamfers.

Highlighted Features

  • Remains effective up to race temperatures
  • Can be used on both the race track and on streets
  • High friction braking ability for high-speed stopping
  • Feature EBC brake in a surface coating for easy installation
  • Effective brakes right from the start
  • No real noise

10. MGP Caliper Covers

MGP Caliper Covers Ford

Looking for stainless and best caliper covers, then MGP Caliper Covers 10219SRPTBK are the ones you are looking for.MGP Caliper Covers 10219SRPTBK is made up of 6061-T6 aerospace-grade aluminum.These MGP Caliper Covers are TIG welded to make them secure, are powder-coated to make them durable, and moreover, they have a patented stainless steel fastening system.

These MGP calipers do not require any adhesive, tape, or any caliper modifications.The installation time required for these caliper covers is just one hour. To ensure proper clearance and secure fit, every configuration is engineered for application on particular vehicles.Whenever you order the set of MGP Caliper Covers 10219SRPTBK you will be delivered with the parts that are specifically made for your vehicle, which consist of stainless steel fastening system made according to your vehicle’s brake calipers.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a stainless steel fastening system specific to your vehicle
  • Constructed of 6061-T6 Aerospace Grade Aluminum
  • Installation requires one hour
  • Powder-coated to make it much more durable
  • TIG-welded for increasing their strength
  • Formed hydraulically to fit OEM brake caliper configuration

Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Brake Pads For Ford F150 4WD

A well-used brake pad is simple to notice; by and large, it will influence shrieking sounds, vibrate, or not work.The annoying sound is an inbuilt piece of the pad and is put there to caution the driver that it's an excellent opportunity to save himself before meeting an accident.Present-day pads accompany tiny electronic sensors that convey warning to the dashboard.Notice that if you disregard all the warning signs and let the brake pad erode totally.This will permit the brake structure to reach the rotor surface, likewise steel, which will make grooves in the rotor and request a rotor substitution as well.Before buying the brake pads for your Ford f150 4x4, consider the following material for the brake pad discussed below.

Organic Non- Asbestos

These brake pads are made from a natural material, which includes fiber, rubber, glass, and Kevlar.The material is soft than other types of equipment used and is excellent in performance. However, it creates a lot of dust, so cannot it be ideal if you are taking your car in a desert or any sandy, mountainous area. But the best part is that it would not cost you much.

Semi-Metallic Brake Pads

These pads are manufactured from wire, copper, and steel wool and other metallic compounds that is between 30% to 65% metal to the resin. However, these are not compatible in cold conditions, which are not durable as these wear out the brake rotor due to the mixture of steel.

Low-Metallic NAO

These brake pads manufactured are from ceramic fibers with other compound materials. However, these are very costly and would not eat your budget.They are considered to be clean and perform the best, so it does not wear and tear the rotor.

Must-Have Tools

These are the following tools that you should buy with the brake pads:

Floor Jack & Stands

You are required to have a floor jack to elevate the vehicle to head height.Replacing these head height requires access. Therefore, you need stands to ensure safety support.

Replacement Rotors

Though it is not very significant, yes, it is better to replace the old one with a new one to ensure maximum safety.

Brake Grease

It should be applied to the brake pad surface, which is between the pads and calipers.

Brake Disc Thickness

For precise estimations utilize an electronic micrometer, an estimating tape can likewise be used.

Fitting Position

This is the situation of the brake plate; it will either be for the front or back pivot.


This is the breadth of the brake circle.

Number of Holes

This compares to the number of jolts on the wheel. If the motor has four bounces, you would require brake circles with four openings in it.

Pitch Circle

The pitch circle or pitch circle is the notional hover dictated by the places of the jolts. The focal point of each bounce lies on the circuit of the bolt circle.

Wheel Hub Diameter

The center point width will be the span of the middle gap of the circle or the measurement of a center point where the plate is fitted as well.

How to select the ideal brake pads for your vehicle

The best and least demanding approach to guarantee you get the right brake pads is to check the shape and size of the cushion expertly fitted.This might be tedious; however, it will guarantee you get the right brake pads.With brake cushions, we continuously offer an exact picture alongside the significant sizes, the image and size ought to be an ideal match to the brake pads on your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Brake Pads For Ford F150 4x4

What is the use of brake pads?

Brake pads are an essential aspect of the braking mechanism because they are the element that applies pressure as well as friction to a car's brake rotors.Though, Rotors are those shiny, flat discs that you sometimes notice just behind the attachment of wheels of many vehicles.The friction and pressure applied to the rotor of brakes are what slows the speed and stops the wheel.So, brake pads are essential to supply the equivalent pressure to the wheels.

When should I replace my brake pads?

Well, it all depends upon the use of your vehicle. Typically, brake pads need some specific period; they should be replaced after you drive over 50,000 miles.However, others may need some less time. They need to be replaced when you drive over 25,000.Thus, some of them need to be replaced when you drive over 70,000 miles. So, technically, the replacement system would depend upon the factors noted above.

How should I choose the best brake pads for my car?

Again, it depends on the usage of your car. However, you need to know the type of your vehicle as well as the tracks you usually drive on.If your vehicle size is vast like a truck or van, then you might be going through with an extra amount of metal in the pads, which help to slow down the car.However, you can also choose the organic pads for a smooth ride on sedans. Also, severe-duty brake pads are preferable when you need to drive on mountainous areas.

How many types of brake pads?

There would be four basic types of brake pads:

1) semi-metallic

Long-term stability and superior transfer of heat capacity. Semi-metallic usually is the standard type of brake pad, which is generally used in various vehicles.These types of pads are made of steel wool or wire, copper or graphite, and friction alterers.

2) Non-Asbestos Organic

They are smoother and produce less noise but worn faster and produce extra dust. Brake pads of these types are called Organic sometimes.

3) Low-Metallic NAO

These brake pads are built out of organic materials with a mixture of 10%-30% metal, such as copper or steel.

4) Ceramic

These types of pillows made of ceramic fibers and filler materials. They also best in creating less noise and less dust as well.

What brand would be best for brake pads?

There are lots of famous brands available with the guarantee and warranty period as well.So, you need to put extra effort when you are out for the selection of brake pads.Though always focus on the material type, don't buy the product because of the name of the brand. You need to check the material, if they are less noisy or not, if they create more dust or less, etc.

What should be the average cost of brake pads?

When you are in for the replacement process of your brake pads, you need to understand that average replacement would cost you around $150 per axle.Thus, the cost can also be increased from the range of $100 per axle to further up to $300 per axle.When it’s time for the brake pads replacement, check out some other hardware as well in the brake system which might need service.Some of the hardware includes rotors and calipers, but the vital service would be the replacement of brake pads.

How do I know that it’s time for a replacement?

There would be some personal notifications by which you can understand the time of replacement.For example, when you hear a kind of squeaking or even some screeching noises.Usually, the first hint you can quickly notice would be a squeaking, whining, or screeching noise.Also, you may notice a kind of intense metallic growling and grinding. You will also be notified through the Indicator Lights.So, these are obvious hints that you can understand when the time of replacement is near.


Brake pads are like lungs. As lungs are essential for our respiratory system, so are the brake pads for the vehicle. Without it, a person can risk its life to death.Therefore, to ensure your safety do check the brake pads and replace it with the new ones if the old ones have stopped working.Well, if you couldn’t figure out the right one for your vehicle, then don’t worry.We have got you the extensive reviews that you can refer to before purchasing the best brake pad for ford f150 4x4.

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