Best Car Phone Holders - Top 10 for 2023

Today's smartphones have rapidly become an essential part of our lives with the multiple functions they serve at our convenience. While driving, it is advisable not to use your smartphone. Nevertheless, you can use them for essential needs while driving with the aid of car phone holders and mounts.

Car phone holders make it possible for you to view your phone with ease while driving. The primary function it serves comes into play when the driver needs the assistance of his mobile GPS navigation system (like Google maps and Waze) to navigate his route.

With a car phone holder's help, other functions of your smartphone can be to make and receive emergency calls while driving. Other than these necessary functions, using your phone while driving will put everyone on board at risk of being involved in an accident that could be fatal.

Car phone holders help you stay safe on the road as they can be attached to your dashboard or vents. Most car phone holders can be rotated or adequately positioned so that the driver and look at them for navigation or contact numbers without totally getting his eyes off the road.

What are the best car phone holders for me?

best car phone holders

What are the best car phone holders for me?

Deciding on the exact car phone holder that is right for you may be a rather rigorous venture. This rigor is understandable as hundreds of thousands of car phone holders are scattered abroad in the market. A significant majority of them have not been reliable over time as users have consistently expressed their dissatisfaction with the performance of the product purchased.

Your choice must suit the make and design of your phone to avoid your phone falling off from your car phone holder because of low grip or other factors. This soft grip can be dangerous as your phone may fall toward your gas or brake pedal, which can be fatal.

Notwithstanding, we have heard these complaints and have put a lot of effort into searching out the best car phone holders for our readers.

You should select these car phone holders depending on your phone's size, your charging port position, and the volume outlet, amongst other factors we will address. Also, you might have an interest in the best car Bluetooth adapters. Do not worry, we got you covered.

The top 10 best car phone holders for you

Without further ado, let us take a look at our list of the best car holders for you. The following list was compiled according to price, comfort, versatility, and design.

iOttie Easy one-touch dashboard & windshield car phone holders

 •iOttie Easy One Touch Dashboard & Windshield Car Phone Holders

iOttie Easy One Touch Dashboard & Windshield Car Phone Holder The iOttie Easy One-touch car phone holders can be manipulated to suit the user in its orientation. When placed on either the dashboard or windshield, it can be adjusted to either a portrait or landscape orientation.

The car phone holders come with a lot of unique features. Some of these features include wireless charging, which charges 40% faster than regular wireless charging. This wireless charging is compatible with almost all smartphones like LG, iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Moto, and Nokia.

Apart from the enhanced wireless charging these types of car phone holders provide, it also has a telescopic arm that pivots on a 225-degree arc and extends from 4.9 to about 8.5 inches. iOTTiE Product buy.

Car Mount, TechMatte MagGrip air vent magnetic universal car mount holder for smartphones

Techmatte car phone holder

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This car phone holder's distinguishing feature is its ability to have a strong magnetic attraction that holds most smartphones. This magnetic strength is due to the presence of strong neodymium magnets. Examples of smartphones that work perfectly on this car phone holder include the Samsung Galaxy series, iPhone 8, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, HTC 10, LG G5, Google Pixel, etc.

This car phone holder has a characteristic high-quality rubber construction that enhances its ability to have a firm grip on your car air vents without your smartphone falling off under driving conditions. The simplicity of this car phone holder makes it stand out from other magnetic car phone holders. It has a strong magnetic head and a strong rubber base, making the user's experience seamless.

This simplistic design also allows you to rotate your smartphone and manipulate the display with ease.

Beikell adjustable car phone holder

Beikell Adjustable Car Phone Holder

Beikell Adjustable Car Phone Holder, Unlike magnetic car phone holders, this car phone holder does not use magnets to hold your smartphones in position. This car phone holder makes use of a mechanical grip. When it comes to choosing a platform to place your car phone holder, you may either clip to your vent or use the suction approach on a smooth surface like your dashboard or, preferably, your windshield.

The Biekell car phone hold makes use of the suction approach or design to fix its cradle to your car, and as earlier mentioned, it holds your smartphone using a mechanical grip approach. This mechanical grip design makes it easy to charge your smartphone with a cord.

This car phone holder is user-friendly and easy to adjust to suit the driver's preference. With the absence of magnets, the sleekness of your phone is maintained and preserved. Often, magnetic marks are caused by a magnet's presence in other types of car phone holders and usually leave users unhappy.

WhyD wireless car auto clamping mount

WHYD Wireless Car Auto Clamping Mount.

WHYD Wireless Car Auto Clamping Mount. This mount works best for users who prefer their phone to have a portrait orientation than a landscape orientation. The WHYD mount comes with the wireless charging option and makes you kiss goodbye to plugging and unplugging. All you have to do is leave the cable plugged into the car phone holder.

The grip is a little different from what we are conversant with, often. Therefore, with this mount, all you have to do is place your smartphone in, and the holder grips it automatically.

This holder works with almost all car vents aided by the presence of its unique silicon-padded jaws. Setting the direction of your screen's display is more comfortable because of the presence of the ball-joint adjuster.

Bracketron universal Nav-Mat GPS Sat Nav mount

Bracketron Universal Nav-Mat GPS Sat Nav Mount

Bracketron Universal Nav-Mat GPS Sat Nav Mount The Bracketron Universal Nav-mat is an excellent choice for you and a convenient one at that. It can be removed and moved at will. This choice comes in handy for users who do not fancy either the suction-cup style holder (on your windshield) or the air-vent holders.

This car phone holder has a ring shape, looking like a beanbag too. However, its distinguishing feature is its smooth inner liner and strong gripping base. With these features, you can easily place it on your dashboard.

This holder also has an anti-slide feature that helps prevent it from sliding across your dashboard or any sudden movements at all.

Notwithstanding, the sad touch of this invention is, it cannot work alone. It requires the assistance of a suction cup cradle to work efficiently. Nonetheless, you will have to purchase any suction holder to get it up and running, as it doesn't have any preference- it works on all suction holders.

FLOVEME magnetic car phone holder N52

FLOVEME car phone holder


This design is another beautiful one to have in your possession. It is simple and elegant. You can attach this without making use of your windscreen or vents. It comes with an adhesive pad that makes it easy to connect to your dashboard without the fear of it falling off.

For curved or flat surfaces, you do not need to fret; this FLOVEME magnetic car phone holder will stay put like-no man's business. You can also adjust and readjust at will to suit your preference.

Aukey magnetic car phone holder



This magnetic car holder works pretty smoothly. All you need to for is attach its base to any convenient air vent in your car. When you do this, take out the magnetic plate and place it between your smartphone's case and your phone, or you can place it directly on your phone. When you do this, the next step is to put it in the holder, and you are good to go.

The driver is at will to manipulate the position of the holder to suit his preferred view. No need to worry the firm grip this holder's magnet has on your phone will make sure your phone never falls off when driving.

Belkin universal mount

Belkin universal mount

Belkin universal car phone holder or mount is built for users who prefer their holders to their air vents. It has aluminum arms that help to hold your phone firmly in a fixed position. This holder also allows you to charge your smartphone and lock your charging cord in place.

The arms of the car phone holder can expand to almost 3.7 inches in width. Bearing this width expanse in mind, most phones in the market will comfortably fit into this car phone holder. However, do not put in larger devices like tablets and iPad.

Due to the aluminum pad's presence, soft cushions on the holder's back and sides will keep your phone looking sleek and free from scratches and marks.

Logitech plus trip vent mount

Logitech car phone holder

Similar to Logitech car phone holder

The Logitech Plus trip mount has a fascinating yet simple design. Looking at it ordinarily, you will think the device is floating in mid-air, but it isn't. The simplicity here means there is no need for wires or cables. The amount isn't bulky and is a lot easier to install and remove than the Belkin Universal Mount.

This car phone holder is designed to be attached by magnets to the vent, which can be done in little or no time. However, the strength of the magnet is put under fire when the roads become bumpy.

Scosche MagicMount

Scosche MagicMount

Scosche MagicMount 

This mount has a similar orientation to most magnetic car phone holders. However, this cannot work without a smartphone case. To set up this car phone holder, all you need to do is attach the magnetic pad to the back of your smartphone. After which you can put your phone back in your phone case.

When you are done inserting the magnetic pad in-between your phone and phone case, bring your smartphone close to the holder and allow it to stick to it.

This car phone holder is not expensive and relatively easy to use. With the presence of the dash mount stand, you can move it more conveniently in comparison with an air-vent magnetic car phone holder.

Key takeaways

  • Our smartphones are essential to us, and consequently, we carry them almost everywhere we go, and we often get carried away while operating them, and this can be very dangerous. However, some people often mistake operating their phones while driving, which can be fatal.
  • Car phone holders have made it a lot easier to use our phones and drive simultaneously. Nonetheless, car phone holders' principal use is to help drivers navigate their route on a road trip. Therefore, car phone holders make it easy to drive and simultaneously look at your phone without getting off the road.
  • Although most modern cars come with their inbuilt navigation system, some drivers, however, prefer to use their mobile navigation apps, like Google maps and Waze.
  • Most users have complained of the negative experiences they have had with lousy car mount holders. Therefore, we have made out time to take you through the best car phone holders for your car. Furthermore, we are putting into consideration a user-friendly experience. Most of these holders can sit on comfortably your windscreen, dashboard, and air conditioning vents.
  • The holders, depending on the design, may have a magnetic or suction grip. Therefore, for attachments to air vents, it is often held by a clip-like base.

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