You have come to the right place to choose the best lift kits for f150. Do you want to lift your truck high? Do you yearn to protect your truck's undercarriage from constant grazing? Or you simply want to make your truck look visually appealing? You could be an off-road enthusiast, a rock crawler, a mud lover, or a desert rat, there is no reason why you shouldn't lift your truck up. But how do you increase the height of your truck? By using a lift kit of course!

Lift kits consist of small mechanical parts that let you enhance the height of your ride. However, markets are full of countless types of lift kits and each manufacturer claims their product to be the best fit for your vehicle.Choosing a lift kit could be one of the most complicated tasks you could encounter. Fortunately, we have a complete guide for you here where we have sorted out some of the best ones from the overcrowded market range so you can choose the most suitable one for your vehicle.

What Is The Best Lift Kits For F150?

MotoFab Lifts F150-2 is the Best Lift Kits For F150 truck according to our research.

Why MotoFab Lifts F150-2 Is Best Lift Kits For Ford F150?

We have chosen the MotoFab Lift F150-2 kit for the quality and budget consideration.

Buying Facts of Best Lift Kits For F150

You would be surprised at the number of lift kits being sold in markets today.Each lift kit has its own special features and advantages but the sheer number of products makes it practically impossible for you to make a decision. They all somewhat look the same!Fear not! We are here to enhance your decision-making powers. By providing you with enough information, we can at least make sure your lift kit buying decision gets a little bit easier.

Types of Lift Kits

Before you move any further, let us talk about the three types of lift kits you will find in the market. Learning more about them will aid you in making the perfect decision.

Body Lift Kits

Body lift kits are perhaps the most economical and practical conversion for your F-150 truck. This is done when the vehicle is lifted from the chassis by 1-3 inches usually to make room for larger tires.Not only do the larger tires give the vehicle a mean look but they allow the vehicle to have extra ground clearance. In times of need (off-road driving), this extra ground clearance can come in handy.

Suspension Lift Kits

As the name suggests, a suspension lift kit raises a vehicle's suspension to increase the vehicle's overall height.But these conversions are expensive as they involve adding a lower skid plate, cross members, brake line brackets, CV spacers, and strut spacers among other things.Sometimes, the entire suspension has to be altered to accommodate the lift kit. Given the nature of suspension lift kits, your vehicle is much safer to drive.

Leveling Lift Kits

Manufacturers tend to keep a vehicle's front-end lower than the rear-end. This feature is not visible in sedans but in trucks like the F-150 the reclining angle is visible.Leveling kits are made to solve that irregularity. Once installed, these kits lift the front-end and bring it on the same level as the rear-end.

Ease of Installation

Almost all the lift kits found on the market can fit your F-150 truck but there are some that only fit specific models, so before you buy one you should closely check its specs for information.Furthermore, it has to be considered whether you are installing the lift kit yourself or you are acquiring the services of a mechanic.Modern lift kits are generally not difficult to install, like brake pads leveling kits are also easy to install.Usually, all you need is the right spanner, a jack, and voila you are on your way to installing your lift kit. However, some lift kits require welding, cutting, and removal of some suspensions parts which is a task best left to a professional.Even if you are inclined to work on your truck yourself, we would advise you to hire the services of a professional. A professional can do the same work in 2-3 hours that would take you 6-7 hours.

The height of the lift kit

The lift kit’s height can have a direct impact on your ride’s handling. Trucks naturally have a high center of gravity which can go further up when you install a lift kit. As soon as the ride’s height is increased, your ability to turn fast corners diminishes.Not only that, your vehicle’s steering becomes unresponsive and your ride’s overall stability is affected. There is no way around this other than to use wide tires to try to increase the surface area the vehicle covers.Lifting your truck by 2-3 inches might not affect the ride quality a lot but if you intend to go insane with a 6-8" inch increase, you are bound to feel a difference. Keep your driving capabilities in mind before you decide to fit thick spacers.

Compatibility with Models

Vehicles transform over time, by that we mean that their bodies, chassis and design changes. And since there is no universal lift kit, there are bound to be many in the market.Let's say a lift kit fits a 2006 Ford F-150, It doesn’t mean that it would fit on a 2016 Ford F-150. So, make sure you are buying the right lift kit for your Ford F-150.

Take Price into Consideration

The quality and durability of something are usually directly proportional to its price. This is exactly the case with lift kits. An industrial-grade aluminum spacer will be more expensive than a steel spacer.This is because aluminum spacers are durable and lightweight when compared with those made from steel or other metals.If your budget allows it you should go for the highest-grade aluminum spacer otherwise you would be restricted to buying a steel spacer.Furthermore, the higher you lift your truck the more expensive your conversion will be.Thicker spacers are more expensive than thin spacers due to the use of extra material. Moreover, you have to think about the larger tires and stabilizers you will be installed to match your height conversion.

What is a Lift Kit?

A lift kit is an aftermarket modification that is added to the vehicle in order to raise its height.These body lift kits give you an ultimate sense of power or authority when driving on the road as you notice your vehicle is the highest amongst every other ride.Lift kits should not be confused with suspension lifts. The purpose of the lift-kit is to increase the height of the truck while a suspension kit is designed to increase the ground-clearance which also helps in improving the off-road performance of the vehicle.A body lift kit increases the height of the truck by adding spacers made of polyurethane or steel, between the frame and body.Adding a lift kit sometimes requires adjusting the brakes, bumpers or other parts as well. Although these lift kits add a more aggressive look to the vehicle, they also allow installing larger wheels.

Suspension Kit

Suspension kits are more expensive compared to lift kits and the installation is also complicated. However, they are definitely worth every penny.A suspension kit helps in increasing the body as well as the frame of the truck which in turn increases the overall ground clearance. With an advanced suspension kit, your truck will offer excellent off-road performance but will compromise on the fuel economy.

Why Should You Install a Lift Kit on Ford F-150?

Depending on your trim level, the Ford F-150 comes with a ground clearance of about 8.8” or 9.4”.While a lot of truck owners are satisfied with this, some are not and they love to modify the truck’s height according to their own specifications.If you wish to install larger tires on your Ford F-150 and want to see your truck larger than others around, it is best to get a lift kit.Now, is it just wider road clearance or smooth rides on off-road adventures, continue reading below! We are pleased to help you with honest reviews.

10 Best Lift Kits For F150 Reviews & Buying Guide

01. MotoFab Lifts F150 - best suspension lift kits for f150

MotoFab Lifts F150

MotoFab lift kit is capable of lifting the upfront of your f150 truck by 2 inches. This is a powder-coated black high-quality lift kit that is CNC machined out of solid billet aluminum.The MotoFab lift kit is easy to assemble and aesthetically perfect to make your truck look like a true head-turner.This lift kit takes about 1 ½ to 2 hours to get installed and doesn't give the driver any hassle of coil or strut dissembling.Moreover, this MotoFab lift kit is quite different from other traditional welded spacers i.e., it is highly durable and doesn't rust and crack out with time.It is really lite in weight, weighing about 4.8 pounds only. Last but not least, it is the US made and comes with a long-lasting material and nurtures 100% customer satisfaction.With the fact of raising the upfront of your f150 by 2”, it is a good choice for wider road clearance.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to install
  • Fits all F-150's produced from 2004 onwards
  • Colored black so they don’t stand out amongst your suspension setup
  • No disassembly of suspension parts is required

02. Supreme Suspensions - best lift kit for f150 ecoboost

Supreme Suspensions

Manufactured with T6 aircraft-grade aluminum, supreme suspension 2” front leveling lift kit is best to modify the look of your truck.Meant to improve your ride, this strut spacer is CNC machined out of T6 aircraft-grade billet aluminum element.It is tested and ASE certified. It is easy to install since it doesn’t require any additional tools to fix it. It is simply a "bolt-on" spacer that requires a minimum of 1 ½ to 2 hours to settle down in place.Considering the thickness of this front spacer, it measures 1.5" in thickness and raises the front of the truck by true 2”.

However, it calls for some alignment after installation.It is slightly heavy in weight as compared to other rivals in the market, weighing about 6 pounds.  Moreover, it is anodized coated that makes it completely corrosion resistant and highly durable to fit in place without cracking or rusting out for years.

The T6 aircraft-grade billet makes it a highly strong spacer kit, it is capable of bearing heavy load and doesn't bend or compress due to weight.Supreme suspension lift kits provide guaranteed performance paired with a limited budget and last but not least, it comes with a hardware and instruction kit.With the fact of measuring 1.5” in thickness and raising the truck by 2”, this is a good fit for wider road clearance while keeping the appearance almost unchanged.

Highlighted Features

  • Fits F-150 2004-2019 as well as a 2003-2018 Ford Expedition
  • Hassle-free installation possible in 1-2 hours
  • No disassembly of other parts required
  • Does not affect ride quality

03. Rough Country 2.5-inch Suspension Leveling Kit

Rough Country 2.5-inch Suspension

This easy to install lift spacer is quite different and unique from traditional lifters. Very light in weight, this 3.55 pounds spacer has an innovative design to make your truck aesthetically attractive.This Bolt-on spacer is manufactured to fit in the strut hat without giving a blunt sight of the fixture. It is manufactured to level the upfront of your f150 with the rear side by raising it up to 2.5".Unlike all other rivals, it takes about 2-3 hours for installation, however, the process is easy. Moreover, this innovative design is not suitable for raptor models.It works perfectly with tire size around 3-by-12.50. Last but not least, like all others on the list it comes with hardware and instruction kit and calls for no strut dissembling for fitting.With the fact of raising the truck to the height of 2.5", this is a good fit for the off-road enthusiast with true driving comfort while you steer the vehicle up to the rocks.

Highlighted Features

  • Ride quality after installation is the same as before installation
  • Extra 2.5” ground clearance
  • Bolt-on installation that requires no disassembly of vital parts
  • Fits all 2004-2008 F-150 trucks

04. MotoFab Lifts F150-2.5"

MotoFab Lifts F150-2.5"

One of the strongest spacers available in the market, this MotoFab spacer is capable of lifting the upfront of your truck by exactly 2.5".The USA made, MotoFab f150 2.5" lifter is CNC machined and comes in durable aluminum with black powder coating to give your truck a perfect look while matching its interior.Unlike other rivals, this one is slightly heavy in weight, weighing about 5.34 pounds.Considering the installation and assembling, it is very easy to install and takes about only 1 ½ to 2 hours to fit in place.Additionally, it is a bolt-on spacer and doesn't call for any extra welding and assembling. Lastly, it comes with durable material and doesn't rusts or cracks out like other welded spacers.With the fact of uplifting your f150 by 2.5", this model tends to be the best fit for driving over the rocks, desserts, and harsh surfaces off the roadside.

Highlighted Features

  • Unlike the other MotorFab lifts in this list, this product increases ride height by 2.5 inches
  • Forged out of billet aluminum to ensure strength and durability
  • A US-based product with a lifetime manufacturer’s support
  • The 2.5” lifts can be installed on 2004-2018 F-150s

05. YITAMOTOR Ford Leveling Lift Kit 2.5"

YITAMOTOR Ford Leveling Lift Kit 2.5"

Meant to provide wider road clearance and true driving comfort while you steer your f150, Yitamotor’s front leveling kit is capable of uplifting it by 2.5".This lifting kit is quite different and innovative than others on the list.Measuring less than 2.5' in thickness, it raises your truck by 2.5 inches. It is CNC machined out of billet aluminum and anodized coated making it completely corrosion resistant.It is slightly overweighed, weighing about 6 pounds. This bolt-on lift kit is quick and easy to install, taking about 2 hours at maximum to fit in and requires no extra dissembling.This spacer can lift ford f150 by 2.5” but it is specifically designed for wider road clearance, instead of off-road adventures.

Highlighted Features

  • Lifts the F-150 truck by 2.5’” using precise placement in the suspension
  • Allows you to align your vehicle’s front-end with the rear
  • Produce no loss in ride quality
  • The 2.5” spacers make way for you to install larger tires
  • Made from industrial-grade aluminum billet

06. MotoFab Lifts F150-1.5

MotoFab Lifts F150-1.5

In case, you are looking for a spacer as casual as capable of rising the upfront by 1.5”, here is another MotoFab spacer. This spacer is usually used to have wider clearance.It is CNC machined out of billet aluminum and comes with the perfect material. The MotoFab f150 1.5" lifter is the USA manufactured.Being light on uplifting doesn't make it light on strength, this spacer is very durable and bears heavy load easily. Moreover, it weighs 4.22 pounds and comes with an easy installation guide.It is as quick as all other MotoFab spacers, taking about 1 ½ t 2 hours for installation. Lastly, it is an easy bolt-on spacer and doesn't call for any welding within the struts of the truck.Since this one raises the upfront of the truck by just 1.5”, this is only suitable for wider clearance ion roadsides.

Highlighted Features

  • Raises the front-end of your F-150 by a complete 1.5 inch
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Easy to install with practically no need for big tools

07. KSP Lift Kit Front 2"

KSP Lift Kit Front 2"

Measuring less than 2' in the thickness, this KSP lift kit is designed to lift your trucks by 2" enabling the factory ride and driving comfort with eternal safety.Being really high in quality, this lift kit is manufactured using the forged 6061 T6 aluminum alloy material.Unlike all other ordinary spacers with 8.8-grade bolts, this spacer comes with 10.9 and 12.9-grade bolts.This KSP lift kit is anodized coated that makes it absolutely corrosion-resistant.Moreover, it is best to give you a wider clearance from both the front and rear sides while steering your vehicle. It also the user to install larger tires and rims after installation. It is easy to install.With the fact of raising the truck by 2", it is best to use for better roadside vision. However, one can also take it to off-road adventures.

Highlighted Features

  • Fits all Ford F-150 trucks made from 2004 to 2018
  • Lightweight yet strong against corrosion and friction
  • No loss in ride quality and steering response

08. Rough Country 52200 2 inch Leveling Strut Extension

Rough Country 52200 2 inch Leveling

Chin up your truck with rough country's 2" easily installable bolt-on lift kit. Weighing as low as 3.6 pounds, rough country's 2" spacer offers the best strength and durability to its users.Featured to level the front and level of your truck, it is to provide wider clearance and smooth factory rides with an added height of 2 inches.This is an easily installable lift kit that requires no hassle of dissembling to get it fixed. It barely takes a couple of 2 to 3 hours for installation.Moreover, it is manufactured out of high-quality material that is not suspected to rust out. Last but not least, it allows the installation of tires up to the size of 33 inches after its fixation.With the fact of raising the truck by 2" and allowing the use of larger tires, this is the best fit for factory rides.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to install using the bolts provided
  • Matches the vehicle’s front height with the back height
  • In addition to fitting the F-150, the Rough Country lift kit can fit the 2017-2018 Ford Raptors as well

09. Dynofit - best f150 3 inch lift

Dynofit levelling kit

Looking for an aggressive look for your truck? Dynofit’s 3" leveling lift kit can raise up the front of your truck to bare 3" and give the most aggressive look desired.Best for desert rats, mud lovers, and rock crawlers, Dynofit’s lift kit is a bolt-on spacer that is easily installable with the help of compressors. This is a really heavy spacer weighing about 7.33 pounds.The thickness of the pacer is around 2" that gives the lift of 3". Moreover, it is manufactured with high quality 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum that gives it strength and durability.This lift kit comes with 10.9-grade bolts that are capable of giving your vehicle a strong stance.Dynofit lift kit raises the front of ford f150 by 3". This makes it highly recommendable for thrilling adventures over hills and deserts.

Highlighted Features

  • Great for extra ride clearance
  • 3" ride height saves your vehicle's undercarriage from harm
  • Limited-time free return policy on a manufacturer's fault
  • Made of aircraft-grade aluminum

10. AKM F150 Lift Kit

AKM F150 Lift Kit

Measuring less than 2.5” in thickness, this lift kit is capable of lifting the upfront of your truck by 2.5” to give it a more perfect look. This lift kit is manufactured with CNC machined out of billet aluminum.It comes with an easy installation kit. It is a simple bolt-on spacer that doesn't require any prior cutting and fitting of struts.Installation is easily done within a couple of hours taking about 2 hours at maximum.Moreover, it is best for wider clearance, factory rides, and rock crawling. It weighs about 5.9 pounds.Last but not least, this spacer is specifically designed to allow the use of larger tires and rims in spite of its installation.This spacer lifts the front of the truck by 2.5”. This makes it suitable for both, wider road clearance and off-road adventures on desserts and rocks.

Highlighted Features

  • Top-quality spacer
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Enhances the overall look of the F-150
  • Allows you to install custom rims and tires

FAQ About Best Lift Kits For F150

Q: Which Lift Kit is the most economical?

Ans: There are three types of lift kits. Each lift kit has its own advantages but if you are looking in terms of value then there is nothing better than a body lift kit. These lift kits are easy to install and they don't require any extra alteration in your vehicle, unlike other lift kits.

Q: Will any lift kit fit my Ford F150 truck?

Ans: Modern lift kits are designed in such a way that they can fit your F-150 with ease regardless of its model year. However, this not true for all lift kits. Make sure, whichever one you buy is compatible with your truck.

Q: Does A F150 compatible lift kit fit a Ford Raptor?

Ans: The Ford Raptor has a different chassis and internal structure than the F-150 truck. Hence, a lift kit designed for an F-150 cannot be fitted to a Ford Raptor or any other truck for that matter.

Q: Can I fit very large tires on my truck after the lift kit conversion?

Ans: No matter which lift kit you choose to install on your truck, you will be able to fit large tires.One of the major reasons, people opt to install a lift kit is to be able to fit large tires on their trucks. You can choose the tire size depending on the space you have in your wheel well.

Q: Do I have to adjust and align my tires after installing a lift kit?

Ans: Lift kits alter the suspension settings of a vehicle and as such you have to readjust and realign your tires to the optimal settings. If you forget to do so, you might end up wearing out your tires sooner than needed.

Q: How does a lift kit affect a ride’s handling?

Ans: A lift kit changes the natural aerodynamics of a vehicle. By increasing a ride's height, we are essentially increasing its center of gravity. The higher the center of gravity the more unstable a vehicle is.Vehicles such as trucks naturally have a high center of gravity, so adding a lift kit on top of that can offset the balance created by the manufacturer.As a result, you are bound to feel the loss of traction around tight corners and unresponsive steering. Moreover, your vehicle‘s braking might also be affected.

Q: Can I install a lift kit over a lift kit?

Ans: There are ways that allow you to install a new lift kit over an already installed one. However, that is not a reliable option. Mounting two lift kits will weaken your ride’s durability.Hence, it is advisable to go for a thick spacer from the start instead of opting for two separate spacers with variable thickness.

Q: How long does it take to install a lift kit?

Ans: The time it takes to install a lift kit varies. It depends on the type of lift kit you are installing and the person who is doing the hard work.A basic body lift kit can take 1-4 hours for installation. However, installing suspension lift kits can take more than that.Complex lift kits require various mechanical processes like welding and grinding to sit in place.Figuring out the process and planning the installation can take a considerable amount of time but in general, you could expect 6-10 hours for the work.

Q: High lift kits vs low lift kits?

Ans: High lift kits are visually appealing and have many advantages but the disadvantages are equally consistent.High lift kits require a lot of alteration and work which could increase your cost multiple folds. On the other hand, low lift kits are easy to install and require less work. They are also a lot safer than their counterparts.

Q: What Happens to My Vehicle’s Warranty If I Install A Lift kit?

Ans: Installing a lift kit is counted as a physical altercation to a vehicle and as such it ends the warranty. Therefore, you are better off opting for a lift kit after your warranty ends.

Q: Do vehicle Manufacturers Provide lift kits?

Ans: Some manufacturers provide special off-road packages for their vehicles that include the addition of a lift kit to enhance a ride's height among other things.These lift kits are covered under the manufacturer's warranty do in case of an accident you are covered.

Q: How can I offset the imbalance caused by a lift kit?

Ans: There are two ways you can improve the stability of your vehicle after installing a lift kit.An easy option is to install wider tires to your vehicle, this way you will increase the surface area of the vehicle and lower the center of gravity back to its original position.The other way is to install better suspension. We don’t think about it much but a solid suspension setup can help your ride’s stability in a million ways. No matter which option you chose to go with, you are bound to spend some extra cash.

Q: Can I take my truck off-road without installing a lift kit?

Ans: Yes, you can take your truck for an off-road adventure whenever you like.A lift kit is just extra assurance for your truck in case you encounter a steep rocky hill or a deep lake. In such cases, having extra ride height is a big bonus and a lift kit can help you get that edge.

Q: What would a lift kit installation cost?

Ans: Lift kit installations are typically expensive in nature. However, even given their nature, you can save a few bucks if you go for a body lift kit instead of a suspension lift kit or level lift kit.Since installing a lift kit is hard work you can expect to pay your mechanic more than $400. But it is recommended that you survey the market and look for a number of mechanics to get the best price.


Have you ever seen those monster trucks in huge arenas destroying sedans like they were pieces of paper? If you install a lift kit to your truck you can (somewhat) have that look for your truck.Although you will not have the same effect on sedans with your truck as a monster truck does but you get the idea. This also proves that lift kits are a visual improvement.They do not add anything to your ride in terms of performance. Therefore, if you are opting for one, go for the most basic option.Installing complex lift kits is only feasible and practical for rally car drivers or those of you who are always looking for an off-road adventure.If you are one of the people above, lift kits are the remedy you have always been looking for!

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