Oil drain pan: 10 Best for 2023 (Buying Guide)

Identifying the best oil drain pan to change your car oil can be a tedious one. Not to worry, we have gone through the stress of reviewing several oil drain pans available in the market and drawing up the best for you.If you consider yourself a handy person and love to handle your own business personally, this article is for you.Beyond the necessary tools needed for an oil change, the oil drain pan is an essential one.

To avoid oil spills and mess up your surroundings, you must know the best oil drain pan for you. Nonetheless, we have developed a shortlist to fit your budget, car type, and convenience as you engage your routine oil change. Without much ado, let's look at the list below.

Top 10 best Oil drain pans 2023

  1. OEM Tools Low Profile Oil Drain Pan
1. OEM Tools Low Profile Oil Drain Pan

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This oil drain is considered one of the best for lower cars. Its shape and size are fashioned in such a way that allows it to slide underneath your car.

These oil drain pans are less than 3 inches high. Sadly, the size of the pan places a limit on the capacity of oil it drains.Therefore, if your car has more oil volume than the oil drain's pan capacity can handle, you might have a problem on your hands.

Nonetheless, this rarely happens. But to be safe, get two of these if you will use this for your car.This pan can contain more than enough volume of oil your car can release. We are therefore making it ideal for low cars and bikes as well.

  1. Hopkins FloTool Super Duty Drain Container
2. Hopkins FloTool Super Duty Drain Container

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This oil drain pan is one of the best in the market and among the best, you will find on Amazon. This pan comes from Hopkins, and its manufacture is in the United States.This oil drain pan is waterproof and has a great capacity. Its capacity is so large that you will need several car oil changes to get it filled to the brim. The design is also leak-proof, and it can be stored upright or flat. It has ergonomic handles and an elongated basin to keep the oil.

  1. JohnDow Industries Portable Oil Drain
3. JohnDow Industries Portable Oil Drain

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This oil drain is a unique one as it applies the few sects of people who work on their rides underneath a lift. This extend-a mix drain pan will be the best option for a fast and seamless oil change.

The oil is channeled through a funnel that looks like a giraffe's neck down to the base carrier. As seen above, this oil drain has a height of 48inches, but you can adjust it to 67 inches.Therefore, before you purchase this item, be sure that your order fits the required height needed. This drain has an 8-gallon capacity tank, and it is also translucent, making it easy to view the oil level.However, this oil drain is not cheap, but it is a useful and handy tool for a lift.

  1. Lumax Plastic Oil Drain Pan
4. Lumax Plastic Oil Drain Pan

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This oil drain holds up to 5 gallons and one of the standout features you will quickly notice is the weird metallic handle. This drain comprises a rigid polyethylene material, and it is impervious to oil and gasoline.The handle, as seen, performs two functions.

Apart from being a handle, it serves as a support aid to push the pan underneath your vehicle. This handle from reviews has been found helpful by a lot of customers.These customers have a lot talked a lot about the strength of this material. They took it a step further by posting pictures where they stood on it, and it held their weight perfectly. The price for this oil drain pan is affordable.

  1. ATD Tools Black Drain Pan

5 ATD Tools Black Drain Pan

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This drain pan is an 18-quart capacity pan with a diameter of 15.25 inches and 6 inches deep. It has an anti-splash lip, a large spout for easy pouring, and the handles are just right for carrying it.The spout is arguable the standout feature of this man and why it is loved by many. Although the pan's design seems basic, it is often the best choice to get the job done. The spout also rules out the need for a funnel, making it possible to drain oil from the pan unaided.

  1. ATD Tools Heavy Duty Drain Tub
6 ATD Tools Heavy Duty Drain Tub

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This drain has a rather funny configuration. It looks like a swimming pool diving board or the lower lip of a small child. This drain makes it easy to avoid spills, especially during the initial gush when you remove the drain plug because of its configuration.

The drain has a 30 quarts capacity with dimensions as 33 inches long, 22 inches wide, and 8 inches deep. Ideally, we advise that you drain your oil in two batches. Doing this will help prevent a spill when the quantity of oil becomes too much for the drain to handle.Spills will occur with this drain if you are not careful. Nonetheless, the enormous volume is an added advantage, and the reviews from customers make it a people's choice.

  1. Custom Accessories Oil Drain Pan
7. Custom Accessories Oil Drain Pan

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This custom accessories drain pan is a no-nonsense pan. It has no time for shenanigans and unnecessary design. This pan is affordable and has a 6-quartz capacity.It has no distinct feature, and looking at it will give you a direct understanding of what the design serves.

You can buy two of these for less than the price of a fancy oil drain pan.The spout's design this oil drain has is not the best in comparison with other pans. Occasionally, customers have complained of awkward pouring out of oil when full. So we advise that you do not let it get to the brim. Therefore, make use of 2 of these will make the job a lot easier.

  1. Capri Tools Portable Oil Drain Pan
8. Capri Tools Portable Oil Drain Pan

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This oil drain pan is one of the top-rated ones on the market, especially on Amazon. A whopping 98% of the over 650 respondents have rated this pan 4 or 5 stars.Its solid build and the spout's predictability when pouring out the old oil has given it an edge over the others in the market.

It has a 4.5-gallon capacity, which can handle the oil of many consumer-grade cars. However, you might need two of these to have a proper job done in one swipe.Customers have hailed this design to prevent the initial splatter of oil when it gushes out of the oil pan. Cleaning up oil while doing an oil change has never been fun to do. So, if you want less stress as you change your oil, this drain should be your go-to drain.

  1. Lumax 15 Quart Drainmaster
9. Lumax 15 Quart Drainmaster

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This drain is a good option for storing the drained oil in a sealed container that won't spill until you are ready to dispose of it or recycle it. When the red circle spins, it reveals a grid underneath where the old oil finds its way into the container. The mash-type grid here stands as a protective layer that prevents the drain plug from falling into the mix. This drain gives a pretty much tidy approach to draining your vehicle's oil. However, a handful of customers left a few unpleasant reviews on the product.

The majority argued that the drained oil leaked out from the 8-inch red lid area, which was unpleasant.We can't say for sure if this mishap is a design error or not. However, we advise that you make sure the red cap is tightened before storage to avoid these spills. If you do this correctly, you should have no issue with this product.

  1. Lisle Oil Lift Drain
10. Lisle Oil Lift Drain

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This drain is suitable when you can lift your car in the air. It has a unique shape that fits its use. This drain has a jug that holds up to 32 quarts; you can also adjust the lift from 36.5 inches to 74 inches.The base of the container is enshrined with four balls bearing wheels, which are 2.5 inches.

This wheel roll and move around with ease make the exercise relatively seamless instead of pulling and dragging.Furthermore, this product has a heavy-duty adjustment clamp, large handle, and a hefty pour spout with a threaded cap. It also has a 15 inches funnel with an in-built strainer to catch drain plugs, preventing the plug from falling into the mix.

Frequently Asked Questions about Oil drain pan

What is an oil drain pan, and why do I need it?

An oil drain pan is an essential tool need during your vehicle's oil change. It helps you collect the old oil as you drain it from your oil pan. After which you can put your fresh oil into your car. This drain pan comes in different designs; some come with integrated storage while others do not.

What are the necessary steps to changing your car oil?

The steps are pretty straightforward; for starters, you need a level platform to park your car and set your brakes. After which, you will need your jack and jack stands to lift your vehicle, thereby creating sufficient space to reach your vehicle's oil pan.

Then you will need to disconnect your battery's negative terminal. Once you gain access to your oil pan, which is usually beneath your car, you can loosen the drain plug and drain your oil into your oil drain pan. We have an article on this that further explains this process with a step-by-step guide; please read it here.

Can I drain my oil from the oil filter?

Yes, it is possible to drain oil from your oil filter. To do this, set your drain pan in position under your old oil filter, then gently remove the filter using an oil filter wrench.To make this easier, you can puncture the dome of your filter before you flip it upside down to drain it. This process will take 12hours of your precious time, and you must do this under a temperature of above 60F.

What happens when too much oil is put into my engine?

Too much oil in an engine is a nightmare to everyone as it can damage your engine. When you pour too much oil into an engine, excessive oil amounts go to your vehicle's crankshaft, where it becomes aerated and whipped into foam. Foamy oil is of no use to your engine and will be unable to lubricate your engine's moving parts. This scenario will lead to a low oil flow with the engine system and oil overheating, ultimately causing a loss of oil pressure.

Key Takeaways

  • Changing your car's engine oil is an exercise you must engage in often to maintain your engine's health and proper running. If you are not paying a mechanic to do this, you would want to seamless this process.
  • To make this process stress free, one of the tools you will need is the perfect oil drain pan to collect the old oil from your oil pan.
  • Today, many people struggle to make the best choice from the wide variety of drain pans available in the market.
  • Putting this in mind, we took out time to write this article. We reviewed dozens of drain pans and came up with this list of the ten best drain pans available for you.
  • We set up this list to bear in mind the different budget plans of customers, convenience, storage, design, and other factors that we consider relevant to make this exercise relatively seamless.

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