Best Shocks for F250 Super Duty

When compared to the F150, F250 and F350 are bigger, more capable, and more compatible.So, if you are looking at changing the shock of your F250 and F350, it is crucial to have an idea of what exactly you are looking out for. There are several types of shocks on the market, and some of these shocks are specially designed for some models. This means, not every shock you see on the market is compatible with all models of heavy-duty trucks.

What are the best shocks for my ford f250/f350 truck?

The best shocks for F250 super duty on the market are BilsteinUS, Rancho, ECCPP, Maxpow, Monroe, Maxorber, Gabriel, Fox Racing, and Detroit Axle. Our pick is Bilstein shocks due to high durability, reasonable price, great material, as well as customer's choice.

What Is the difference between Bilstein 4600 and 5100 series shocks?

The advantage Blistein 5100 has over 4600 is in terms of performance. 5100 has a slightly improved performance and gives great value for your investment in the long run compared to 4600.

Why Is Bilstein shocks better?

Truck owners consider Bilstein Shocks a symbol of great quality. With a brilliant performance, it sits a step ahead of what other models offer.In the end, because of the improved performance, you get a great value for whatever price you pay for it.The following are top shocks to choose from when next you are considering a replacement:

Top 15 best shocks for f250 super duty diesel/gas & best shocks for f350 super duty buyer's guide

01. Bilstein 5100 monotube gas shock set | Fits fordf350 4WD 2005-2016

Bilstein 5100 monotube gas shock set

Bilstein 5100 is a perfect fit for your F250 or F350 super duty truck.If you consider a replacement for your F250 or F350 2005 to 2016 model, this is the right deal for you.When it comes to performance, these shocks are known to be a great fit for street use.

"If you drive your truck on rough terrains, these shocks are not the right product for you."

Professionals advise against using these shocks on rough terrains because they have a high chance of getting overheated. Which will result in the release of oil as you move from one point to another.Although it comes with the monotube shock absorber, it still doesn’t change the standards. The monotube shock absorber aims to enhance better operation by providing cooling to the shocks. And the standards remain that these shocks exist for use only on public roads.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with 4 shocks.
  • Weight of about 12kg
  • It comes with the ideal nuts, brush, and washers.
  • Perfect fit for street rides


  • Top performance
  • Long-lasting when used rightly
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Better handling
  • It fits your F250 and F350 perfectly.


  • Not ideal for rough terrains

02. Bilstein 24-186674_185981 front & rear shocks | Fits 2003-2013 ford f250 f350 f450 truck

These shocks from Bilstein are a perfect fit for your Ford F250 and F350 super duty. If you are looking for top performance while driving, you are the right product in strength and handling. While these shocks ensure you have a comfortable ride in your truck from time to time, they come at an affordable cost.These shocks have unique designs and come with the design for the Bilstein series. If you are an individual who drives your truck on rough terrains, this is a perfect fit for you. These shocks ensure you are in total control while driving on these rough terrains.You will not lose control. The price is pocket-friendly, and it comes with amazing features.

"When installed, you may experience a bit of stiffness.''

After a bit of use, the stiffness will go away.

Highlighted Features

  • A perfect fit for your F250 and F350
  • The weight is light
  • Improved riding experience
  • Perfect fit for rough terrains
  • It guarantees a comfortable ride


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Easy to install
  • A great replacement option


  • When installed, you may experience a bit of stiffness.

03. Rancho RS5000 shocks | A perfect fit 2005-2014 for 4WD ford f250/f350 super duty

Rancho RS5000 shocks

Are you using a Ford F250 and F350 truck made from 2005 to 2014? Here comes the perfect product for your next shock replacement. If you drive your truck on and off the road, these shocks will withstand the intensity associated with each ride. Also, these shocks are as well suitable for both smooth and rough terrains. Its suitability to all kinds of roads comes from the twin-tube shock absorber designed alongside this product.

Talking about some other features of Rancho RS5000 is the 10-stage velocity sensing system that comes with it. This system ensures precision in every tuning done to your truck. Besides, these shocks come with a protective boot and ensure the oil doesn’t spill.

''A lot of users expressed dissatisfaction with the paint used on the piston rod. They believe the paint used for the coating has low quality.''

Highlighted Features

  • About 12kg in weight
  • It comes with a protective boot.
  • It comes with a velocity sensing system.
  • There are 4 shocks in the kit.


  • Ease of installation
  • Affordable
  • Perfect for all types of terrains


  • Customers noted that the product used low-quality paint.

04. Bilstein 33-187297 | Suitable for ford f250/f350 truck

This model of shocks is designed for Ford F250 and F350. Experts consider them to provide the right solution for your trucks.To ensure you experience a fade-free performance on every use, this model is designed with a monotube.For instant reaction to any change in road conditions, its engineers incorporated it with a unique velocity sensitive digressive piston.

This feature ensures that you know the instant the condition changes.With a high regard for optimum performance, these shocks come with absorbers carefully designed for all applications.If you need a perfect model that guarantees a massive upgrade in handling, steering, and driving comfort, you should look out for this product on your next replacement.

''If you use a model of F250 designed from 1999 to 2004, this may not be the right product for you.''

Highlighted Features

  • Optimized handling
  • Instant reaction to a changing environment
  • It comes with shock absorbers.
  • Designed with a monotube


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Easy to install
  • It guarantees improved performance.
  • Ensures you drive comfortably


  • Not a perfect fit for 1999 to 2004 models of F250

05. Rancho RS9000XL | Fits on ford f250 f350 super duty 2005-2016 4WD

If you use a Ford F350 model from 1999 to 2004, here is a perfect fit for your truck. This amazing product comes with shock-absorbing technology of nine different types in a shock. Also, this shock is very flexible.When installed in your car, this shock is ideal for leveling, enhances the road driving experience, and is suitable for touring.

Rancho RS900XL is also ideal for 4-wheel drive trucks, jeeps, and as well as SUVs. This shock remains one of the best shocks you can get for your F250 and F350 truck.When you look at the twin-tube, you will notice that they are powered with nitrogen gas.Nitrogen gas improves the performance of your truck no matter where you drive it on. To protect the shock from dust and gravel, it comes with a protective boot.

''Before you install this shock on your truck, you must first test the dials.''

Highlighted Features

  • Protective boot
  • Shock absorbing technology
  • Flexible shook
  • Comes with Twin-tube


  • Perfect fit for 4WD, SUVs, and jeeps
  • Improved performance
  • Perfect fit for all types of terrains
  • Affordable


  • You must test the dials before you install them.

06. ECCPP 994585-5211-1644531 | Fits on 2005-2014 ford f250 & f350

ECCPP 994585-5211-1644531

This shock is considered as an ideal fit for F250 and F350 trucks from 2005 to 2014.In terms of stability and safety, it comes with a twin-tube that guides against shock action that results from bad road conditions.The product's manufacturer designed it to enhance your comfort while driving, eradicate issues related to steering, and improve braking. Thanks to the accelerated frame and as well as body vibration attenuation. With the design of this product, your comfort and safety remain guaranteed.

The shock absorber's design enhances superior bump stop and comes with rubber bushes known for high performance. You have chosen the right path to better driving from time to time when you get this shock installed on your truck.This shock from ECCPP is built with high-quality steel, and the rod is lightly polished using a double chrome plate, which makes it resistant to corrosion. The piston rod that comes with this product adds strength and support for your truck's weight.Also, with the presence of the springs, which of high quality, no matter what your truck comes across on the road, it remains unshaken. It guarantees stability at all times.

''If you drive a leveled truck, avoid using this shock.''

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality product
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Perfect fit for 2005 to 2014 models of F250 and F350
  • Built from high-quality steel
  • Comes with twin-tube


  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Comfortable driving and eradicates steering related issues.
  • Known for stability and safety


  • Not a fit for leveled trucks

07. Maxpow 2 6767 | Compatible with 2008-2010 f250 f350 f450 f550

Apart from being compatible with Ford F250 and F350, if you drive the F450 or F550 model from 2008 to 2010, you should consider going for this product. Maxpow is known as one of the biggest automotive parts manufacturers in the world of automobile, and are known for top quality products. Made of high-quality material, the manufacturer designed this shock to fit into your truck without wasting time on installation easily.

This shock is affordable and offers all users the support they need in terms of performance and handling.Thanks to its cylinder coated with powder and the piston rod surface, the product features corrosion resistance. If you require a shock that guarantees you total protection against vibration, get this product.

Highlighted Features

  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Long-lasting
  • Top-quality product
  • Made of high-quality material


  • Known for improved performance and handling
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install


  • The bottom clip doesn’t pin as expected.

08. Rancho RS5000X | Suitable For 2005-2016 ford f250 super duty 4WD

Known worldwide, this amazing product is considered as an upgrade on all other types of shocks you can find on the market.The maker they have been in the market for years and has been able to gain the trust of users over their years of existence.If you are looking at a perfect way of improving your truck's handling and performance on and off the road, this is a nice pick for you.

The design is unique, and the valving system that comes with it is patent. Rancho RS5000X is built for strength, and you are guaranteed to use it for a very long time.With the two-layered welded loops and the twin-tube built with high capacity, it assures you of getting value for your money.No matter how rough or smooth the road is, this specially designed shock ensures that each ride's performance is of top standard.

Highlighted Features

  • Two-layered welded loops
  • Comes with Twin-tube
  • Built for strength
  • Unique valving system
  • The seal is self-lubricating


  • Smoother ride
  • Great replacement option
  • Perfect fit for heavy-duty trucks
  • Affordable
  • Very reliable


  • If you don’t follow the instruction, installation may be difficult.

09. Bilstein 24186018 series shock absorber | Fitment - ford f250

Bilstein 24186018 series shock absorber

Bilstein 24186018 shock is designed to fit your F250 and F350 super duty trucks without any stress.These shock absorbers come with the Monotube feature to ensure you experience a fade-free performance on every drive. No matter the road condition, this product is built with a velocity-sensitive technology and digressive piston to ensure the performance is not restricted.

No matter what the application is, this shock absorber is tuned to encourage improved performance.If you are looking for a product that offers a massive upgrade in terms of smoothness of the ride, comfort, and ease of handling, then make this amazing product your number one choice.On your next purchase, think Bilstein 24186018.

The only downside connected to this product is the instructions that are presented in an unclear manner.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with Monotube
  • Perfect fit for all road conditions
  • Known for top quality
  • Improved performance and ride quality


  • You don’t have to break the bank.
  • Installation is stress-free
  • Comfortability is guaranteed
  • Improved handling


  • The instruction is not clear.

10. Bilstein 24-185325 | For ford f250 super duty 2WD

Designed to help your F250 and F350 super duty get to their peak when it comes to handling and performance.The improvement in handling and performance is supported by how comfortable and stable every ride is.When you compare this amazing product with other alternatives on the market, what it offers is superior to others in terms of control.This model is the perfect design you can get for your truck.When it comes to installation, the process is straightforward. You don’t need to get off your tires before installation or replacement can be done.This product is of great quality, and it is available for an excellent price.

Highlighted Features

  • Improved handling
  • Improved performance
  • light-weighted
  • Comes with Monotube


  • Affordable
  • Ease of installation
  • Clear instructions
  • Long-lasting


  • Because of its affordability, a lot of people misinterpret it as a low-quality product.

11. Monroe 911195 reflex truck shock absorber | Fitment f250/f350 ford super duty truck

Monroe 911195 reflex truck shock absorber

Monroe is a big brand in the shock world. The brand is known for its quality. If you are looking for one of the best shocks to go for, you can count on this brand to deliver pure excellence.Over the years, this brand has committed to using technology to enhance its products and services. All the components that make up this brand of shock are made to withstand anything thrown at them.In the end, you will get value for the price paid to have the product installed on your truck.

Designed for enhanced handling and performance to improve your ride comfort.To reduce the friction and to enable a smooth rod response, it comes with special modifiers.With the fluon band's availability, consistent sealing is guaranteed between the pressure tube and the piston.The result of this consistent sealing gives rise to improved control and improved durability.The weight is very light, and it is an ideal shock for your F250 and F350.Made of high-quality steel, which ensures it remains durable. It comes with protective boots to ensure that the rod is well protected against dirt and gravel.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with a Fluon band.
  • Improved control
  • Protective boots
  • Improved durability
  • Smooth rod response
  • Light-weighted


  • Ease of installation
  • Affordable
  • Improved performance
  • The smoothness of the steering is enhanced.


  • They need to improve on their quality control.

12. Maxorber 4pcs front rear full kit | Compatible with 1999-2004 ford f250 super duty 4WD

Right from the factory, from ordering to delivery, all parts of this product come well packaged. For every two pieces you order, you get it delivered in one package.And for every four pieces, you get your order delivered in two different packages. This model is compatible with the 1999 to 2004 model of F250 and F350.The piston rod is coated in chrome, and when installed on your truck, you will feel a great improvement in the handling and control while driving. In the end, optimum performance is guaranteed.With its high-quality finish, it becomes resistant to rust. This shock is powered by nitrogen gas, and the braking, stability, and steering are improved. This product comes with oil seals, eradicates unwanted sound, and is long-lasting.

Highlighted Features

  • Highly durable
  • Rust resistance
  • Improved handling and control
  • Improved steering and stability
  • Nitrogen gas powered


  • Stress-free installation process
  • Known for high performance
  • Properly packaged


  • Above the average market price

13. Gabriel G63810 ultra truck shock | Fits on ford f250/f350 super duty

Gabriel G63810 ultra truck shock

If you drive F250 and F350 super duty models from 1999 to 2004, this is the right pick for you on your next shock replacement.When installed on your truck, the effect is immediate. The handling and control of your truck improve greatly.The way this shock is engineered, it is programmed to give rapid responses.With the inclusion of the StableSteer valving system, your truck’s tires are guaranteed to be on the road no matter the road condition.In summary, your safety is a major concern when coming up with this shock design.It comes with an oil seal that is designed to be a single lip. This design reduces friction to achieve top sealing. To bring about longevity, it comes with a piston that is resistant to leak.To bring corrosion under control, the piston rod is chrome plated. So, be assured, this product won’t wear off at an unusual rate.

Highlighted Features

  • The shocks are gas charged.
  • Light-weighted
  • StableSteer valving system
  • improved sealing
  • The piston is resistant to leak


  • Top performance always
  • Known for quality
  • Improved handling and control
  • Resistance to rust


  • The manufacturer needs to work on the packaging.

14. Fox 2.0 performance shock set | Compatible with ford f350 2005-2016 super duty 4WD

Fox Racing understands the need for the best shock for your truck.If you are working towards a replacement and need a total upgrade for your truck, this product takes your truck to an entirely new level regarding the superior performance it offers.When you install this shock on your truck, you will feel the difference no matter your driving routine. Fox 2.0 is built to ride overall road conditions.No matter what your F250 or F350 encounters, the shock provided the necessary support your truck needs.Known for its durability, this amazing product provides your truck with the strength it needs.

Highlighted Features

  • Very durable
  • Top-quality
  • Provides your truck with the support it needs
  • Long-lasting
  • Perfect fit for your F250 and F350


  • Easy to install
  • Amazing performance


  • A bit expensive

15. Detroit axle prime | Fits f250 f350 ford 199-2004 super duty 4WD

Detroit axle prime

This design is one of the popular brands on the market. When you invest in the shock, the performance that results from its use will certainly meet up with your expectations.Many truck owners who have this shock installed on their vehicles always prefer it installed on the front.They believe that the front is the most critical part of a vehicle. But when you choose to get it installed on the rear, the comfortability it brings is non-negotiable in terms of its superior quality.Knowing the attached benefit of installing it on the rear, many people now want this product installed accordingly.

Further description

This design is compatible with the F250 and F350 models between the years 1999 to the year 2004.With the way the piston seal is designed, it regulates itself just as expected.The adjustment occurs whenever there is a need to ensure a tight seal between the pressure tube and piston is expected to be maintained.The tight seal closes the leak tracks to ensure the product's life span is improved and encourages consistent performance.

With the O-rings Detroit Axle comes with, it ensures the inner tube gets the needed pressure to create a seal that is tight enough to restrict dirt, exhaustion, and wear.When installing this product, there is never a need for tools outside what comes in the kit.This product is pre-assembled to aid ease of installation.

For the right choice of trucks, they fit exceptionally well.In case you do not know how to go with the installation process, please contact a professional. Once you get this shock installed, the back of your truck is guaranteed and certified to be safe, and you won’t be disturbed whenever you come in contact with unavoidable road bumps.

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect fit for all 4WD trucks
  • It comes with an 0-ring
  • The weight is not heavy.
  • Top-quality
  • Pre-assembled product


  • Installation is easy
  • Consistent performance
  • Long-lasting
  • Affordable


  • Some users perceive it to be extremely cheap.

Buying consideration of the best shocks for f250/f350 super duty diesel or gas truck

To purchase the best shock for your truck, there is a need to consider various factors. The following are things you should look out for when making your next replacement.

01. Check for compatibility

Once you have a choice of shock on your mind before you proceed to make a purchase, make sure you have verified if it's a perfect fit for your truck.All you need to ascertain in this position is a few minutes of your time to carry out the necessary research.The main reason for the compatibility test is to ensure you find the right choice for your truck.Before a shock can deliver on optimum performance, it should fit well into your truck.Always ensure you contact the manufacturer to see if your choice of shock is compatible with your truck.You can verify this on the manufacturer’s website and as well as on Amazon.

02. Ease of installation

Nobody wants a long and stressful installation process. When looking for a shock to buy, make sure you consider how long it takes to complete the installation and how easy the entire installation process is.When you go for the right shock, you do not necessarily need to make extra tools.All you need for a stress-free installation comes with the kit. Also, the shock you go for must be a model that you can install easily without the help of a third-party.In case you find it to be a complex task, there is no harm in seeking professional help. If your shocks are of great quality, they should fit in well.

03. Consider the durability

This is another big factor to put into consideration. You want to get value for the cash you are willing to invest in a new shock, so you should ensure you are going for the right deal.The goal is to make sure you do not set yourself up for frequent replacement because of not putting all necessary measures in place.To get a durable shock, make sure such a model is made of high-quality steel. When a shock is made of steel that is coated, that is a perfect choice for you.Such shock is rust-resistant. Also, make sure the shock can tolerate high pressure, vibration, and as well as temperature.Remember, your shock will encounter these things. When you go for a highly durable shock, longevity is guaranteed, and you are as well assured of top-class service.

04. Consider the function

The main function is to keep your truck’s weight checked and ensure the wheels are placed firmly on the ground.The main aim is to ensure your truck remains unbothered in road bumps. A great shock is ideal for on and off the road without any challenge relating to road bumps.A great shock should function in a way that you have a smooth experience on every ride and makes your truck feel new.An additional feature to check out is to see if it has a noise reduction function.A shock that enhances a smooth ride must make sure that unusual sounds are away from the steering of your truck.When a shock is not rightly designed, once the metals contact each other, it results in unnecessary noise.Therefore, it is essential to read through the choices of top shock we have provided.You need to pick a shock that guarantees you won’t experience those unnecessary sounds.Your choice of shock must enhance great control and handling.Once you have a top stock installed on your truck, it will ensure your truck remains steady while on the road and ensure you drive with guaranteed safety and comfort.

05. Price of the product

This is a big factor to consider whenever you want to purchase a shock. It is expected that you don’t spend too heavily on a replacement.This is where a budget sets in. As you are avoiding spending heavily on a replacement, you should as well avoid spending too little.If the offer is too cheap, there is a high probability that the product won’t be of great quality.Top shocks can be gotten at an affordable price, so there are no justifications for spending huge on a replacement.Although great shocks are affordable, they come with impressive features.While purchasing a shock replacement for your truck, make sure you go online to read various reviews from several sources.There is nothing bad in comparing the price offered on different sources.

Frequently asked questions of ford f250 & f350 shocks.

If you are buying your shock online or from an offline store, it is expected that you have some questions going through your mind.For someone who is making their first purchase, the chances of being faced with one difficulty or the other are high.Thus, we see the need to develop possible questions you may want to ask or have an idea of and the perfect answer to every question.

best shocks for f350 super duty

Photo DiamondBack Truck Covers Flickr under CC.

All trucks come with a shock, right?

The answer to this question is No. Some trucks do not come with an installed shock.

Why do I need to install a shock on my truck?

Without shocks being installed on your truck, no component will absorb the shock that your truck encounters and take in the vibrations resulting from road bumps.So, shocks are considered an important component of your truck.

If shock is important, why is it absent in some vehicles?

An absence of shocks in a vehicle can be connected to the brand. For a vehicle that is of a great brand, they come with shocks installed.

How do you know when you need to get your shock replaced?

Once you start experiencing poor stability with your truck, you may consider a replacement.Another sign to watch out for is oil leakage and unnecessary sounds. Once you notice the identified signs, then there is a need for a replacement.

How often do you need a replacement?

Once you have done about 5,000 miles with your truck, experts advise you to check your shocks. Also, you can check for oil leakage periodically.

How easy is it to check my shock?

If you know what it takes to check your shock, you can do the checking yourself. In case you don’t have an idea about how to do this, you can take it to a close workshop.

I just installed my shock, and I can feel a sign of stiffness. What should I do?

When you just get your shock replaced, you should expect to experience a different feel.Being used to your old shock, such a feeling will come as a comfort. After a few rides, everything should go back to normal.

How much does a replacement cost?

Replacement of your shocks with a great quality model is not expensive. You can always find great quality shock at a pocket-friendly price.

What is the negative effect of a bad shock?

A bad shock affects your driving. When your shock is bad, your truck becomes very difficult to control, and you will also face some challenges using the steering.

Wrapping up

When you choose the right shocks in line with your truck's model, it ensures you have no restrictions and enjoys the full benefits such shock offers.When you choose from any of the listed shocks in this article for your F250 and F350, you are assured of having your truck’s wheels staying firmly on the road.With this, you guarantee your safety because of the reduction in the possibilities of accidents happening.At all times, remember that manufacturers have designed shock absorbers to bring about a reduction in instability and improper handling/control that trucks would encounter when they move on rough surfaces.With a bad shock absorber, no matter how great your suspension is, the probability of having your tires roll off the road’s surface, especially if the path is not smooth, is high.Once your truck’s tires roll off the road, then there is no way you will remain in control anymore. At that moment, you lose total control over the whole driving process.You lose possession of the steering, the acceleration, and the braking.

Final words

Knowing these, it is always advisable that every truck owners install the best shock in their vehicle to guarantee safety and control of the driving process.Shocks are significant for your vehicle. Once the need for replacement arises, it can lead to many problems for your truck and yourself if no proper attention is taken.To stay clear of possible troubles, make sure you choose the perfect shocks for your vehicle and get them installed accordingly.With the right shock, your driving experience will be improved. Don’t let someone else tell you something different.When you have the best shocks, they ensure you benefit from the quality service it brings and ensures that your truck remains more stable.

This article will provide you with the necessary information about the best shocks for f250 super duty & the best shocks for f350 super duty trucks.The two series of Ford Super Duty trucks are considered an upgrade on the first released series in 1999.What makes the F250 and F350 be considered advanced series is their size and improved capability and compatibility.

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