Best Shocks for Ford Expedition

Looking for the best shocks for ford expedition? Have you always guided yourself by the "recommendations" of friends and are you not happy with the choices made?You've got to the right place! Finding the best shock absorbers for your car can be a real trouble when you want something qualitative. Why? Because there will always be different opinions.Besides the fact that these components are of particular importance in car mechanics, they offer both the driver and passengers the much-desired comfort, intercepting shocks, so that you can enjoy your journey peacefully.There are some incredible brands like Bilstein, Monroe, Sachs, and Stark.

What are the best shocks for the ford expedition?

The best shock absorbers for the Ford Expedition are undoubtedly those produced by the Bilstein brand.

Why Bilstein is the best brand for ford expedition shocks?

Bilstein is the best brand of shock absorbers because it meets the customer's requirements: superior quality and very good price.For their production, state-of-the-art technology is used to offer maximum performance. They are made from tough and strong metal to guarantee the most extreme sturdiness.

Why choose Bilstein shock absorbers for your car?

The answer is quite simple. They offer you premium quality, durability, and affordable quotes.

Are Bilstein shock absorbers safe for my Ford Expedition?

They are the securest shocks for your vehicle because they are made from sustainable material which provides you the best safety and comfort.

How much cost to buy a Bilstein shock absorber?

Prices are very convenient considering the standard offered. They can range from $30 to $500, depending on both the model you want and how many cushions you want to buy (one or a set).

10 Best Shocks For Ford Expedition Buyer's Guide 2020

01. Bilstein 4600 Ford Expedition Shocks For 2007-2013 - The Most Durable Set of Shock Absorbers

Bilstein 4600 Ford Expedition Shocks

Highlighted Features

  • Set of 4 pieces
  • Full installation kit
  • Monotube gas charged
  • Premium material
  • Very efficient

Do you need monotube dampers, high quality, and easy to install? Stop thinking! The new Bilstein model is here for you.They have been specially created to serve the needs of customers and to provide them with both the safety of travel on any type of road and comfort during the trip.With a size of only 10.00 x 10.00 x 30.00 inches, it will fit your car perfectly.And what can these shock absorbers offer you? Three keywords: endurance, efficiency, and lastingness.These parts come in a set of 4, the package including all the necessary washers, bushes, and nuts. Besides, they have a stain of color that brings the car back to life. Isn't it wonderful?


  • Easy to install
  • Good price
  • Durable material


  • Installation can take a while (for beginners)

02. Monroe 58633 Load Adjust Shocks - The Best Shock Absorber For Weather Conditions

Monroe 58633 Load Adjust Shocks

Highlighted Features

  • All-weather fluid
  • Full displaced valving
  • Fluon Banded Piston
  • Extra control for your car
  • Durable material

Are you tired of the road conditions when the weather changes? Do you feel that when the temperatures drop, the road becomes difficult?No problem! The shock absorber that will get you out of trouble is here.What is interesting about this product is that it is equipped with special modifiers that reduce friction, thus ensuring good operation of your car.Besides, it is equipped with a fully displaced valve that automatically adjusts to even the heaviest conditions of the road to give you the travel and comfort you need.Remarkable for this model is the piston with fluon band, which offers better control over your car and enhanced durability.Measuring only 29.50 x 7.40 x 3.60 inches, this will be your go-to companion.


  • Superior comfort
  • Good stability
  • Very efficient


  • Price quite high

03. Bilstein 24-197724 Shock Absorber Compatible For 2007 Ford Expedition

Bilstein 24-197724 Shock Absorber

Highlighted Features

  • Monotube design
  • Very powerful shock absorber
  • Material that does not fade
  • Durable steel
  • Unique digressive piston

This product has already been shown in the set of 4 above, first. If you only need a shock absorber or can’t afford to purchase the set, our recommendation is to buy the part separately.What is remarkable about it, though? The first is the monotube design (lower mount type: eye and upper mount type: stem) and the stand-out yellow color.Furthermore, it absorbs powerful shocks and provides consistent performance without discoloration.Quality, maneuverability, and comfort are the three key cuvettes that characterize this component.With a size of just 7.62 L x 67.818 H x 8.128 W and a weight of just 5.4 pounds, it's perfect for the comfort of your expedition.


  • Easy to fix
  • No speed bump
  • Durable material


  • Face shocks are stiffer

04. KYB 565007 Gas Shocks For Ford Expedition

KYB 565007 Gas Shocks

Highlighted Features

  • Monotube design
  • Rubber boot to protect against dirt
  • Zinc-coated stainless steel piston
  • Increases steering response
  • Suitable for larger tires and wheels

Are you looking for a suitable shock absorber for your SUV? Kyb MonoMax jumps to your aid. Designed especially for the needs of your car, it is perfect for it.What does this product have to offer? First of all, the monotube design is indispensable, it has a better and safer fixation.Measuring only 12.17 x 6.5 x 5.12 inches, it has up to 40% better cushioning performance than standard shock absorbers, improving the efficiency of the suspension on the Ford truck.In other words, the galvanized stainless steel piston ring gives a positive seal in the most radical conditions.Need more reasons to buy it? Think that this shock absorber is your friend even in the most difficult moments with the option "tow ready."


  • Affordable price
  • Stainless steel material
  • Premium design


  • These shock absorbers can be shorter than the original ones

05. Gabriel G63717 Ultra Truck Shock for select Ford Expedition

Gabriel G63717 Ultra Truck Shock

Highlighted Features

  • Infinitely variable damping
  • G-Force technology
  • Orifice control disk
  • Finished chromed piston
  • Drawn-over-mandrel

Are the old shock absorbers worn out? Don't have the comfort of yesteryear? You came to the right place. We present the new Ultra Track shock absorber!This part has been specially designed to give your car optimal performance and to make your trip more pleasant and relaxing, offering much better control over your vehicle and a longer lifespan.Also, G-Force technology offers maximum endurance in combination with endlessly variable damping for on-request control on all street conditions.What else can it offer? A super-completed chrome-plated cylinder pole to hinder erosion, guarantee appropriate seal oil so as to give a more reliable wear surface on the grounds because the mechanics don't wait for those who don't take care of their car properly.With a size of only 19.62 x 3.75 x 3 inches, it is perfectly suited for the most demanding cars.


  • Easy to install
  • Effective shock absorber
  • Eliminate all the rear end noises


  • Not compatible with all Ford models

06. SENSEN Front or Rear Struts Model 4062

SENSEN Front or Rear Struts Model 4062

Highlighted Features

  • Set of 4 pieces
  • Complete kit installation
  • G-Force technology
  • More comfort and stability
  • Made to withstand all road conditions

Do you need a shock absorber to do its job? Or have you already made a purchase and are not satisfied? SENSEN is here for you.It does not come alone, but in a set of 4 pieces with the complete installation kit. Packed with stable steer valving which improves tire contact with the street gives you more control, calm, and execution while you are driving.On the other hand, the G-Force cylinder with reinforced iron development offers it a long life and toughness.Furthermore, the OE-plan oil seal is here to limit rubbing for ideal performance and less wear. Measuring only 19.75 x 3 x 2.75 inches, this model will fit your car perfectly.


  • Perfect fixing
  • Time resistant
  • Qualitative


  • Verify carefully the package before buying

07. Detroit Axle Front & Rear Complete Strut & Spring Assembly - 2003-2006 Ford Expedition & Navigator

Detroit Axle Front & Rear Complete Strut & Spring Assembly

Highlighted Features

  • Complete kit installation
  • G-Force technology
  • Full package
  • Fits perfectly on both sides of the car
  • Quick fixing

Have you tried all kinds of shock absorbers for your car and still haven't found a suitable one? The incredible Detroit Axle shock absorber is a perfect choice.The set of 4 pieces comes with a complete installation kit, no other fixing tools needed. Isn't it wonderful?Remove the old and worn shock absorber directly and replace it directly with the new one. This model fits perfectly on both sides of the vehicle, both on the driver's side and on the passenger's side.The dimensions are not colossal, but they are enough to fit your car, only 50 x 46 x 26 inches. The package contains Strut, Coil, Spring & Mounts.


  • Good quality
  • Easy installation
  • Perfect cushioning


  • The dimensions may not fit properly

08. OREDY Shocks Struts For 2003-2006 Model - Best designed Shocks

OREDY Shocks Struts For 2003-2006 Model

Highlighted Features

  • Full kit installation
  • Strut dust boot
  • Hollow bumper
  • Coil spring
  • Lower spring isolators

Do you have a more special car model and do you want it to be equipped with the best parts? OREDY premium shock absorbers are the best choice.They come bundled in a set of 4 with all the necessary components for you to quickly install them on your car and get on the road safely.The arched shape they have offers a cushioning of a maximum performance of the road unevenness so that you can continue to enjoy the trip.What do these shock absorbers contain? Let's see: OEM design upgrades, automatic machine welds, chrome-plated piston, and most qualitative components.And the upper spring seat gives steady execution without communicating commotion or vibration into the undercarriage.The dimensions are quite large 25.59 x 18.9 x 10.04 inches, once again claiming that they are the right choice for you.


  • Quick fix
  • Reasonable price
  • Durable material


  • Pay attention to which model of car is compatible

09. Rancho Shock Absorber Model RS999118

Rancho Shock Absorber Model RS999118

Highlighted Features

  • Nine levels of performance.
  • Durability
  • Enhanced ride quality
  • Large 18-millimeter nitro-carburized rod
  • Liquid metallic finish

Do you want optimal performance for your car? Do you want it to be equipped with the best car parts?Rancho Shock Absorber will fulfill your desires. Improved with nine levels of performance, it allows custom damping control for road and off-road flexibility.Is your car quite massive or do you need to tow another vehicle? No problem, it is ideal for such situations.Besides, it reduces fade, which means that nitrogen gas is pressurized to 120 PSI to limit air-to-oil blend and decrease damping execution blur and frothing.On the other hand, it contains an 18 mm nitrocarburizing piston rod specific to the application to resist scratches and corrosion, double-welded loops in the stress areas, and 1.25 in.And let's not forget that the bumper and the polyurethane bushings and the piston with fluon strip, filled with graphite, help to absorb the hardness and improve the ability to react to changing road conditions for a smoother ride.


  • Premium quality
  • Protective bumper
  • Self-lubricating seal


  • Can be quite expensive (only one piece)

10. MOCA Complete Strut Coil Spring Assembly for Ford Expedition 2007-2013

Highlighted Features

  • Superior rubber-to-steel bonding.
  • Hollow bumper
  • Lower spring isolators
  • Premium strut
  • Upper spring seat

Are you searching for a shock absorber for your car and you don't know what to choose? Do you want a quality one, but not with a monotube design?Spring shock absorbers are the right choice! Equipped with a chrome piston rod, you can be sure that they are durable, strong, made to withstand the highest shocks and corrosion.Also, this model comes with a significant improvement in sealing properties, thus ensuring adequate lubrication of the seal and having a more consistent wear surface.These dampers are capable of withstanding up to 60,000 miles. Besides, this is the widest range of shock absorbers, thus avoiding the problem of their mismatch with your car model.


  • Great price and quality
  • Easy to install and smooth working
  • Very durable


Buying considerations of Selecting The Best Shocks For Ford Expedition

Yes, we all know that you need new shock absorbers. But, you have to be very careful when you choose them. Below, you will find a list of factors to guide you before purchasing them. Because your car deserves the best.

01. Compatibility

So you chose the model of shock absorbers, you like it, you consider that it satisfies all the needs of your car, but something keeps you from purchasing them, namely, the compatibility with your vehicle.Before making the final decision and buying them, you must carefully choose the model corresponding to the series of your car, because there is a possibility that they do not fit.This way, you will receive the desired product and there will be no need to bother to assemble it, then realize that it is not what you need and return it. Be careful! Look twice before you take it.

02. Installation

The second important factor is the installation on the car. It is recommended to buy a set of shock absorbers. And now you will wonder why. "What if I only need one piece?"Usually, the parts in pairs change simultaneously. And, most importantly, by buying a set, you automatically receive the installation kit needed to save both your time and money.

03. Design

When it comes to the design of shock absorbers, there are two main types: monotubes and springs. Before making the actual choice, check which one fits your car.You can search for information on the internet or you can follow tutorials corresponding to your car if you do not want to check your vehicle.

04. Characteristics

We all want quality, durable, shock-absorbing shock absorbers, don't we? But before making the final decision, we need to document ourselves enough to see what other facilities these products offer, especially to limit friction for ideal performance and less wear. Among other things, it also contains a finished chromed piston.

05. Price

Price is also an important factor in choosing the perfect shock absorbers for your car. Not everything expensive is good, and they are chosen according to everyone's budget.It is recommended to opt for the Bilstein brand, the best brand of shock absorbers.

06. Material

The material from which these parts are made has the most important role in determining its quality.Carefully read the product descriptions and try to choose stainless steel for superior quality or premium materials. By making this choice, you will have many quiet roads, without encountering problems. Quality before quantity!


In conclusion, replacing old shock absorbers with new ones is the best decision ever made, primarily for the safety of both drivers and passengers and these parts are very important for the car's mechanics, for a good operation of the vehicle.Secondly, comfort while traveling is another important factor to consider. All this so that you can enjoy an unforgettable journey. Bilstein: quality, durability, reliability, and great prices.The above feature image credit goes to wikimedia under c.c.

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