What are the Best Tires For F150 Truck on the market?

From our analysis Falken, Nitto, Pirelli, Bridgestone are the best brands for ford tires.If you want to pick one then Falken is our pick.

Why we choose these brands?

Well, Falken tires are the low-budget but high-quality tires, for this reason, we chose Falken as the winner.However, Nitto, Bridgestone & Pirelli tires have a little bit of quality different otherwise all have almost the same features, traction power& buying cost as well.It even goes beyond the United States alone to North America as a continent trucks are used for various activities and are regarded as extremely important.That is why you can have such a high amount of truck tires being sold each year.

Here we are to help you with choosing the best ford f-150 tires among several brands.When you speak of trucks, there is a favorite truck brand known to Americans, and that is Ford, Ford f-150 to be precise, and the tires for Ford F-150 cover a significant percentage of the $4 billion truck tires sold.Check the top 10 best shocks for the ford 2wd shocks, and ford ranger shocks in our other review.

There are many reasons why it was selected as the favorite truck, not only because of its popularity but also because of some of its amazing features, but to mention a few.It has advanced features that surpass other trucks in its category, take, for example, newer models are made with a new technology called the Eco Boost Engines.

These engines provide the same amount of energy but are very Eco-friendly compared to other brands, they are also excellent in saving you cost on gasoline.Most of the ford f-150 is made with aluminum and is perfect for hauling and towing uses.For your pleasure, we have gathered a list of the ten best ford f-150 tires that you buy to replace the tires if they go wrong so that you can continue to enjoy your favorite truck.

Buying Considerations of The Best Tires For F150 Truck

Now that we have listed the best tires for your ford f-150 tires, there are also things that you need to know and put in place because if you don't put these things into considerationYou might still regret why you bought the tire in the first place.We all know that the Ford brand has gained popularity since the 1970s and has been one of the best-selling trucks to date.There are things you need to know before you just rush to buy a tire. Please find below a list of considerations we recommend purchasing a tire.

Buy from the right place

After you have settled to buy a particular ford f-150 truck and are excited about it, the first thing that comes to your mind when you need to replace the tires is to go back to the seller for him.To help you with the replacement but trust me, you will be paying through your nose if you do so.You should try another option if you want to cut down on cost, but if you are okay with spending the money as expensive as it may seem, then it's up to you.Another option for you is to buy it at a local shop that sells tires; it’ll be cheaper than the rate your dealer will give you but also not as cheap as the last option.Your final choice would be to go directly to the tire manufacturers and have your local shop do the installation.


Before you rush into buying a tire, no matter the technology used to make it or the impressive features the tire might seem to have, you should always purchase the befitting size for your truck.Never compromise on the size, don't buy something an inch lesser or an inch more prominent than the actual size of your tire.You will have yourself to blame, and it would seem as if all those amazing features that the tires have will work against you.If your tire requires a 33", 34", 35" or even a 37" tires make sure it is what you get for your truck.


As much as we know there are good tires out there; certain tire types are suited and made specifically for certain terrains.You should put into deep consideration the kind of terrain you travel through each day before you choose a tire.No amount of technology can stop a tire from wearing once it is not placed in the conditions it was made for.You should study very well the terrains and read through the different tire types to know what terrain they are made for.If you travel through mud terrains, then you need tires like the Cooper Discoverer or the Nitto Trail Grappler.If your terrain is more all-terrain, then you can also think of the Cooper Discoverer.Just make sure you know the tire that would work best with the path you frequently move on.

Your driving style

You should be well aware of your driving style and what type of tire would fit it. If you drive rough, then you need something rigid and aggressive to withstand your nature.If you often carry the load you need tires that can take on the weight of the load. Just makes sure you take what is suited to your style.


You should also choose tires that last very well. When you have rough paths, you can expect the tires to wear faster.Pick the tires that have been made to work optimally in certain conditions such as snow and all.Don't pick just because of beauty but choose what can handle the situation of where you stay.

How long do the tires last?

The tires are only going to last for as long as you make them last. Given the specifications of some tires and how they have been built, if you use them accordingly, they would serve you well.Some can serve you for up to 10years or more or even less than that if you don't handle them well.You should also know that the type of terrain you ride your tires on can affect its durability.If you use the right tire on the wrong terrain, it will wear faster. So many factors can tell on the sustainability of the tire.

Does the size matter

The size of the tire matters a lot if you want to get the best. You should never reduce the size of your tire by an inch or increase it by an inch.To get the best from the tires make sure you buy according to the specification of your rim is.If you don't see the tires you looking for immediately,  a piece of advice would be for you to wait until you get the tires that fit your light truck.

Can these tires be used for other vehicles apart from the Ford f-150?

Most of the tires here are the best choices for your Ford f-150, but they can also be used for different types of light trucks or SUVs.If you want to know what other kinds of vehicles they can be used to check the tires and see the cars, they can be used for, or you can also ask an expert to tell you what other vehicles they can be used for.

Must I buy a terrain specific tire?

If you don't want to stress yourself about buying a tire that is suited for specific terrainYou can look out for the ones that are labeled all-terrain. The all-terrain tires work well for any ground they are ridden on.If you don't find an all-terrain tire, then you have to buy a terrain specific tire so that you can have the best outcome.Terrain-specific tires have been made to withstand certain conditions, and you must not ignore that fact.

10 Best Tires For F150 Truck Reviews

01. Falken Wildpeak 275/55R20 117T All Terrain Radial - Best Budget Ford F150 Tire

Falken Wildpeak 275/55R20 117T All Terrain Radial

This is an excellent tire for your ford f-150 should your tires get damaged or you want a replacement. When we speak about ruggedness, the Falken Wildpeak is a good mention.It is made with very thick rubber that can guarantee you use in any terrain and any weather.When you need tires with a firm grip and toughness to withstand any topography, the Falken tires come in handy.It was carefully made with different kinds of technology to make sure you experience the best road movement.

The first technology it was made with is the heat diffuser tech, which allows the tire to release heat into the atmosphere instead of absorbing it.This process helps keep the components within the tire safe, and last longer, it also ensures that you enjoy maximum stability when you are moving along the road with heavy loads or simply towing another vehicle.Another technology that was infused into this tire is the 3D Canyon sipe tech.

This technology is what lets the tires resist tearing even from a fierce rotation; it is also what adds to the stability of your vehicle.The sidewalls of the tires were built to last; if you look closely at these designs of tires, you will notice a thick upper sidewall that prevents the tire from being pierced by rocks and other sharp objects.

Highlighted Features

  • Rigid sidewalls for protection against sharp objects
  • Heat diffuser technology to diffuse heat and reduce the risk of overheating
  • Tire design patterns with aggressive interlock patterns
  • Rugged tread block to ensure stability

02. NITTO Terra 285/70R17 116T - Best All Season Tire For Ford F150

NITTO Terra 285/70R17 116T

How about we go hiking with our ford? It seems like a plan, right?The NITTO tires are excellent for off-road trips when you hear off-road tours; you are sure to expect the unexpected and more fun.They are made from Japan with the best standards.One thing you can be sure to get with the NITTO Terra Grappler is rigidity and toughness to last long.

The sipes are thick enough to allow strong traction both on wet and dry ground.It is also one of the tires that is made of strong joints coupling which will give your tire more road life. It is equally a decent tire for all seasons.The rubber and tread pattern are also things to be considered when you take a look at this tire.The model is rigid to ensure a firm grip on and off the road, with this design pattern, you will enjoy the best traction power and with the reduced amount of noise.

It is made with particular attention to off-road trips but also made to be very friendly with the road, so the sound is not something to worry about.Terrain and season should never bother you when you have this tire on your truck, all the features made with this brand were done with you in mind.

Highlighted Features

  • All-terrain design
  • All-season design
  • Made with reinforced joint coupling for stability
  • Noise reduction guaranteed
  • Sipes are made with depth to provide you with the best traction power

03. Pirelli Scorpion 275/55R20 111S - Best All Terrain Tire For Ford F150

Pirelli Scorpion ATR All-Terrain Tire

The Pirelli Scorpion is another excellent tire for the ford f-150. It meets your needs if you are looking for a grip with tenacity and amazing longevity when it comes to off-road trips.Your balance can never go wrong with a Pirelli and here is why. It is designed to be used in all terrains and all-season just like other amazing truck tires.What's more, is that special attention was paid in making sure making the tires are suitable for off-road journeys.The tread design is symmetrical and a flat tread pattern helps give the tires an even wear, all parts wear together.Apart from the uniformity in how the tires wear, the tread pattern also allows for some things such as better noise reduction (this is also a function of the sipes together with the tread).You also experience a better level of traction due to the carefully designed radial grooves of the tire.You can also run for miles without fear of instability as you ride with heavy loads or tow a vehicle.The grip of the tires is also amazing especially when the brakes are applied; the response is swift and very acute.When you ride with this tire, the pressure is uniformly distributed, and surface tension on wet surfaces is significantly improved.

Highlighted Features

  • Excellent grip
  • Excellent traction
  • Symmetrical tread pattern
  • Flat tread design for even wear
  • Distribution of pressure on the tire

04. Bridgestone Dueler 275/55R20 111S - Best For Quality

Bridgestone Dueler 275/55R20 111S

Looking for an excellent and long-lasting tire for your ford f-150? The Bridgestone Dueler tire is a great fit.The Bridgestone tire is an all-season tire with excellent production quality.It is made with the latest polymer tread which will ensure longevity in use and maintenance.What you can expect with this tire is quality wear performance over tires of other brands in the same category.

The tires are eco-friendly because it is made partly from recycled rubber to help cut down on the number of toxins emitted into the atmosphere like CO2 as you burn the rubber on the road.The Dueler tire has an exclusive design technology that enables it to work in both wet and dry grounds.You will notice that the Dueler has a UNI-AQII technology that works in helping the tire handle wet ground efficiently even during constant use.

Another thing the AQII technology does is that helps to keep the tires safe from being hardened as a result of the heat that is generated when the tires are in motion.The tread pattern of the tires will allow you to have the traction you can expect and work well in rigidity and whatever terrain you drive it in.Give your ford f-150 a cleaner and more modern look with this tire. It is one of the best you can get that also supports human health because of the components from which it was made.

Highlighted Features

  • AQII technology to help protect tires against hardening
  • Made partly with recycled rubber for Eco-friendly tires
  • Made from the best Polymers
  • Has great traction

05. Firestone Destination All-Season Radial Tire 265/70R17 113T - Light Weight

Firestone Destination All-Season Radial Tire

From the name, it is not hard to tell that this excellent tire is made for all seasons.It is a very excellent fit for your Ford-150 and has just the right tensile strength to carry the weight of the truck placed on it.The tire was designed to have a long wear duration and also rigidity on the road.It doesn't matter how long you use it, and it has a longer life span compared to other tires within its category.

The destination tire is made with Silica material which is infused in the tread design of the tire, and because of the nature of the material used in producing the tire, it has a very firm grip on both wet and dry ground.The shoulders of the tire are accurately notched, and the design pattern will give you the best handle on the road and a guarantee of long tread life.

With the Destination, you can be sure of a reduced chance of experiencing hydroplaning because the tread also has a complete design to help the passage of water from underneath the tire.The tire speaks one thing… off-road trips too. You can very much use these tires to get some dirt in terrains that are far from average or your regular coal tar.It features a long carbon tread design made especially for wet seasons and gives you awesome handling.

Highlighted Features

  • Made for both on-road and off-road trips
  • Carbon tread formulation for wet conditions
  • Help prevent hydroplaning
  • Robust and symmetrical tread block design

06. Bridgestone BLIZZAK DM-V2  265/70R17 115R - Best Winter Tire For F150

We have been talking about taking your ford f-150 on some off-road trips, and it seems very interesting to test, but did we talk about taking your truck on different terrain like ice? Yeah, you heard right.The Bridgestone BLIZZAK tire is made with compounds known as multi-cells that act on ice by releasing water from the surface of the ice to give way to a firm grip on ice, cool right?

The advantage you have with this type of feature is that you have better brake control and you also avoid spillage and missing your track.If you think that is the only cool thing about the tire, then you probably missed the sleek traction design.The traction of the BLIZZAK is made to have more block edges, which helps your tires pierce through snow and gives you a better balance as you drive.

The tires are also designed in such a way that the pressure is uniformly distributed across to reduce the risk of bursting while you speed.You will also experience uniform wear when your tire meets with the road.This is still your most preferred choice if you are continually moving within terrains that have snow or mud.As a finishing touch to this tire, polyester is added to give you the long-lasting effect and strength as you ride.

Highlighted Features

  • Made with polyester for comfort and durability
  • Special rubber for flexibility
  • Perfect for terrains that have to do with ice
  • Has hydrophilic coating and multi-cell technology that acts on ice

07. General Grabber AT2 Radial Tire 265/70R17 115S - Excellent Performance For Off Road

General Grabber is also one of the best tires for ford f-150 because of the following reasons.It can be used on the road because it has very minimal noise when in motion, and when not on the way, you can use it off-road on other terrains.Just like every great tire, you must look out for tires that have a long period of wear because what shows that a tire is quality is how long it can last while retaining its quality.There are five rows of blocks in which chip and tear-resistant compounds are integrated.

The design of the tread is also one such that dirt doesn't stick to the tread, but they clean off by themselves.The tire also has a double layer made with polyesters to make sure there are more rigidity and strength.It has nylon fortification and great steel belts what you expect to get from the double layer is more strength and aggression on the road.When you write them on the way, the tires are quiet, when you ride with this tire off the road, you will have an equally befitting experience.You can get this tire and settle for an excellent road trip. More durability, tensile strength, more firmness, and grip in off-road areas.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with good polyester for more strength and aggression
  • Better tread design for a firmer grip
  • Tread design to clean itself up if you when you hit a dirtThey are also quiet tires

08. Michelin Defender 265/70R17 115T All Season Radial - Best Snow Traction & Fuel Saving For F150

Michelin Defender

We all know the Michelin to be excellent at making tires, and with every new brand they bring, they never fall short of standards.From their many tire designs, they have made a suitable one for your ford f-150 light truck for you to have a fantastic road trip.The Defender is made with a particular compound called the Evertread technology that helps your tires last in even the toughest of situations.

Another thing you can be sure to have with these tires is better traction with snow and also a design that allows you to scale through wet grounds.Not only is it made for all terrains, but it can also be used mainly for the highway-terrain.It has an outstanding balance and can give you the best handles on your wheels. Nothing beats a good light truck with excellent wheels to complement.

Compared to other tires, the Defender has a better tread standard and amazing traction that can work on any surface.The Maxtouch production style helps the tires attain shorter stopping distances in almost any kind of situation, be it snow, debris, rocks, gravel, dirt, and other types of obstacles.Not to forget our EverTread compound too which helps in making the tire last for about 10% higher than others.This tire is the best-concerning durability, strength, traction, and a lot more.

Highlighted Features

  • It contains EverTread technology in making the tires last longer even in hard conditions
  • MaxTouch helps give the truck short stopping distances to improve the ability to drive out of muddled situations.
  • Excellent for high way terrains too
  • In the long run, you get to save on your fuel
  • You get a very firm balance

09. Cooper Discoverer All- Terrain Radial Tire - Heavy Duty

Cooper Discoverer All- Terrain Radial Tire

The Cooper tire has all it takes to get your truck on the way and moving for you to experience comfort and stability.The first thing that stands out about the Cooper tire is the aggressiveness on the tire; it looks like no path will be too hard for you to move through.The tread design is entirely symmetrical and gives a very detailed line to help you have the firm grip you want on the road.

It doesn't matter what type of terrain you want to move through. Cooper has gotten everything ready for your adventure.Apart from that being a remarkable feature of the tire, it is also made from silicon, which acts on wet surfaces to give you a wonderful experience.Another usefulness of the silica compound in your tire is how it reduces the chip and cut resistance.You will possess the power to hold the truck firm and also have proper handling of the care. Let's talk about the traction a little bit.

The friction gets its strength from the silica compound, and it helps to improve any soft surface traction without the need to cause much pain on the handling.It possesses dual treads for natural stone withholding and easy spillage back. It is suitable for those who are looking for a tire that has quality water evacuation properties.

Highlighted Features

  • Neatly symmetrical tread pattern for grip and firmness
  • Silica compound helps you durability even on wet surface ship and cut resistant tires
  • It has stability and works fine in all terrains

10. Bowoshen For Ford F150 (04-14) Spare Tire

We have been talking about tires and how they have great and exciting features to help give your light truck a better look and performanceBut we have not spoken about the tools you can use to do a quick change of tires if you have to do it yourself.This is a full first aid kit for your spare tire change. It contains the essentials you will need even a few extra items that can come in handy just at the moment you will need them the most.

This is a full kit consisting of a spare tire lug wrench tool kit and a two-tonne scissor jack heavy duty.You can use the lug wrench kit to either loosen your wheel lug if you want to change your tire and also to tighten your wheel lug after a tire change.Your ford truck might have its spare tire beneath it or have a jack beneath it, and you can raise and lower your vehicle with the lug wrench.The scissor jack heavy-duty is perfect for lifting vehicles from 90mm to 360mm. It is convenient when you are stranded and need to make a quick tire change on your own.

Highlighted Features

  • You will get a lug wrench
  • You will also be getting a jack hook extension
  • You will have two extension segments
  • And all these will fit into a bag


In conclusion, we believe you love your Ford f-150 enough to get her a new pair of shoes.Please make sure you follow this guide to have the best experience when you buy your tires.Pay particular attention to what you are buying and how to make the best of it.Don't just purchase because it looks very nice and shiny, but make sure you are buying because it is meeting the purpose you have in mind.

According to our analysis, we found Falken Wildpeak AT3W is the best tires for f150 truck in the ent market. Heavy-duty, highly durable, and excellent traction power, extra-ordinary gripping capability are the main reason for this brand as the winner in this review.According to research, over $4 billion truck tires are sold nationwide, and that is because trucks frequently used in America.

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