For example, if you want to use the toolbox for work, you will want a toolbox that locks securely and cannot be pried open.You will also want a toolbox that can be fastened down to your truck and will protect your tools from the weather.On the other hand, if you are going to use the box for camping, you may want something that is lighter weight so that it is easy to carry and can be fastened to the outside of a camper. This toolbox would probably be used for camping supplies and should be absolutely water-proof in heavy rain.

That said, here is some information on the top-recommended truck toolboxes and storage boxes for work and play:

Top 10 Best F150 Tool Boxes Reviews

01. Giantex Truck Bed & Trailer Tongue Tool Box Tote AT4331 – Lightweight and Secure Storage

Giantex Truck Bed & Trailer Tongue Tool Box

Highlighted Features

  • Measurements: 49” x 15” 15”
  • Materials: aluminum tread plate
  • Has built-in lock with 2 keys
  • 2 handles for easy moving
  • Weather-resistant

The Giantex toolbox tote is a perfect, lightweight storage box that mounts easily to truck beds and trailer tongues for secure storage while you are on the road.The lid overlaps the box to keep water out and the box has a built-in lock to deter thieves and keep items protected.The toolbox is also easy to transport because it has two convenient handles for carrying. It also has two chains that keep the lid from falling backward when left standing open.

“The aluminum used to make this toolbox is thin and may get dented and discolored in shipping. The box is smaller than some others and there may be problems with the lock closing. May not last for a long time with heavy use.”

This box has dimensions that work well for many applications. Its lightweight construction makes it perfect for fastening to a truck bed, a trailer tongue, or many other places where it might be useful for the safe storage of camping items or small tools. It is also less expensive than other portable toolboxes if you just need something to protect your weekend travel gear.


  • Light to carry
  • Easy to install
  • Weather-resistant
  • Durable


  • Thin aluminum
  • Might be hard to lock
  • Small in size

02. Undercover SwingCase Truck Storage Box SC201D – Versatile Storage Solution

Undercover SwingCase Truck Storage Box SC201D

Highlighted Features

  • Measurements: 16” x 8.5” x 34”
  • Materials: rugged ABS thermoplastic polymer
  • Color: black
  • Sliding tool tray
  • Holds up to 75 lbs.
  • Lockable lid

The Undercover SwingCase truck storage box is the only truck bed toolbox available that swings out on a pin so that you can get to any of your tools without getting up into the truck bed.This is a toolbox that can be fastened down and locked or can be quickly removed and taken with you.This toolbox also allows for a three-inch clearance above it so that it can be used with any type of truck bed cover: hard, soft, rolling, or folding.

“This case may not be water-resistant as it suggests. The latch does not close properly and the lid is easy to pry open, even when locked. The case also very small for storing and may not last more than a year with more than 25lbs continually stored in it.”

The swing case is easy to install and comes with the six self-tapping bolts need to install it.It also takes up very little room in the truck bed - so it is usually out of the way.Nevertheless, it is easy to remove if you need to haul a large volume of materials and need the space.It is made of heavy-duty plastic that will take a beating and keeps tools safe and out of the elements.


  • Removable and portable
  • Swings out for easy access
  • Works with all tonneau covers
  • Easy to install


  • Cannot store chemicals
  • May not be water-resistant
  • Have to cut bed liner to install

03. Buyers Products Polyethylene All-Purpose Chest 1712240 – Versatile Storage Box for Many Uses

Buyers Products Polyethylene All-Purpose Chest 1712240

Highlighted Features

  • Materials: polyethylene
  • Dimensions: 17.25” x 19” x 44”
  • Capacity: 6.3 cubic ft.
  • Color: Black
  • Double-wall, hinged lid
  • Stainless-steel hasp for standard locks

Buyers Products all-purpose chest is molded from polyethylene for a high-density construction that resists dents and won’t rust.It firmly mounts to any truck bed or trailer frame for securely transporting tools and camping gear.The lid is double-walled for added stability and the 1/8” plastic walls are sturdy as well.The lid fastens with two stainless steel hasps that can be secured with any standard padlock or combination lock.

“The lid does not fully close (there is a gap) and the male and female hasp parts do not exactly line up, making it difficult to lock. The side walls have some flex to them and may let in some water. The bottom of the box may or may not be level for bolting down.”

The color and texture of the box match the look of many black truck liners. It has roomy storage and mounts easily to truck beds and trailers.The dimensions of the all-purpose chest also make it ideal for many different models of trucks, travel trailers, utility trailers, and using in a garage.


  • Dent-resistant
  • Won’t rust
  • Fits under truck bed covers
  • Easy to install
  • Many Uses


  • Heavy to lift for plastic (28 lbs.)
  • Easy to break into
  • Not always water-proof

04. Vault Cargo Hitch Carrier Bag VCM-HCCB-15 – A Roomy Carrier Bag for Road Trips

Vault Cargo Hitch Carrier Bag VCM-HCCB-15

Highlighted Features

  • Dimensions: 59” x 24” x 24”
  • 15 cubic feet of cargo space
  • Color: black with logo
  • Water-resistant materials
  • Closes with zipper and Velcro flap
  • 6 lashing straps for secure attachment

The Vault cargo hitch carrier bag is designed to work with the Vault hitch carrier, however, it will also work with many different hitch carriers as long as they are at least as large as 24”x 24” x 59.”This is a very roomy carrier for long car trips. It will hold many items and bags for groups or families that are traveling on trips where they need to take a lot of luggage.The lashing straps allow you to cinch down the bag so that nothing shifts during your travels.

“The zipper on the Vault carrier bag may fail after some use, causing it not to be waterproof. This bag may also melt if it is too near to the heat from the exhaust pipe for an extended period of time. As well, this bag has no hardliner insert and is really just a very large carrier bag.”

This carrier works well for storing items and organizing bags on long trips as it is soft-sided and has no structure.It can be stuffed fuller than hard-sided carriers with a larger variety of packages. It also folds up for easy storage between trips and frees up vehicle storage space for other tasks when not in use.


  • Folds up and stores away
  • Water-resistant
  • Straps down securely
  • Fits many hitch carriers
  • Can be over-stuffed


  • The zipper may not last
  • May not be waterproof
  • Can melt from exhaust pipe heat

05. Yaheetech Aluminum Truck Bed Tool Box YT-20190301 – Sleek-looking Storage for Lighter Items

Yaheetech Aluminum Truck Bed Tool Box YT-20190301

Highlighted Features

  • Materials: 1.3mm aluminum
  • Dimensions: 30” x 13” x 10”
  • Color: silver
  • Built-in lock with 2 keys
  • 2 side handles for carrying
  • Overlapping-lid for water-resistance

The Yaheetech aluminum truck bed toolbox is a well-constructed storage box that is lightweight and easy to manage.Because of its size, it has many different uses for the truck bed, camper, utility trailer, and garage.It has an overlapping lid which makes it water-resistant and comes with a high-quality lock that will keep items secure in a low-risk environment.

“Although well-made, the Yaheetech aluminum truck bed toolbox does have a few flaws. For one, there is no chain that attaches to the lid so that it won’t fall all the way behind to the floor if you want to leave it open.''

It is not safe to leave outside unattended, even with the lock. The lid is easy to pry open for thieves in the middle of the night.”This toolbox is quick to bolt down if necessary and easy to reinforce if a heavier-duty box is required for this size and price.The exterior finish looks good in a pickup bed or on a trailer and will last a long time for light storage.


  • Sleek-looking
  • Fits under truck covers
  • Comes with a built-in lock
  • Light-weight to carry
  • Water-resistant


  • Easy to break into
  • Steel parts rust easily
  • Very thin aluminum
  • Smaller than it looks

06. Trinity Job Site Box TXKPGR-0505 – A Versatile Steel Box That Protects Your Tools

Trinity Job Site Box TXKPGR-0505

Highlighted Features

  • Materials: heavily reinforced steel
  • Dimensions: 36” x 16” x 18.5”
  • Color: gray
  • Weight: 67.8 lbs.
  • Powder coat finish – rust resistant
  • Lockable latch

The Trinity job site box is designed to handle the rough jobs at multiple worksites as well as ride in a truck bed.It has a tamper-proof latch system so you can store expensive equipment in it without fear of it going missing.It also has gas-mounted lifts for the lid so that opening it and closing it is a safe and predictable function.The hydraulic lifts for the lid hold it open while the box is in use and when the lid is closed the box is waterproof.

“The Trinity job site box might arrive as already damaged in shipping, but there appear to be other problems. Some of the welding work is weak and the hinges on the lid may wear out quickly.''

The feet for the forklift may be welded on crooked and the paint job may have small, missing patches.”To prevent theft and tampering with the box, the hinges are internal and the latches for the locks are recessed so they can’t easily be tampered with.It can be mounted to a truck bed and fits under a truck bed cover. It is also designed to work with a crane or forklift, but can also be carried with the two sturdy handles on the sides.


  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • 16 gauge heavily-reinforced steel
  • Tamper-proof locking system
  • Rust-resistant, matte finish
  • Use with forklift or crane


  • Locks not included
  • Hinges and lifts may wear quickly
  • Welding may not be solid

07. UWS Low Profile Angled Aluminum Toolbox TBS-63-A-LP-BLK – Durable & Professional Tool Organizer

UWS Low Profile Angled Aluminum Toolbox

Highlighted Features

  • Materials: aluminum
  • Dimensions: 65” x 22” x 15.5”
  • Color: gloss black powder coat
  • Weight: 48 lbs.
  • Stainless-steel locks with keys
  • 3-compartment sliding tray

The UWS low profile aluminum toolbox has many useful features, including a low-profile top.This allows the toolbox to sit lower so it does not block the view out of the back window.The secure lock paddle handles are not only easy to operate but also provide extra security for a toolbox that you can confidently use to store tools in your truck bed.The two separate lock handles also have a connecting rod that allows you to lock the handles at the same time.

“The UWS low profile aluminum toolbox may arrive already dented or with crushed corners from shipping. Both locks may not work and there are some problems with the keys. The latches may be installed crooked and tightening of the nuts on the lid may need to be performed.”

This toolbox is designed with a one-piece tub and a one-piece lid which provides for a sturdier and longer-lasting life that also supports heavier loads.The fully-foamed lid prevents warping or bending of the toolbox.The box opens to a 90-degree angle and the struts that hold it open also self-close with a gentle push.Built-in trays and other tool holders make this an organized toolbox for the professional or do-it-yourselfer.


  • Solid construction
  • High-quality materials
  • Low profile
  • Beveled insulated lid
  • Screwdriver holders


  • May arrive dented
  • May have problems with the lid closing
  • Latches may be crooked

08. Better Built ATV Tool Box 67011386 – Small and Versatile for Weekend Warriors

Better Built ATV Tool Box 67011386

Highlighted Features

  • Materials: aluminum diamond plate
  • Dimensions: 20” x 12” x 9.5”
  • Color: silver
  • Weight: 10.47 lbs.
  • Lockable paddle handle with keys
  • Side handles for easy carry

The Better Built ATV toolbox is a nice-looking smaller toolbox that has a hydraulic opener assist with sturdy hinges.This is a water-resistant toolbox that fits on ATVs, mules, bats, utility trailers, and 4-wheelers.It works well for day outings, camping, and weekend adventures to hold tools, gear, and any other small items needed on the trail.

“The Better Built ATV toolbox may arrive damaged or dented in shipping. The welds of the box may be weak and maybe welded out of square. The latching system may be loose and the box may need extra water-proofing in the form of weather-stripping on the inside of the lid. The aluminum is described by reviewers as a little thin.”

This is a well-built box for a lower price that works well for casual use. It is easy to install and also to modify for a varied amount of uses.The weatherstripping around the inside of the lid is what makes it ideal for outdoor use. The lock will also deter any would-be thieves during the daytime.


  • Nice-looking finish
  • Easy to install, modify
  • Perfect size for ATVs, 4-wheelers
  • Weather-resistant
  • Lock, keys included


  • Smaller box
  • May need modifications
  • Thin aluminum metal
  • Poor welding

09. Weather Guard Aluminum Saddle Box 127002 – Professional Job Quality Tool Box

Weather Guard Aluminum Saddle Box 127002

Highlighted Features

  • Materials: aluminum tread .058
  • Dimensions: 72” x 21” x 19”
  • Color: silver
  • Weight: 86 lbs.
  • Push-button locking system with keys
  • Storage Bins

The Weather Guard aluminum saddle box (crossover box) is a toolbox for professionals who need a sturdy truck bed box with a locking system that protects tools and other valuables.It is almost impossible to break into under normal conditions. The latch is an automotive-style rotary fastener that provides a one-touch smooth opening every time.This toolbox also has strategically placed attachment points to further secure this box to your truck bed.This toolbox comes with organizational features like a holder for a level, a removable parts bin, and a metal tray that is adjustable.

“Although a professional quality toolbox, the Weather Guard aluminum saddle box may arrive dented. It may also have poor welds. There are some problems with the lid closing properly on both sides. The weather guard may wear off in less than a year.”

The Weather Guard saddle box has an all-weather seal that is ideal for outdoor jobs as it makes the toolbox weather-resistant to protect tools from the rain.This is a very durable toolbox and will give any contractor many years of trouble-free service.


  • Fully weather-stripped lid
  • Easy to secure to prevent theft
  • Secure latch with keys
  • Tool organizers


  • May get dented in shipping
  • Some welds may be weak
  • Finish may wear off prematurely

10. Dee Zee Specialty Series ATV Box M207 – Cool-Looking Modifiable Storage Box for Off-Roading

Dee Zee Specialty Series ATV Box M207

Highlighted Features

  • Materials: aluminum Brite-tread .056
  • Dimensions: 36” x 13” x 13”
  • Volume: 3 cubic ft.
  • Color: gloss black
  • Finish: non-rusting protective powder coat
  • Weight: 18 lbs

The Dee Zee specialty series ATV box is a universal storage chest with push-button lockable paddle handle, self-adjusting strikers, closed-cell foam gasket, and dampened gas shocks.This chest is the perfect size for ATVs and any other weekend vehicles including trailers and small pickups.

“The Dee Zee specialty series ATV box comes with two installation holes predrilled in the bottom of the box which has to be sealed in order for the box to be water-resistant. The logo is also fastened on to the front of the box with rivets which creates more holes in the box.”

This box comes with a complete mounting kit and is versatile/modifiable for most off-road vehicles.It satisfies the purposes for holding any supplies need for day trips, and while it looks heavy-duty, it is actually lightweight for easy mounting.


  • Sleek-looking
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Fits on almost any leisure vehicle
  • Lockable paddle latch with keys
  • Easy to modify


  • Not really water-proof
  • Might be easy to break into
  • Variable quality in construction

Buying Guide F150 Tool Box

Truck toolboxes can be used in many different ways to store items for almost any kind of job, home project, or leisure activity.So a toolbox that is perfect for one use might be totally unsuited for something else.Some toolboxes work for many different uses and some are easy to modify to use for something completely different other than what it was intended for.So before you buy a truck toolbox, here are some things to consider to find the right one for you:


The most important aspect when buying a toolbox or traveling storage chest is to first think about the security of the box itself.The toolbox you purchase should obviously close securely to protect what you have inside of it.This is because you can lock any toolbox, but if the lid doesn’t meet squarely with the box itself it can be jimmied open, even if it is locked.

Also, look for a toolbox with internal hinges. Hinges that are on the outside of the box can be pried off easily.If the lid closes firmly and squarely, the next thing to check is the welding. The box should be firmly welded together and squared.The material that the box is made of should also be thick enough so that someone cannot just bend in the sides of the box and wrench the lid open.

The latches are the next thing to look at on a toolbox. Make sure that the latches on the lid meet the receivers on the top of the box squarely and also fit snugly, forming a secure, tight fit.If the toolbox comes with a lock already installed, make sure it closes firmly and that the keys turn smoothly.If you can open the lock by turning it with a screwdriver, this is not a box in which you want to store anything of value.The most important thing to consider if you are a contractor and leave your tools in the toolbox is that no one can break into the toolbox if it is mounted to the bed of your pickup.


Toolboxes and storage chests are generally made of steel, aluminum, or plastic. A steel box, believe it or not, is usually best when it is used indoors.This is because once the surface coat on the steel gets scratched, it will rust.Plus, steel is heavy to move, and even though it is burglar-proof, it is better when used as a stationary way to store tools and other valuables.

This makes aluminum the perfect choice for truck toolboxes. It is light-weight, doesn’t rust, and is easier to mount to a truck bed.Plastic is perfect if you are just storing cables, mats, or other supplies that no one wants to steal.This is because even if you lock a plastic toolbox, it is easy to break into or take altogether.If you do store anything in a mounted and locked plastic toolbox outside, make sure to label it so that thieves know that it holds nothing of value.

Weather-resistant, Weather-proof

Most toolboxes will say they are weather-resistant or weather-proof, but this is not always the case.If a toolbox is hard-sided, there should be some weather-stripping along the top inside the perimeter of the lid.If not, you will have to put some in yourself or the box will not be water-proof.Plastic or fabric storage chests may be more likely to be water-proof or water-resistant, but make sure they seal tight or you will have problems with this as well.The worst thing, other than having them stolen, is to have your tools or other belongings ruined by water from the outdoor elements.


The style of your toolbox or storage chest may seem like something superficial and something that doesn’t need to be considered, but it does.Remember, this storage container is going to become part of your truck, ATV, camper, trailer, or SUV - so you want it to look good.Especially if you are a contractor, a truck bed toolbox is something you will take to work with you every day and will become a part of your reputation.A beat-up or cheap-looking toolbox may say to someone that you don’t care much about your job - or their project, either.As well, if you are going camping or on a trip, you want a nice-looking toolbox or storage chest as part of your travel experience.And if you attach a smaller toolbox right to your ATV, you want it to look cool.

Opening and Closing the Box

This is another aspect of a toolbox that people may not consider, but it is still an important factor to think about when deciding which toolbox to purchase.A heavier toolbox should have a gas lift cylinder that will help you raise and lower the lid.This will keep the lid from slamming down on your fingers unexpectedly and also keep it from falling all the way backward and damaging the hinges.

The hinges have to be strong and securely fastened for security purposes, so you don’t want them getting broken because of the lid slamming back and forth.So if you have a heavy lid, look for an assist to open and close it in the form of a gas lift cylinder that assists in the opening and closing of the box.A heavy-duty toolbox without a lift or even a chain to hold it at a 90-degree angle while it is open is not a toolbox you need to purchase. A toolbox with a broken hinge is worthless because anyone can break into it.


Although toolboxes and storage chests can be used anywhere, the kind we are talking about here will more than likely be mounted onto a truck bed, ATV, camper, or utility trailer - so there are more considerations to think about when you go to purchase a truck toolbox.The most important thing is that if you have a truck bed cover, you want to make sure that the toolbox fits under it.If you have a locking truck bed cover that you can put over the toolbox while you are not using it, this can eliminate many of the worries about having a toolbox sitting out in the open, especially at night.

If you do not have a truck bed cover that locks, you will have to permanently mount the toolbox to the truck bed, which can raise several concerns.You will first have to find out if you are going to have to drill holes right into the truck bed to fasten the toolbox down.Also, if you permanently mount a toolbox in the back of your truck, you will have to think about how this will affect the longer loads you haul and if they will still fit.

This is why many people get a swing mounted toolbox they can remove when they are hauling larger loads.If you are going to mount the toolbox, you will have to have a drill and the right bolts to do it.This is after making sure that the box is sturdy enough that someone can’t either just break into it or rip it off the back of your truck.Keep in mind that a locked toolbox on the back of a pickup truck is a magnet for thieves who are looking to steal expensive tools they can resell.

The Weight

The weight of the toolbox is important because you want a box that is heavy enough to protect what is inside and is also light enough to lift if you need to transport it.If the toolbox is going to be mounted in a truck bed, it should be heavier.If the box is going to be mounted on a trailer, camper, or ATV, it should be lighter in weight.The bottom of the box should be sturdy because this is what gives the box its additional strength.

FAQ's Best Truck Tool Boxes

You may think that there isn’t a lot to know about toolboxes, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth.Toolboxes are all built to protect your valuables, but they do this in many different ways.For example, a toolbox you would use to store camping accessories might not be the same toolbox you would use to store an expensive set of tools.So here are some common questions to ask before you trust the items you hold to be important to a metal or plastic box:

What size toolbox will fit my pickup truck bed?

Toolboxes for trucks come in all sizes and styles, so first you will have to figure out what type you want.A crossover box (also known as a saddle toolbox), for example, is one that sits upon the sides of the truck bed, while a chest toolbox has a lower profile and sits down in the truck bed.A tool chest is better if you want to put a truck bed cover over it, but a crossover box is easier to fasten down so that it doesn’t get stolen.However, each one will have to be measured so that they fit correctly in the back of your truck bed.

Most toolboxes come in several lengths so once you have the interior measurement for your truck bed you will know which one to buy.If you are still not sure, you can always post the question online or talk to a sales representative and they can help you choose.Because truck tool boxes are obviously made to fit trucks, many manufacturers will list the makes and models that their toolboxes fit specifically.

Note: To get the right size crossover box, you will need three basic measurements: the outside distance of your bed rails, the inside distance between your bed rails, and the distance between the top of the truck bed and the bottom.

Do I need a lot of organizer compartments in my truck toolbox?

Generally speaking, no. Although it does help to have one tray for smaller items, just having your tools locked together in one place will keep you more organized on a job than having them loose in your truck bed.Plus, many tools are either odd-sized or over-sized and do not fit in standard compartments.It is better to have a lot of open space in your toolbox to store the particular tools you need for anyone job than to have compartments.

Is a more expensive truck toolbox better?

Not necessarily. It depends on what you are going to store in it and where you are going to use it.For example, a steel toolbox may be the most expensive and safest, but it is also the heaviest and may rust when stored out-of-doors if it gets scratched.So a less expensive aluminum toolbox would be better if you are going to mount it to a truck and keep it outside.As well, if you are using a storage chest for traveling and aren’t going to put anything valuable or heavy in it, you may want to go with plastic, especially if it is going to sit inside the back of an SUV or under a truck cover most of the time.

Should I go with a lock already installed or just buy a padlock?

Many truck toolboxes come with paddle locks already installed, along with a couple of keys. However, if you purchase this kind of toolbox, make sure the keys are unique.If the keys that come with your toolbox lock can open other locks, or if the toolbox lock can be opened with other standard keys, it is useless. As well, the toolbox is only useful as long as the locks work, so make sure that the locks are sturdy and seem like they will last a long time before you mount the box to your truck.(If you are going to mount the box to your truck, it is probably better to get a toolbox that has a strong latch where you can use a padlock or combination lock that can be changed out as needed.)

Can I modify a toolbox to fit my truck bed?

Yes. Sometimes a truck toolbox doesn’t fit exactly or may need a few modifications to suit your exact purposes, but it still may be the one you want to purchase.Steel chests usually have to be used the way they are, but aluminum toolboxes can generally be modified to suit the purpose you will be using it for.Although you will have to be careful because you can’t return it if you make any changes and decide you don’t like it.

Can I use a truck toolbox for something other than tools?

Yes. Truck toolboxes can be used for camping gear, first aid supplies, luggage, hobby equipment, or anything you will be using on the road and need to be organized, easy to reach, and secure.Truck toolboxes come in all shapes and sizes and can be mounted or secured to almost anything.So if you are thinking that a truck toolbox is the traditional aluminum crossover box that sits behind the cab on the truck bed rails - that is simply not true.

A Final Thought

If you are a contractor, you will find that having a locked and mounted truck toolbox on your truck will completely organize you and protect your tools.The most important things to consider are buying a box with a well-fitting lid, a solid lock, and a secure way to mount it.Nevertheless, if you will be using the truck toolbox for camping, boating, traveling, off-roading, or other recreational uses, the sky is the limit as to which toolbox you can buy because there are so many options to choose from.Just make sure to read the reviews, ask some questions, and think about not only what you will be using the toolbox for but you will also expect it to protect.

Once you find the best truck F150 tool box, it can be used for many different things - or something very specific. This is why it is important to decide what you are going to use the toolbox for before you buy it.You will be much happier with the features and the quality of the toolbox if it has been designed for the purpose you have in mind.

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