Best Waterproof Truck Bed Cover

Are you searching for the best waterproof truck bed cover? Here are the top 10 best reliable, heavy-duty, high-quality truck bed covers in 2023 on the market recommended by an automotive expert.Tyger Auto T3, MaxMate, Gator, TruXedo, Lund Genesis are the best waterproof truck bed covers on the market, heavy-duty, reasonable price, longer lifetime.Among the heavy traffic, the most commonly used are the trucks. Most of the transportation of the luggage relies on the help of trucks.The manufacturers created them in such a way that they can lift goods of all kinds and types. The trucks make it possible to go with the entire family to your dream destination.

What Is The Best Waterproof Truck Bed Cover on The Market?

Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold bed cover is the best waterproof truck bed cover on the market. Due to the tri-fold system user can fold the tonneau cover. This tonneau cover lasts longer than other bed covers on the market.

Why Tyger Auto T3 Bed Cover is the Best Waterproof Tonneau Cover?

Tyger Auto T3 tonneau cover is the best bed cover because of the best waterproofing for weathertight sealing, up to 13% gas savings, easy installation.The truck's problem is the open space that can cause damage to the luggage when the rain is pouring in. Truck bed covers had to come on the scene to resolve this problem.This function has increased the significance of the truck bed covers. They also reduce air reduction that leads to increased fuel efficiency.The market today is filled with different types of truck bed covers. Here we have added the list of the most renowned truck bed covers to let you know about the best truck bed covers available in the market.

10 Best Waterproof Truck Bed Cover Reviews

01. Tyger Auto T3 Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover 2009-2019 Dodge Ram 1500

Tyger Auto T3 Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover 2009-2019 Dodge Ram 1500

Tyger Auto mainly focuses on producing premium aftermarket auto parts to meet OE quality standards and, of course, capture the elite class of the market.The soft truck cover is completely assembled, which then becomes easy to install. This means less consumption of time.The specialized team behind this manufactures the top-quality truck covers.

Their durable gear is not only available at a reasonable price but makes your truck look unique out on the street.The front clamps are heavy that is attached to the bed rails offering maximum security.This truck cover comprises dual-coated marine grade, which is coated in heavy-duty aluminum powder. The cover comes in stainless steel clamps, so it is easy to install and is durable.

The horizontal bars are pre-assembled, so you don’t need to put all your efforts. This design offers support and easily folds up with the cover.You don’t have to worry about the installation as it is a no-drilling installation that comes with instructions and hardware.All you have to do is cut the small holes for a vehicle equipped with an over- the- bedrail bed liner to protect the clamps.Not only this, but it works with under-the-bedrail bed liner as well. Customers prefer to have safety. Thus, this truck cover protects the cover when it is completely folded.

Highlighted Features

  • 8 feet bed length.
  • Can fit a particular cab size.
  • 1500 Dodge Ram.
  • Trifold Cover.
  • US design.
  • Ram Box.

02. MaxMate Tri-Fold Waterproof Truck Bed Cover 2002-2019 Dodge Ram 1500 & 2003-2018 Dodge Ram 2500, 3500

The soft-tri fold covers are the highlight of the market. These can be easily folded in seconds without consuming so much time. Simply these can be folded for over-sized cargo like trucks, jeeps, etc.The best part is that it is completely assembled, which means there is no need to drill or snap.Moreover, this cover provides safety and functionality, but it has a sleek design that gives a great look to any vehicle.

This truck cover is produced using double-covered marine-grade vinyl, which is covered in heavy-duty aluminum powder. The cover comes in treated steel cinches, so it is simple to install and is stable.The flat bars are pre-assembled, so you don't have to put your every second into it. Therefore, this helps to bolster and effectively creases up with the cover.

You don't need to stress the establishment as it is a no-penetrating establishment that accompanies directions and equipment.You should simply cut the little openings for an outfitted vehicle with an over-the-bedrail bed liner to ensure the cinches.This approach works as well with an under-the-bedrail bed liner also. Users prefer safety when they buy any product. Thus, this cover truck prevents the cover with its safety belts.

Highlighted Features

  • 5-bed length.
  • 1500 Dodge Ram.
  • Ram Box.
  • Best fit according to your cab size.
  • 1500 Classic Ram.
  • Tri-Fold softcover.

03. Gator ETX Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Waterproof Truck Bed Cover Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 2014-18, 2019 Limited/Legacy

The Gator ETX soft tri-fold offers easy and convenient safety for the truck bed. This product would not harm your truck bed and would prevent any scratches.You can drive with the cover. You must be wondering how? So, here it is, you need to fold it toward the cab and wrap it tightly with the fastening buckles so it does not inflate.

The extra stitching with durable tear-resistant vinyl gives a stylish look.Hard aluminum cross-bows support this feature to enhance the strength and long-term durability. Also, it is designed in a way to be compatible with any weather condition.You no longer have to worry about the installation as it only takes 10 minutes. Also, the best part is you do not require any use of additional tools or drilling.

So, it is safe and less time-consuming. All you have to do is clamp the rails without drilling them.The Gator’s ETX T-handle has front clamps that are sturdy and built to last for the long-term. They have built-in secure rear clamps that are very simple to use.You can adjust it to fit your truck bed rail either with or without bed liners. Thus, the Gator ETX is not only an easy to operate option, but its clean, low-profile appearance strengthens the value.The superior sealing fits in the cover and protects the bed and cargo from being destroyed in the snow or rain. This option proves to be a worthy money option.

Highlighted Features

  • Premium Quality
  • 6-inch bed length
  • Tri-fold softcover
  • It prevents dust and water.
  • Superior Sealing
  • Smooth to fit the cab

04. TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-up Waterproof Truck Bed cover 2014-18 GMC Sierra/Chevy Silverado 1500

TruXedo TruXport Soft Roll-up Waterproof Truck Bed cover

The Truxedo’s TruXport is a stylish and attractive foldable truck bed cover made from premium material with top-quality features.Users usually look for bed covers under reasonable prices, which I believe is not that difficult now.Since now, you have an affordable option that wouldn’t eat up your budget. TruXedo’s truck bed cover is relatively cheap.Furthermore, installing without any complicated operating system is secure.

This truck bed cover is on the top of the truck bed rail, which provides unique, stylish looks.This feature would require your vehicle. Once you install it, the built-in pre-set tension control helps maintain your vehicle's unique great looks and the truck cover.The straight cross tubes give the vehicle a sleek and stylish look and a flat surface when the cover is closed.Dual paddle latches are attached with the truck cover to access both rear sides of the truck efficiently.

Furthermore, these latches also fasten the tail rail when the cover is closed. If you are concerned about the quality of the fabric, then you don’t need it.Finally, it is made from premium quality leather-grain fabric, which protects the vehicle from the hard particles and elements. Such as from dust or snow.

Highlighted Features

  • It sits 1.5 inches above the truck.
  • Dual Paddle.
  • Pre-set tension control.
  • Smooth and Flat.
  • Ideal for a 5.8-inch bed.
  • Leather Grain Fabric.

05. Extang Solid Fold 2.0 Hard Folding Waterproof Truck Bed Cover Ford F150 2015-2018

Extang truck covers are highlights of the market. Extang Auto mainly focuses on producing premium aftermarket auto parts to meet OE quality standards and, of course, capture the elite class of the market.Therefore, the soft truck cover is completely assembled, which then becomes easy to install. This ease of installation means less consumption of time.The specialized team behind this manufactures the top-quality truck covers.

Furthermore, their durable gear is not only available at a reasonable price but makes your truck look unique out on the street.Furthermore, the front clamps that are attached to the bed rails offering maximum security are heavy.It is manufactured from automotive grade thermoplastic skin with triple fin seals. The coated powder gives a finish of stainless steel that is easy to install and is durable.

Therefore, the pre-assemble crossbars help with easy and convenient installation. The tri-fold feature enables you to fold and squeeze the truck cover when you don’t need it.Furthermore, the pre-assembled crossbars exert horizontal tension. Heavy-duty clamps in front connect to the bed rails, so it offers maximum security.Well, what is more important than the safety of any user? Also, the rear latches attached make it simple to get the truck bed in one quick step. So, you don’t need to go through several hassle steps.

Highlighted Features

  • Increase gas mileage.
  • Solid clamping system.
  • Front Clamps.
  • Rear Latches.
  • Adjustable.
  • Soft-Roll up.

06. Lund Genesis Elite Tri-Fold 2015-2018 Silverado & Sierra 2500 HD Waterproof Truck Bed Cover, 3500 & 2014-2018 Silverado & Sierra 1500  

Lund is a tri-fold truck bed that has numerous advantages. Furthermore, it has the feature to remove the over-sized vehicle and easily fold and squeeze in the smaller area when you no longer need it.Therefore, the cover is completely assembled, which means you don’t need the driller or any other additional tools.Well, their durable gear is not only available at a reasonable price but makes your truck look unique out on the street.

The front clamps that are attached to the bed rails offering maximum security are heavy.Furthermore, it is made from double-covered 24oz marine vinyl with aluminum powder. Furthermore, the covered powder gives a completion of tempered steel that is anything but difficult to introduce and is sturdy.Therefore, the pre-assembled crossbars help with a simple and advantageous establishment.

Furthermore, the tri-fold causes you to crease and press the truck cover when you needn't bother with it.The pre-amassed crossbars apply the low pressure. Therefore, the substantial braces in front connect with the bed rails, so it offers the most extreme security. What could compare to the security for any client?Additionally, the back locks joined to make it easy to get the truck bed in one quick advance. Thus, you don't have to experience a few problematic steps.

Highlighted Features

  • 5-bed length
  • Dodge Ram 1500
  • Ram Box
  • Tie Downs on each side
  • Trim on the frame
  • 1500 Classic Ram

07. Lund Genesis Elite Roll Up Waterproof Truck Bed Cover 2007-2018 Silverado & Sierra 1500, 2500 & 3500 HD

Lund Genesis Elite Roll Up Waterproof Truck Bed Cover

The Lund Genesis Elite truck cover is a safety soft truck cover that includes a creamy twill texture.Therefore, the uncommonly planned twill weave reflects this truck cover for all intents and purposes upkeep free. Cleaning this top-quality truck cover is not tedious.Furthermore, all you need to do is wash with cold water and keep it outside to dry.

The Genesis truck cover is the original structure that uses a licensed locking and inward strain control framework to advance the best tight.Hardcore snare and circle clasp have long side rails for a protected seal against residue and dampness.Therefore, this seal means these truck covers can withstand weather conditions. However, the cover moves up in a moment or two, enabling total access to the gear and truck bed.

Furthermore, the cover is pre-assembled, with all the necessary equipment, including substantial flexible clips and no-penetrate establishment.Moreover, the cover enhances your truck's general streamlined features or heavy-duty vehicle along these lines diminishing drag and expanding mileage when being used.The latching system installed in it quickly releases the bed access and rolls up in seconds.

Hook and loop designed in the truck cover control the internal tension to keep it secure.This cover's front and rear rubber seal design help protect it against dust and moisture, enhancing its durability.

Highlighted Features

  • Velcro Hook and Latch
  • Adjustable Clamps
  • Durable
  • Tear-Resistant
  • Easy Installation
  • Twill Weave Fabric

08. Roll-N-Lock Retractable 2014-2018 Silverado & Sierra 1500 Waterproof Truck Bed Cover

There are some opportunists out there looking for an opportunity to get money; for them, trucks are targets for theft.This Roll-N-Lock is an essential truck bed tonneau cover providing high-level security against theft or any other risk-prone to damage materials.This tonneau cover is designed with the state-of-the-art aluminum structure, which is further powder-coated, creating a hard and tough finish, backed by an exclusive hinge technology that offers a thick seam.

Therefore, these aluminum powder coated covers are also beneficial for providing a shield against your items'  harsh weather conditions.Just like three-fold tonneau covers, there are no bulky panels to fold, so this provides the utmost comfort and peace of mind.Furthermore, instead of a conveniently rolling cover integrated with a torsion spring drive housed in a 3" aluminum reel, you can roll it quickly to get a natural approach to items lying down there.

The patented Clamp-On track design of Retractable A-Series Truck Bed Tonneau Cover provides a more convenient installation that requires no drilling holes on trucks.What remains Aluminum's use when only a single sheet made of rubber is a shield between truck and thief items.This truck bed tonneau will guard all your items against razor-edged objects, promising an excellent standard security level for truck beds.

Highlighted Features

  • Roll-N-Lock that aids a high level of security
  • Powder-coated Aluminium body
  • Unique patented hinge technology
  • Torsion spring drive housed in a 3" aluminum reel.
  • No bulky panels to fold
  • It has a patented clamp-on track design.

09. TonnoMax  Tri-Fold Ford F-150 Supercrew Cab  Waterproof Truck Bed Cover

If you are looking for a cover for protecting your item during cargo, you have approached the best Tonneau Cover, its new in the market and is getting popular because of its unique features.First of all, it has a Soft Trifold bed design that you can fold multiple times in addition to the convenience of placing and removing items with comfort.You can take off the threefold tonneau cover in minutes because of its flexible design.

The threefold tonneau covers are from premium 2402 dual-coated leather Vinyl Polytene. Its constituent adds to the flexibility and softcover and provides high-quality protection to items against water.Transport of cargo during rainy days does not pose a problem due to this feature of tonneau covers; it also protects items against any moisture contact with items placed because of vinyl polytene as a chief makeup component.

The creative vinyl leather design on the cover has made it more eye-catching.The Epoxy coated Aluminium Framework provides hardness to cover that protects against theft and any weather.It also contains high-quality twisting locks that aids to a higher level of protection and the best quality metal made hinges for smooth folding.The easy installation of tonneau covers makes it more reliable for use ( does not need drilling). The items placed under it are more protected and assembled.

Highlighted Features

  • Soft trifold design
  • Trifold panels open in the same direction
  • 2-High quality protection to Cargo
  • Easy Installation
  • It comprises Premium 2402 dual-coated Leather Vinyl.
  • Contain Epoxy coated Aluminium Framework

10. BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding 2014-19 GM Silverado, Sierra Waterproof Truck Bed Cover

The aluminum feature adds to the durability factor of the cover. Compared to the other materials like vinyl, rubber, aluminum is more sturdy and provides more strength to the cover.Also, aluminum has a unique feature on exposure to air; it forms an outer covering of aluminum oxides that cover protection against rusting and corrosion.

The hard-folding truck bed tonneau cover comes with a Matte finish that provides scuff resistance against scratching and makes it more reliable.The makeup materials make it more UV-Resistant, thus protecting it against damage. It also protects cargo against snowfall, rain, moisture, hot weather.It contains a dual-action seal performance with a universal tailgate operation that adds to the convenience of placing the cover.

The MX4 feature provides full and easier access to items placed beneath the cover.It features a Clamp-On installation that requires no drilling. Provides access to third brake light when folded toward the cab — matte finish for an advance scratch that provides Scuff Resistance.Featured with Dual-action seal with tailgate helps in easy opening and closing cover.

Highlighted Features

  • The unique MX4 fold feature
  • Durable Aluminium Panel feature
  • Provides Premium UV-Resistance
  • Provides a full Truck Bed Access, allowing you to approach any item
  • Smooth and Glossy appearance
  • Provides a Clamp-On Installation that needs no drilling

Buyers Guide For Getting The Best Waterproof Truck Bed Cover

The truck bed covers are not an easy thing to buy. Therefore, their design suits the safety of the luggage at the back.  Therefore, it is essential to get the right ones of the proper size and the correct material.The reliability and durability also go side by side. The name of the brand also matters a great deal in this context. The buyers often come across slogans and attractive ads that are related to the truck bed covers.

Factors to consider while purchasing the truck bed covers

It is not a must that all these truck bed covers can be a great option. The points to ponder before buying the right truck bed covers are as follows:

The perfect size

The truck cover beds are of different sizes. It is possible to get the right size when you know the dimensions of the truck.If the bed's manufacturers have classified their products with the truck's model, it becomes straightforward to buy the perfect size cover for the truck.The perfect size means easy installation. If you are getting the bed cover online, then the responsibility increases many times. The dealer needs to get the proper dimensions.If you provide the wrong ones, there are few chances you will get the refund of the faulty sized bed cover as it has happened because of your fault.

The Major Types

The buyers have the option to choose between various types of truck bed covers.  The general classifications include tri-fold, roll-up, retractable, and then lift.The most popular options among these are the tri-fold and the roll-ups. The other two types are comparatively expensive and a problem for the budget.


The trifold models are an easy to store option. You can fold them thrice in different directions, making them easy to place in any compartment when not in use.Furthermore, if you decide to use this kind of bed cover, it is vital to unfold it until the last fold. It is a very sturdy and reliable style that can last longer than expected.

Roll up

If you want some perfection or ease in using the truck bed covers, then roll up models can work wonders.They are often fitted with the latch system that helps spread the cover to all the sides properly and without any space left behind. Once your job is complete, you can comfortably roll it up and store it.The only limitation associated with this is that they are not suitable for heavyweight luggage.There are manufactured out of flexible materials that are convenient to roll and store. The roll-up covers come in two further classifications.There are ones that are made out of the soft, the ones that are made out of the hard ones.The softer ones offer better flexibility. Therefore, they are easy to fold and stretch across the frame that is made out of aluminum.

best truck bed cover review

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The locking system

The covers must have a secure locking system. The variations in installation can be the reason for the choice.It requires a rail system you can fix with the interior of the truck. Some of the covers do not need the rails or the clamps, but they get set directly.The stake pockets can be of added advantage. The secure locks mean that the cover will not get blown away with the strong winds.It would also not allow the rain or the snow to pour in as the truck moved around. The more natural the locking system, the better the covers are.

The installation procedure

Installation of the truck bed covers is also a factor in determining the truck covers' purchasers. The users never want something that causes any challenge. The easier the installation, the preferred are the types.The buyers usually prefer the types that do not need any particular gadget or tool to install the truck cover bed.The covers that are fitted with the clamps are easy to install. Specific covers require drilling for the installation.The additional holes in the cover can damage the sheet's quality and may sometimes ultimately damage the cover. The best are the covers that have the latch system.

The cost

It is essential to understand how much you have and how much you can pay. Getting a cover beyond your budget can be a real problem.Furthermore, the type and characteristics of the truck cover bed determine the budget. The size and the material also determine the price of the bed cover.Therefore, there is no need to cross your financial constraints as this can be a real problem in the end. The ways the covers can operate also determine the price.Usually, the covers are huge and from stiff and sturdy materials. Therefore, they are more expensive than those made of flexible materials and smaller in size.

All-weather features

The cover's design is primarily for protection against rain or humidity. Furthermore, it would be best if you had them in all sorts of weather.Therefore, the covers need to be such that they support all kinds of weather, from extreme heat to extreme cold.Furthermore, the sheets that have hidden locking systems do not get rusted or dirty quickly.Finally, the areas that often witness heavy winds must get the covers that have the feature of minimizing the wind noise too.

Choosing the right brand

There are some manufacturers and brands available that create outstanding truck bed cover. However, the list is gradually increasing, but the reliability of the products is questionable.However, not all brands are reliable. Before looking for the right brand, make sure to go through the maximum reviews.Furthermore, the company’s performance is a must in this regard. The user comments and reviews are readily available on various sources.Just looking at the pictures, slogans, and discussions cannot make the difference.Therefore, take suggestions from the people around you who have used a particular brand.

Frequently Asked Questions About Truck Bed Covers (FAQ)

Why we need a truck bed cover?

As we know that trucks are great to hold tons of weight easily and save such things, we need to cover the truck as well, especially in the harsh weather like rain.So, having a truck bed cover can easily protect all the items you have in your truck bed and give them reliable security.These covers are available in a wide range, and you can also get one for yourself through many stores. These truck bed covers are made with solid material so that they can provide some excellent protection.

What are those Tonneau-type bed covers?

This type of cover is available in many styles and various materials.The most attractive feature of the tonneau type of covers is that they are also available in waterproof material.So, if you are going daily to different places where rain can occur, this type of truck bed cover material is the best choice for you.You can easily protect your items from rain and harsh dust as well. Thus, you should choose the cover wisely.

How to choose the best truck bed cover?

You can choose the truck bed cover according to your needs and routes to frequently take your trips.Also, the best cover would be the one made out of fiberglass material, as it will provide you with a solid grip and waterproof facility.Furthermore, it is essential to check out the material first and then rest the other things like weight, portability, durability, etc.Also, get the cover that suits your truck's design and match your truck bed's dimensions.

What are those retractable bed covers?

This type of bed cover is the perfect waterproof bed covers you can ever get.However, you'll undoubtedly spend a higher price than the consecutive or folding covers, but if you want to get the cover for the use of a lifetime, then this retractable would be the one for you.Retractable covers have a canister at the side of their front of the bed that further, the canister cover rolls up into.Therefore, these canisters also have trash tubes attached, so any liquid that gets in can quickly get out.

silverado truck bed cover

They have a locking system or not?

This level allows a high protection standard for valuables and comprises many covers, including those hard-rolling covers.therefore, you will get the locking system in those hard-folding covers, retractable covers, and yes, such heavy-duty covers will also be available with the locking system.Most perform in tandem with the help of a locking tailgate so that when you lock it, it will provide extra security to the truck.Furthermore, you will get many types of covers available with a locking system.

What is the actual name of truck bed covers?

They mostly and usually are called with the name of Tonneau covers.Furthermore, they are available as a form of a hard or even a soft cover that has the sole purpose of protecting additional passive passenger seats in a roadster and the cargo bed in a streetwalker truck.Usually, these hard tonneau covers open with the help of a hinge or even a kind of folding mechanism.Thus, soft covers can easily be open by just rolling up. However, they are primarily from sturdy material. They are also available in waterproof material.

How to install the truck bed cover?

Most tonneau covers come with less possibility of about an hour of installation. This installation can be done quickly with some standard tools.Therefore, you do not need to do drilling at all. You can install it with just tools, and that's it, you are good to go.However, this is also possible that some tonneau covers may come with a little bit of modification, for example, a retractable cover along with a liner plastic bed.So, choose the one which you think will demand little effort for the installation process.

What are the main types of truck covers?

There would be four types of truck covers are available, which give you reliable protection accordingly.1) Hard folding: This gives you a hard touch of folding and it comprises of a more rigid material.2) Roll up: they are available with the easy set-up, which means you can easily roll up the cover when you don't want to cover things.3) Retractable covers: they are mostly available with the locking system technology and comes with sturdy material to give you the perfect protection.4) Rack-integrated: Their frame is made of hard material but difficult to handle by a single person.

Why do I need a truck bed cover?

You will need one of them for your truck if you want safety and protection for your truck as well as the goods you are transporting.Furthermore, these covers design helps to give your truck some proper protection, and you can quickly drive through those harsh weather conditions.However, these covers are also available in different materials and with different styles. You can also get the one for you, which is waterproof, which means extra protection in rainy weather.

How much does it cost for a truck bed cover?

Well, it all depends on the material and the brand you get the cover of. Also, there would be types where the price limit depends. Some hardcovers are available with a price limit of $700.However, some of the covers are also available with a limit of $400. So, check the brand first, and then you can settle on the truck bed c price over.Also, the price would be related to the product's quality and features as well.Therefore, many factors vary the price, but you should purchase the one that suits your budget and not the brand.


However, if you think you have acquired the information you were seeking, it is the right time to get the cover you were looking for. Just having the truck is not the solution to several problems.Furthermore, the accessories need to be complete, as well. Secure traveling with secure luggage can assist you in transporting the most important things safely.Therefore,  truck bed covers bought with extreme vigilance and care can save you from plenty of problems. It is part and parcel of the truck. It not merely covers the goods but also ensures many benefits too, including energy saving.

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