Brake caliper covers (Comprehensive Guide)

Most people do not know what brake caliper covers are, so when a conversation about brake calipers comes up, don't feel weird if you cannot contribute much to it. Brake calipers are an important feature in cars that help bring your car to a stop when you step on your brake.

This article will help shed more light on the topic of brake calipers and brake caliper covers. Here we will be discussing the importance of this silent part that helps stop your car from an easy and seamless action.

A brake caliper comprises your car's brake pad and piston, and their main job is to help bring your car wheels to a stop by creating friction with the brake rotors. The brake caliper fits tightly on the wheel rotors causing it to stop when you hit the brakes. Inside each is a pair of metal plates called brake pads.

Brake caliper cover

Like most metals, brake calipers can be affected by weather and moisture, and they begin to rust and leak and give off annoying squeaky sounds. When you notice that your brake caliper shows any of these effects, it's time to change your brake caliper. But before that, you can take steps to help prevent your brake calipers from getting spoilt. A good step to take is getting brake caliper covers installed to help protect your brake calipers.

Brake caliper cover

Brake caliper covers

Brake caliper covers are small plastic covers that can be placed on your brake caliper to prevent it from getting spoilt easily. They are covers that you can have fixed into your car wheels yourself without going to the auto repair shop (but if you have no previous knowledge of how to fix it, you are advised to have a professional install them for you).

Plastic covers can offer a vibrant, eye-catching pop of color behind all four wheels. They comprise High-heat silicone and will protect your brake caliper from high temperatures and melting.

They will not oxidize or discolor with age, and they are long-lasting and durable. Priced, custom-fit aluminum caliper covers will be considerably more costly, but you will certainly get what you pay for. MGP is a renowned caliper cover maker with a reputation well-earned and well-deserved. Their calipers consist of aircraft-grade aluminum and are designed to fit only one type of brake caliper.

Cost of brake caliper covers

The cost of brake caliper covers depends on the manufacturer and the quality of the covers you want to get. Below are some brake caliper covers for some cars .Many brake caliper cover manufacturers offer a large range of caliper covers that you can purchase according to your budget.

One essential thing to consider when purchasing a brake caliper cover is to get one that fits your wheel properly and one of at least standard quality. The cost to install the caliper cover does not exceed $100- $200 as it is easy to install, and the only real job is to remove the wheels. It can take just around 15 minutes to mount the caliper covers and take off the wheels, which takes about 45 minutes in total.

Places you can install a caliper cover

One of the major concerns of people who are not conversant with car parts and repairs is: "Where do we go to install our brake caliper covers? Small tire shops or auto body shops stand as the best places to get your caliper covers installed. You can look up some nearby auto shops on Google and call ahead to see how much they can charge to install brake caliper covers.

Are brake caliper covers safe?

Brake caliper covers

Over time, your brake calipers become worn down and look bad on your car. One of the most frequently asked questions about brake caliper covers is, "Are brake caliper covers safe?" The simplest answer is yes. They are safe as long as they are the right size for your car. Manufacturers designed them to fit nicely over your calipers to cover up any unsightly appearance. The biggest safety issue remains improper fit.

Not purchasing covers that fit your exact car model can interfere with the wheel. Also, if you purchase calipers not made from quality materials, it can pose a risk to your vehicle.

Caliper covers vs. caliper paints

Caliper covers redirect the brake dust from your brake pads to the back of your car. They help keep the wheels of your car free of brake dust. Calipers dissipate heat and boost braking efficiency from your brakes. They're also easier to install than paint caliper covers and having them reduces the risk of paint job imperfections.

A good brake caliper cover is more expensive compared to having your caliper painted. When you think about the caliper cover's durability, the amount used in purchasing one will not be something to freight over. On average, caliper paint would last you four to six years. While a good caliper cover will last at least seven years and more.

Ease of Installation

Brake caliper covers installation

Brake caliper paint needs a very detailed dis-assembly and cleaning job to produce the best results and, at the very least, careful preparation of the wheel well for a stand-in-place paint job. Brake caliper covers enable you to remove your wheels and put the covers in place using some traditional hand instruments. Caliper covers winning here, hands-down.


Brake caliper covers are essential for protecting the brake caliper of your car. They are easy to install, help prevent spoiling, and also help to make the job of the brake caliper easy. However, they may seem expensive in some cases, the benefits of having them installed by far outweigh the cost.

Experts generally advise that your brake caliper's best and safest protective cover is a brake caliper cover. There are a wide variety of manufacturers to choose from when deciding to buy a brake caliper cover. It is important to note that, aside from keeping you safe while driving, they also have aesthetic values because of the vibrant colors some have (note that it is discreet and cannot be easily seen).

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