Best Car Bumper Guards: Buyer Reviews 2023

Getting a car bumper guard is more affordable than you having to replace your car's bumper a few times a year. There is always a possibility that your bumper will get hit or scratched, especially if you live in an urban city like New York City. Car bumper guards are not the most attractive of accessories that can be added to a car but is better to have them than having a bumper maimed by dents and scratches.

What is a Bumper Guard?

bumper guard

A bumper guard is a layer of protection that helps to protect your vehicle from being dented or scratched when it's lightly bumped into either during motion or in a parking lot. Car bumper guards are easy to install and are not expensive. So, if you wish to keep your car’s bumper in excellent condition, check out for the best bumper guard reviews to discover the best one for your car.

Best Bumper Guards for Your Car

Below is a list of different bumper guards you can get for your car.

Bumper Thumper

Bumper Thumper

This bumper brand is very easy to use. It is the best front bumper guard that offers maximum protection from any dents and scrapes that may occur during parking. This stainless steel material is very strong and can be used under any climatic conditions, as it will never rust. Bumper Thumper bumper guard is designed to complement any vehicle model. It does not require any special materials or tools for installation and can also be removed anytime.


Brand- Luv-Tap

Model- Bumper Thumper

Weight- 1.1 lbs


  • Suitable for all kinds of weather.
  • It is made from strong stainless steel.


  • Its heavy-duty look is not made for everyone.

Bumper Butler

Bumper Butler

The Bumper Butler is a rear car bumper guard that is not as thick as the other rear bumper guards. It is built to be a universal fit product that will provide sufficient coverage for any vehicle rear bumper. This bumper guard is very easy to install and will fit almost any kind of sedan vehicle.

Bumper Butler bumper guards have hooks and straps that are adjustable to the inside of your trunk. This product from the FH group is built from a long-lasting, patented, and durable rubber. It also has a safety reflector that increases visibility for other vehicles that are parking behind it.


Brand- FH Group Bumper Butler

Model- F16408

Weight- 2.95 lbs


  • It is affordable.
  • Very easy to install.


  • It does not provide enough car parking impact coverage.
  • Can only be used when the vehicle is parked.



BumperX is a huge band-aid for your vehicle's rear bumper that you can peel and stick on. The product is built to cover ugly blemishes on a vehicle's rear bumper. It is made from an ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber that is resistant to washes, snow, rain, and UV rays.

BumperX bumper guard and protector make use of a rare 3M adhesive to glue on a vehicle's paint without ruining it. Installation of this bumper guard is easy.


Brand- BumperX

Model- 18881

Weight- 1.1 lbs


  • It is used to cover up existing damage.
  • Requires no maintenance.


  • It may require that you cut it to fit some particular vehicles.
  • Does not offer heavy-duty coverage or protection.

Types of Car Bumper Guards

Types of Car Bumper Guard

One thing to keep in mind is that there are several different types of car bumper guards. Keep reading to find out which are those!


This type of bumper guard is fastened to your bumper with adhesive. Though the adhesive is very strong, it can be removed when you no longer need it. This type of car bumper guard can be used on the entire bumper or the bumper's corners. One disadvantage of this type of bumper is that as time goes on they tend to become unattractive.


This type of bumper guards stays out of sight until your car is parked. It is simply removed from your car and flipped down over the bumper. When you are about to drive away, then you can return it inside the car. Its disadvantage is that it doesn't protect your car that moment you're trying to park it.

License plate-mounted

A license plate bumper guard is normally very heavy and installed directly on your car's license plate. They are very easy to install on the license plate's frame space but they offer no protection to the corners of your vehicle's bumpers.


This is the best bumper guard for SUVs.  It mounts on a truck to protect the rear bumper. This type of car bumper guard is easy to install and also easy to remove. However, for you to use them, you need to have a receiver hitch. They are also not very attractive.

Protective film

Protective film helps to preserve the look of your vehicle's bumper. It is built to prevent paint scratches but not to prevent dents. The film is usually unseen and can be cut into your vehicle's size. Keep in mind that you should also take care of the interior of your car. That's why it is always better to have a cover for your steering wheel than not. Here you will find out reviews of the best steering wheel covers.

Benefits of Bumper Guards

bumper guard benefits

Buying a car bumper guard is a worthy investment for several reasons; some of these reasons are:

  1. It prevents dents and scrapes

The best car bumper guard will protect your car from getting scratchedhed, scraped, and dented by another car when parking. They also possess excellent qualities of impact absorption.

  1. Park worry-free

If you have challenges with parking or are scared somebody else might accidentally hit your car on the street or in a parking lot, the use of a car bumper guard will free you of all worries.

  1. Save money

Mending a beat-up bumper can be expensive. You can avoid costly repairs by getting a full bumper protector.

  1. It helps to maintain your vehicle’s resale value

If you eventually choose to sell your car, the resale value will be high if the bumper is in very good condition than when it is marked with dents and dings. Besides bumper guards, there are other accessories that help to maintain the resale value of your vehicle. You can check out these accessories here.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Car Bumper Guard

bumper guards factors

Before getting a car bumper guard you should always take certain factors into considerations. Here are the most important ones:


A good car bumper guard will cushion your car from light impact when you park it. Moreover, when deciding how to protect your vehicle's bumper, it's crucial to consider the product's thickness. The thicker the product, the more protection it will provide. Thinner products may prevent scrapes and dings, but a car bumper guard made of thicker material can prevent stronger damage.


An excellent front and rear bumper guards come in varieties of designs, shapes, and sizes. Larger ones tend to provide more protection but are not very attractive. Smaller car bumper guards may not be noticeable, but they won't be as helpful in preventing damage to your car.

Ease of use

Stick-on car bumper guards are very easy to install because you simply have to peel off the adhesive and glue the guard onto your car. Hitch-mounted and license plate guards take a little more effort to install. As for trunk-mounted car bumper guards, you need to put them in place every time you park your vehicle and then put them back in the trunk when you are about to drive away.

Final Thoughts

Car bumper guards are important for your vehicle. They help to prevent your vehicle from dents and scrapes and also helps to maintain the high value of your vehicle when you decide to sell it. There are several kinds of car bumper guard brands you can choose to use for your vehicle.

It is important you select one that will suit your vehicle. Factors like thickness, style, and ease of application should be considered when you want to get a bumper guard for your car.

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