Car tires are some of the most important parts of the vehicle. They are the only car parts between the vehicle and the road. Or in other words, the car tires are the only car parts that come into direct contact with the surface of the road.

Beyond everything, car tires play an indispensable role in terms of safety, a smooth ride, and fuel economy. So let's learn more about it!

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Why Is It Important To Have Right Information About Tires?

It has been noticed that the majority of the drivers possess little information about tires. This is not exactly something they should be proud of because having knowing less about something would ultimately make you take the wrong decisions.

In order to purchase the perfect tires for your car, it is important to have the right information about the car tires. You don't need to worry about that at all. This comprehensive article would help you with that. So, without further ado, let's dive into it!

The Importance of Car Tires

A tire’s importance can be explained by its connection with the road’s hard surface and carrying the heavy load of a vehicle on it. People buying a vehicle seem more concerned about a model, design, colors, performance packages, and other things.

However, the car tires are also super important.Truly speaking, people do not pay attention to vehicle tires while purchasing a car because they don't realize their importance. Bad-quality tires can easily leave you in the middle of the road. You wouldn't want that, right?Well to avoid that, here are some things to have in mind:

Car Tires Need Regular Maintenance

The car tires need to be checked regularly after their purchase because there are a few necessary things to be inspected repeatedly. The air pressure, tread depth, wear, or any signs of damage, etc., should be checked. Having tire repair kit like this one can be super useful as it can help you fix punctures and plug flats. A car tire’s wear and tear is a normal thing when driving. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on any such thing causing unevenness in the tire.

This is why the maintenance of a car tire is so important. It can help avoid any unwanted situations and keep its high-performance. Learn more on how to take a proper care of your tires in our guide here.

It is necessary to carry out tire inspections regularly in order to spot the possible issues immediately. Check out this video to see how you can do that:

Car Tire Alignment

The tire alignment, especially placement, should be checked as well. Steering balance can be affected due to unbalanced tires. This wheel alignment tool might be beneficial for you. The tire's age and how much it is used must be checked after every six months. It is significantly important as using old tires may not be good for your car. Also, if you plan to replace your car tires, make sure to buy tires that are of great quality.

Car Tire Parts

Car tire

Knowing the parts of a tire and how they all work together is super important. Why? Because in case of an emergency you might check which one has failed and needs a fix. Here are the parts of which a car tire is made of:

The Bead

bead tire

The bead essentially provides the tire a high-strength to remain seated on the wheel rim. It also helps manage the forces exerted by tire mounting machines. The tire bead being the edge of a tire, sits on the wheel.This is held in the grove of a wheel using air pressure. Moreover, the drivers need to check the bead regularly because it can get frozen due to corrosion.

The Body

body tire

The body of a car tire is also called piles as it is made of many layers of different fabrics. The polyester cord is a common ply fabric used in it. The piles of its body are covered with rubber to keep them fixed with the other parts.The car tires have two body piles. These piles show the tire’s strength. The higher the number of the piles, the more strength they have. The commercial jetliners with more than 30 piles are a good example.

The Sidewall

The sidewall is also an important component of a tire, providing lateral stability and protection to the body piles. This is helpful in increasing lateral stability. Learn more about the sidewall of the tire here.

The Tread

The Sidewall tire

The tire tread is basically a rubber on the tire's circumference.  The tread is made of a mixture of different types of synthetic and natural rubbers. The two are assembled at the tire manufacturing machine. After this process, the tires are given size and shape. The tire is called a green tire at this stage because it still does not have a tread pattern. After that, the green tire is passed through a curing machine. All of the markings and the tractions patterns are molded there. At the final stage, all of the components are heated, and the manufacturing of the tire is completed.

The Sidewall and the Numbers

Sidewall And The Numbers

We can see some small print on the sidewall part of the car tire such as P, LT, T, 235, R, D, B, AA, A, B, C, etc. To read and understand these small prints on the tire sidewall, we need to know about them. The “P” shows that the tire is a passenger vehicle tire. LT and T depict the light truck and temporary designations, respectively. The tire width is indicated by 235 which indicates the millimeters from sidewall to sidewall.

The Aspect Ratio

The tire’s height is marked by the aspect ratio measured from the bead to the top of the tread. It is important to highlight here that high-performance tires often have a lower aspect ratio than other tires. In fact, the tires with the lower aspect ratio are regarded better in lateral stability. The “R” shows the radial construction. D, B designates diagonal bias and bias-belted construction.

UTQG Rating

In addition to these marks or prints, you can also find UTQG ratings on the tires. They are determined by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Uniform tire quality grading (UTQG) of a tire describes tread wear, traction, and temperature. Besides, you can also see the service description on the sidewall of a car tire. These are of two types such as load rating and speed rating. The “S” depicts the tire can manage to speed up to some certain mph.

Types of Car Tire

weather conditions while driving

There are various types of car tires used for different purposes. We will list a few of them so you will get an idea of when and how they are used. You can check these out and identify which ones are the best for you.

Bias Ply Car Tire

Bias Ply Car Tire

Bias-ply tires are recognized by their construction and pattern. They are commonly known as cross-ply tires. They have cords running diagonally at an angle of 35 to 45 degrees. Each additional ply is set at a distinct angle to make a cross design looking in a typical pattern underneath the thread. If you want a smoother ride on rugged roads, you should get bias-ply tires. They are quite useful for uneven and rough pavement. However, it has less traction and reduced control at an accelerated speed. If you are looking for reliable, durable, affordable bias-ply tires, have a look at these three brands:

Belted Bias Car Tire

Belted Bias Car Tire

As its name suggests, these belted bias tires are chiefly cross-ply tires. Fiberglass belts or steel belts are put on them in construction. It enhances the rigidity and firmness in respect of the tread. Subsequently, these added belts diminish the rolling resistance like the traditional bias-ply tires. If you compare the belted bias tires with the original bias tire, you would know that both are manufactured in the same manner.

They become distinct from each other when the bias piles are layered. These car tires are popular with those who like to drive classic cars and also for those who keep the equipment closer to the original touch and look. If you prefer these bias-belted tires, you will have to maintain them properly for optimal utility. In this regard, you should be checking its air pressure regularly. It would help you keep it well-maintained. Speaking of car tire pressure, check out our other blog post that covers that topic in more details.

In addition to its air pressure, you better examine tread wear, sidewall deterioration, or shoulder damage, if any. If you are looking for a belted bias tire, have a look at the following brands:

Radials Car Tire

Radials Car Tire

Radial tires are regarded as the most popular and top-rated in the tires industry. It is due to their remarkable characteristics. They are known for offering great safety, reliability, stability, maneuverability, and durability.Undoubtedly, people are purchasing other types of car tires. However, the radial tires have proved and excelled in safety and comfort options. These tires are manufactured with parallel cords almost perpendicular to the tread. The following radical tire brands are considered to be some of the best:

Different Styles of Car Tire

While shopping for your car tire, you may come across different terms used by manufacturers regarding the styles of car tires. However, it is up to your preference and choices to select a tire suitable for particular conditions of your whereabouts and locations. Oh and don't forget to check out our new tire buying guide here.

It is important to comprehend the most talked-about terms while purchasing a car tire. Following are some common terms that you might encounter:

High-Performance Car Tire

High-Performance Car Tire

The term high-performance is usually used for sporty car tires driving at higher speeds. These high-performance tires are designed with a softer rubber tread in order to improve traction while turning or cornering. This category’s treads possess shallower grooves for the rain. It might affect their performance. Moreover, the softer treads generally provide a shorter life to a tire. At times these are known as “summer” car tires.

All-Season Car Tire

All-Season Car Tire

Car tire also comes in all-year-round designs. These types of a car tire functions in all-season. They not only perform in winter and summer weather but also on snow-covered pavement. The all-season car tire offers great performance regardless of the weather condition. So if you are looking to get this type of tires, check out Bridgestone. It is one of the best brands offering all-season tires. Their tires ensure a quiet ride and durability. They perform in different weather conditions all-year-round.

All-Terrain Car Tire

All-Terrain Car Tire

Vehicles like light trucks, SUVs, and many other types of vehicles that go through rough roads or even off-road should use all-terrain car tires. The sidewalls of the all-terrain tires are generally stiffer in order to provide enhanced safety against issues like punctures, for example.Moreover, the tread patterns are often spaced much wider than the ones on an all-season tire.

It helps in getting rid of gravel, water, or mud. If you are exploring the best all-terrain tires for your car, you should definitely have a look at BFGoodrich tires such as this one.

Snow Car Tire

vehicle in snow

If you are living in a cold snowy place then the snow tires would be suitable for your car. The tread of the snow tires is designed to help tires shed mud, snow, and water. However, keep in mind that these tires are inappropriate for dry and warm pavement. If you are searching for snow tires, Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 that you can find here are definitely a great option.Speaking of snow tires, you can also buy snow chains here. In some countries they are even mandatory in during winter.

Spare Car Tire

mini spare tire

A spare tire is an extra tire that is used as a replacement. The spare tire should always be identical to the other tires of your vehicle. If your car is not that big you can also get a mini-spare (also known as donut tire) which is only used temporarily. However, always remember that it is better to carry a full-sized spare tire because it functions like other car tires. In addition, there are also other types of spare tires that you might encounter such as full-size matching, full-size non-matching, full-size temporary, and compact temporary folding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.What is a tire pressure monitoring system (TMPS)?

Answer: You need to know your car tire air pressure in order to inspect the condition of your tire. To know this the tire pressure which is monitored using an electronic system to get an alert. This electronic system is known as a "Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems" (TMPS).

Q.What is the recommended tire pressure?

Answer: You can find some necessary information on the driver’s door side. Use air pressure as written on it, but never diverge from the given air pressure limit.

Q.What is rolling resistance of tires?

Answer: It is the energy or the force that the vehicle needs to send to the tires so they can move at a consistent speed.

Q.What is speed rating?

Answer: The tire’s speed rating shows the speed range at which the tire carries a load.

Q.When to change a car tire?

Answer: As a precautionary measure, you should change your car tire after 10 years.

Q.Why the spare tire should be a full-size matching tire?

Answer: Full-size matching tire will maintain the aesthetics of the vehicle. Additionally, it will save you some money and time from going to a mechanics shop later on in case you decide to use a mini spare tire. Mini spare tire is only a temporarily solution because you can't drive 50 mph and more than 50 miles with such a tire.

Q.Why does my tire wear quickly?

Answer: There are many things that can contribute to a tire wear. Some of them are improper inflation, worn vehicle parts, poor driving conditions, etc. All of the previously mentioned things may lead to tire wear and tear.