Different Types of Engine Oil

In this article, we discuss different types of engine oil to know for better performance. There are a lot of things that have to be put in place to make sure the car works perfectly. You can tell that even after having your car cleaned to sparkle, you still need to be sure you have all the internal systems working.

You need to have the fuel tank filled, check to see if there is enough water in the radiator, and more importantly, check to see if there is oil in the vehicle.The engine oil plays an important role in keeping the engine working efficiently. Never make it a habit for the engine oil in your car to finish off before you replace it.When it comes to using engine oil in your car, you don’t just use anyone; you should choose the one suitable for the type of car you use, and other factors.

Different Types of Engine Oil/ Motor Oil

Apart from the engine oil is the major factor, other factors like the climate, your lifestyle, and sometimes the age of your car or engine.There are majorly four ways types of engine oil that you can use for your car. We will give you the details of each of the oil so you can know which to select.

01. Synthetic Blend Engine Oil

This is the oil that has a blend of both synthetic and conventional oils mixed in a balanced way. It is particularly excellent for providing extra resistance to oxidation. It provides even more resistance compared to conventional oil.If you live in areas that have a low temperature, then this is the best oil to be used for your car engine.

With this type of oil, you can easily change your car oil from conventional to synthetic blend or even synthetic oil without causing any damage whatsoever.This oil is fast gaining grounds amongst many drivers, and car owners. It is ideal and doesn’t have issues on the cars they are used.You should check your car manual, or the manufacturer’s details to know if your car can work well with this type of oil.

If you want an added advantage from the oil after using synthetic oil, you can use the synthetic blend too.Synthetic oils are quite expensive compared to these oils, but they offer you the best in terms of use, and application. They are very friendly with your engines.

02. Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

The fully synthetic engine oil is the best type of engine oil you should use if your car is one that demands a very high level of performance, and also require a very high amount of lubrication.The oil provides very high viscosity which means they are very thick and can work well in keeping the engine lubricated. They equally have very solid oxidation resistance and an efficient thermal breakdown. As an added advantage, when you purchase a synthetic oil, you get a good value on your fuel consumption as well.

The engine drag is reduced a great deal, and this gives way to the increment if your car’s horsepower.You also need to check your manual or the manufacturer’s instructions on whether this oil is ideal for your car. The reason is, so you don’t end up giving to your car what is not meant for it.The fully synthetic engine oils are more expensive than regular oils, but they are worth it.If you live in a place that experiences a lot of cold, then you need to get this oil for your engine. If you also use your car for some precision work, like towing, then this oil will be useful for you.

03. High Mileage Engine Oil

The name of this oil should give you a clue to its function. This type of engine oil is ideal for cars that have over 75000 miles average distance covered.The oil is made specially to help reduce the rate of oil consumption in your car. Remember from the beginning of the article, we spoke about different factors affecting the type of oil you need to use.

Well, if you have an old engine, then this is the best type of oil that would work on your car and would help reduce the number of emissions and fumes from your exhaust.It is also ideal for reducing oil seepage and leaks too. You should know that these types of engine oil are not made purely, but they come with carefully selected additives that can are balanced to make it efficient for the types of cars we have described.

Added to their use is the high viscosity they possess.This helps to improve the performance of your engine, and also helps to make the operations smoother than how it used to be.So if you have a car that fits the descriptions above, you should strongly consider getting the high mileage oil.

04. Conventional Engine Oil

This is another type of engine oil that works very efficiently in lower temperatures. They are regarded as the engine oil of modern cars.Most cars that are made now use this oil. And if you have a brand new car, it is very safe to use this type of oil on them.You should also understand that this oil is available in more than one viscosity, which means you get to choose the thickness of the oil.

The available standard types are the 5W-20 oil, the 5W-30 oil, and the 10w-30 oil. Any of the three can be used. They are made for almost any type of car you see on the road these days.

If you have a very simple engine and have a normal driving lifestyle, then you can get this oil. It is not meant for more severe engines, and are used for precision and high impact tasks.So, for cars having a very low mileage from 1000 miles, can use this oil because they are made like that. Ideally, you should be able to change the car oil once your indicator tells you your oil is due, never ignore this indicator.Now that you have a better knowledge of these types of engine oils, you can use them to guide the type of oil you need to buy for your engine.

Do not be moved by the fact that others are buying a certain type of oil. Put the factors we have spoken into consideration before you run along to buy the oil that you want to.Make sure always to see the specification of oil that is mentioned by your manual or the manufacturer.Also be sure to be on the lookout for when there is an oil cluster, and when you have to change your car oil. You don’t want your car engine knocking itself out.


You should be aware that there are times where you will have to change the type of car oil you use.For example, if you used to use conventional oil, because your car was brand new, after hitting over 75000 miles, then you should be able to know that it is time for you to switch to a new type of oil.Some additives can be added to help improve performance, but they should only be recommended by an expert. Doing it yourself might land you into problems.

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