Ford 3 5L Ecoboost Engine Problems

All vehicles have their own issues – but when it comes to Ford 3.5L Ecoboost engine problems, it can be a bit tricky to manage. That is why we have put together this useful list so that you can quickly and easily manage these hiccups and be back on the road in no time.

Since the problems range from wear and tear (happens to everyone) to temperature-related issues, we have designed this list to help you pinpoint the issues and quickly access a helpful solution. Sometimes you need a mechanic, but if you can fix the issue on your own – why not try? Often, it is easier than you think to either prevent or fix the issue.So, read on and acquaint yourself with these often-seen problems and find out the tried and true methods used by Ford owners everywhere to keep their trucks humming smoothly.

The Frequent Causes of Ford 3.5L Ecoboost Engine Problems

1) Engine Shuddering

It’s no secret that one of the most common Ford 3.5L Ecoboost engine is the often-ominous shuddering of the engine. When you are cruising down the road, the last thing that you want is to feel shaking and quaking coming from under the hood.

Some quick information on this tricky problem is the fact that, more often than not, it happens in humid areas.Basically, this means that if there is a significant amount of water vapor floating in the air near your engine, there is a good chance that you will encounter this issue.But there is always water around, and since engines are hot places, it is (more often than not) found as steam. Because of this, the issue itself can be tricky to avoid.

So, what happens when this issue presents?

Some important things to know are:

  • In the best-case scenario, the truck shakes around, and in the worst cases of the issue the vehicle’s system loses all power, and the truck just stops working. Since the power is pretty essential to vehicle operation, this is a fairly noteworthy concern.
  • Now, while Ford works behind the scenes on finding a long-term solution to this issue, there are some prophylactic steps you can take to prevent it from happening.
  • While these steps may not reduce the problem out entirely, they will mitigate the effects of the concerns and make it so that even if the issue arises, it won’t be as severe or last as long.
  • It is best to employ savvy car storage. If you park your truck indoors, then invest in a dehumidifier to keep the water out of the air surrounding the vehicle during its downtime. This prevents unwanted water particles from entering the system while it is not running. Rainy day? Spring for indoor parking. Driving through a hot and humid stretch of road. Pullover for a quick couple of minutes and give your truck some breathing room. You will be surprised to see how much benefit this can offer.
  • Stay ahead of the technology curve by keeping a keen eye out for new developments since Ford is almost always ahead of the curve. Whether you live in a really wet area or park your car in a damp garage, you are not immune to this problem.
  • Since most Ford sales are in North America, some areas bode better than others.
  • Chances are, if you are in Arizona, the issue will be less significant than if you are driving in the Florida Keys. Nonetheless, since water is all around, all trucks of this type are vulnerable so it is important to stay updated.

2) Power Loss

Ford 3.5L Ecoboost engine problems are common, and none more so than the power loss that plagues most of these trucks.This resulted in Ford coming out with countless (or at least more than 5) updates to the system. Since companies tend to only step in and create a fix when a lot of buyers notice the issue, it is safe to say that this is a super common problem amongst Ford 3.5L Ecoboost drivers.

What do you need to know about this issue?

  • The experts are working on it with diligent patches. Now, to be fair, the repairs done by Ford central were not multiple generations (meaning they haven’t updated versions of themselves). Instead, these tweaks ranged from the ignition to transmission, shifting to vacuum.
  • While it is great that there are solutions to all of these issues, it also serves to highlight the potential for damage to these parts. Since the engine (and the truck as a whole (is a series of interrelated parts, when one doesn’t work, you can be facing a whole host of issues. The biggest of these concerns is when they all unite to create the perfect engine storm.
  • When you are facing this issue, take a peek under the hood and cross-reference what you see against the most recently updated Ford products. For this, you can check their website pretty easily or take a look at one of the handy links on this site for quick reference.
  • When it comes to sensitive parts, it is best to find a part that is made to match the needs of the vehicle exactly. The fixes put out by Ford are specifically made to address these problems and keep your vehicle in the best possible shape. To stay ahead of the curve, keep yourself apprised of these updates.
  • Of course, up until now, we have been discussing pieces and parts and, since we live in the modern-day, it is not only the hardware that we battle but the software as well. If you are a high tech DIYer, then you likely have the newest technology and can just plug the system in to see what is going on.
  • If not, then you may want to outsource this next task to a mechanic. A good trick for dealing with professionals is to get all the information you can and then find out what you can do on your own time and your own dime.

3) Turbocharging Issues

The true Catch 22 of the turbo engine is that while it can add a great amount of value, it also has the tendency to overheat and cave under stress. This also a cause of Ford 3.5L Ecoboost Engine Problems.Now, chances are you do not drag race on a daily basis, so it is more common for you to see this sort of wear and tear on a vehicle during challenging terrain.

This means that when you are going up and down hills and traversing challenging roads, it is easy to overstress the engine.All vehicles can overheat, but this engine is particularly sensitive to the effects. This means that when the gauge gets too hot, pull over and give it a minute – it will serve you in the long run.

What do you need to know?

  • Firstly, a critical component to avoiding (and mending) this issue is proper fluid upkeep. Of course, every car owner knows the true value of an oil change on their beloved vehicles.
  • That said, with busy schedules, it can be quite simple to forget (or procrastinate) this extremely necessary step in vehicle maintenance. One of the best ways to avoid this issue altogether is to conduct regular oil changes with high-quality oil (usually synthetic and treated).
  • Another issue that can result from the turbocharging nature of the Ford 3.5L Ecoboost engine system is to wear and tear on the chain. Oil helps this ever-moving part stay strong but everything from use to weather impacts its tensile strength and ability to withstand.
  • When the chain stretches and degrades, a lot of other issues can ensue. Sometimes this means that you need to replace the chain altogether, and other times it is as simple as changing up the oil.
  • Keep a keen eye on this part so that you are able to know (ahead of time) if a problem is around the corner. Pay extra attention after challenging journeys.

4) Tricky Ignitions

Ford 3.5L Ecoboost Engine Problems are not hard to track down, but knowing why and how they happen can make the whole difference in the long and short term. You have probably encountered (or know someone who has) the misfiring problems of these engines.

Now, thankfully, there is a way to troubleshoot this issue without hunting down a mechanic. In a few simple steps, you will be merrily on your way.

  • First, find somewhere that you have space to work, undisturbed for a couple of hours. Next, ready your tools for the next step in the process. The most important part is to pull out all the plugs from the system.
  • This can be a bit tedious, but the best thing to do if you have any concerns is to consult the user manual and make sure to hunt down all of the pieces and make sure you get them all.
  • The next is to remove all of the coil boots and peek around for any carbon markings on them. If there isn’t (though chances are that there will be some) simply clean them off and replace them.
  • The cleaning process can help the connection stay strong and kick the can of the proverbial issue down the road further.
  • In the event that there are any markings, replace those individual parts. They are pretty easy to access from both retail stores and online, meaning your vehicle won’t have too much downtime and you can save your pocketbook a hefty cost.

5) Induction Issues

There are some really great aspects to carbon (it is one of the building blocks of organic life). That said, it also has a lot of downsides, especially when it comes to trucks.This buildup can cause a lot of problems for Ford 3.5L engines and result in a wide range of issues for these trucks and their engines. Even when the deposits are small, they still can cause a whole whack of problems (even more so when they go unaddressed).

What you can do?

  • The best thing that you can do to solve this is to take preventative action to fight this issue before it starts. When it comes to your inductor, one of the best things you can do is to get a cleaner that you apply right into the intake and makes sure that the system gets a thorough cleaning from the inside out.
  • Another good measure to take is to get high-quality fuel. When you cheap out on such an important part of the machine, it is the equivalent of drinking dirty water every day.
  • Fuels are critical to the function of your truck and are imperative to keeping the automobile clean and healthy. Take measures by springing for the extra fuel (it will save you n the long run).
  • Now, if this doesn’t work or still comes up short, the next thing that you will need to do is to look for the more modern parts. In this case, it can be helpful to run by a dealership and look into the new calibrations designed to reduce the amount of chemical steam getting into the system.

Final Notes on Ford 3.5L Ecoboost Engine Problems

In short, these trucks make great companions. Though they are prone to some engine issues, what vehicle is without its quirks?Basically, if you stay up to date with modern fixes, both in hardware and software, no matter what Ford 3.5L Ecoboost engine problem you come across, there is a solution.The best thing to remember is that this engine is sensitive.

If you feel like the scenario may be too extreme for your truck – it likely is. They don’t do well in extreme heat or cold and tend towards issues in humid environments.Also, the wear and tear that you can do to this engine are arguably very easy to induct (and thus is easy to cause induction issues). In essence, try to take it easy on this truck, especially when it comes to weather and heavy-duty driving.

The great news is that an engine is not the whole of the vehicle, and as a whole, the truck is a tough piece of machinery that is great for hauling cargo and getting you around.And, even when the issues do come up, as you can see in this article and the handy online tutorials, the issues aren’t beyond repair.So, as long as you take care of the truck with routine maintenance and replace any needed parts as they wear down, your truck will have a long and healthy life.

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