If you’re experiencing an issue with your ford escape problems, know that you’re not alone. There are many other people who are facing Ford Escape problems.Perhaps you’re planning to get started in Ford’s Escape world, it’s advisable you take a snap look at the common ford escape problems explained in this post.That will afford you the opportunity of learning about the deficiency of the vehicle and making a solid buying decision. As Ford escape users, take your time to read through this article.

Ford Escape Problems & Quick Solutions

Be informed that common Ford escape problem include the following :

  • Rattle Noise
  • Knocking
  • Transmission issue
  • Engine shutting down
  • Electrical issue
  • Gear issue


Ford's escape is an SUV vehicle of our century. Unfortunately, it’s not without its challenges. Most of the SUV car users are heavily lodging complaints about intermittent and frequent noises.According to users, the rattling often evolves from the vehicles' gas tank, rear, or suspension. Hearing a slosh or clunk sound while driving is really annoying.It can signal danger and get one disorganized throughout the trip. In the 2017 model, the chances are that the rattles evolve somewhere around 35-40 MPH.Common areas of this issue include:

  1. Lower ball joint
  2. Outer tie rods
  3. Worn mounting hardware of a brake caliper
  4. Deteriorated rubber exhaust hanger
  5. Loose heat shields

There can also be noise from under the vehicle body. It can be sounding clunky while you’re either accelerating or decelerating. That issue is because of the right Front Axle shaft support whose bearing has been loosened within its bracket.Also, it’s likely because the bracket and axle shaft bearing have been damaged.

Consider replacing the RF axle shaft assembly as well as the bracket and strap to overcome the challenge.Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics in a Youtube post found another source for Ford Escape rattling noise. While diagnosing a Ford Escape 2015 model, the expert identified the wheel part as the source of the issue.

Specifically, the noise emanated from the harmonic balancer. Unfortunately, no precise solution was given.If yours also emanate from those areas, it’s recommended you contact Ford’s specialists around you. They should be of good help in such a situation.You can also watch the video below to fix the rattling noise coming from the front end.

Perhaps the noise is coming from the back-end. Check the trunk. There is a Do-It-yourself approach to resolve such an issue.Here is a simple step to follow :

  1. Buy a sponge from an auto store near you
  2. Cut it into 3 pieces
  3. Place each of the sponge somewhere around the gap of the trunk.

That should be a good fix.


Have you ever pondered on the cause of this issue?Why do I hear a knocking sound when I start my car? is a common question from Ford escape users.Truth be told, if you hear a knocking sound around your SUV car engine, there is a problem. Indeed, there are carbon build-ups, bad spark plugs, and even wrong fuel octane in your engine.

Having fuel with a low octane rating can cause knocking in your vehicle. Such a scenario limits your car engine ability to resist any early detonation of the air-fuel mixture in your engine.Also, the presence of carbon deposits reduces the efficient burning of fuel in your vehicle.Those deposits often form on your vehicles’ spark plugs and valves.

Specifically, the deposits form on any elements involved in your vehicle combustion process.In that regard, the cylinder becomes a house for the carbons and further causes more compression. Anytime there is increased compression, a knocking sound will occur. Furthermore, using spark plugs other than the one recommended by Ford is dangerous.

The chances are that those plugs may not fit correctly into the combustion chamber.In such a scenario, there will be a spark plug gap. Thus, a lesser spark becomes prominent, and knocking sound evolves.Can the knocking sound be fixed? Yes, the solutions depend on the cause of your Ford knocking issue.

Steps to resolve Ford’s knocking sound issue

  1. Visit an auto-part store near you
  2. Depending on the issue source, buy fuel injector cleaner, octane booster or right spark plug
  3. Then replace it with the existing one.

It’s much recommended to consult a professional for replacement.


Transmission issue in form can evolve as fluid leakages, shifting issue, and ultimately transmission failureTransmission fluid leakages are another common Ford escape problem. Anytime you notice a reddish-brown fluid underneath your car, know that your Ford escape has leakage issues. Such an issue is a direct result of a broken gasket.

Furthermore, you can blame the problem on the bearing leak.Aside from the transmission fluid leak, your Ford escape can also develop a shifting issue. This is most likely caused by worn-out drive shaft joints of the vehicle. Also, when the transmission fluid of your vehicle is at a lower level, the issue can become prominent.An advanced problem is transmission failure.

This issue often manifests when the vehicle transmission fails to shift correctly into the gear. It can cause your Ford’s escape control module to malfunction.Another popular problem reported attributable to Ford Escape transmission is a cooler failure. When the vehicle covers average kilometers of 73,000, its transmission cooler is bound to malfunction.

Based on consumer surveys, Ford may, or may not, replace the necessary parts free of charge. For the resolution of this cooler failure matter, it’s important you see a Ford expert around you.

How to resolve the Ford Escape transmission issue

Step 1

First of all, look underneath your vehicle engine to check for any fluid droppings. In most cases, the fluid will be a reddish-brown color.If you can find something of such on the ground, it’s advisable you consider a replacement for your vehicle’s faulty gasket. There is no doubt about it; you will need to replace that part to resolve the problem.

Step 2

If your vehicle shift fails to reverse, you need to consider working on :

  1. Shaft’s joints
  2. Transmission fluid levels

For the transmission fluid level, endeavor to use the vehicle dipstick to confirm the fluid level. The stick is normally found around the top of the engine bay.Once you do that, you should see where the fluid lines on the dipstick markings.

If it’s rated low, consider topping the transmission fluid.In a situation where the transmission fluid is at the right level, it’s recommended for you to work on a driveshaft joint. A possible solution is a replacement.You will need to replace the shaft. This scenario often requires the help of a professional. At this stage, you will need to consult the service of an expert for replacement.


Of course, Ford escape is known to have such an issue.  Its engine can shut down when one is driving at a higher speed. Also, it’s prone to developing failed personal control module issue.If the rough engine idleness came while the car is at a static state, that could still be better. But having it shut down on speed isn’t good at all. Any such a circumstance happen, some of the things s to suspect include :

  1. Rear shocks and struts
  2. Pedal sticking.

A common solution to this Ford escape problem include :

  1. a replacement of the personal control module
  2. a replacement of spark plugs and coils.
  3. Since Ford escape rear struts are vulnerable to rust, you will need to rebuild them.

You will need to consult a professional technician to have this issue resolved.


The Ford Escape is also known for developing an electrical problem. This problem can range from having a faulty control module, spark plugs to damaged cylinders, and coils.Of course, this problem will leave you without any choice. Since there is a loss of power, the vehicle can’t move an inch. One poor thing about this issue is that it evolves without any warning sign.But if it happens, you can first resolve to change the Ford Escape plug. Perhaps the electrical issue persists, it’s recommended you consult reputable technicians.


When Ford escape develops a gear issue, you’re most likely to experience :

  1. Hard Shifts or No Gear Engagement
  2. Slipping Between Gears or Shuddering

Hard Shifts or No Gear Engagement

Whenever your Ford escape is slamming into gear or even if it fails to enter a gear, you should note that you’re experiencing a popular Ford escape problem. Typically, it’s a transmission issue.The challenge often comes from the pressure regulator valve that is faulty. Anytime this part fails to start, the vehicle computing system will increase line pressure. This, therefore, causes shifting.As a result, the clutch drums got damage and further cause a no gear engagement.To increase your vehicle fluid pressure control, you can choose to install upgraded servos, a PR recalibration kit, a modified PR valve, and updated bushings.

Slipping Between Gears or Shuddering

Many Ford Escape owners may encounter a shudder or shake while they are at low speeds.Also, the issue occurs when there is no overdrive or even any slipping between gears. A faulty torque converter can be blamed for this issue.

How to Solve the Ford Escape Transmission Problems

Solution A: Purchase a Used Ford Escape Transmission

This solution is a cheaper way to have your Ford escape back on the road. All you needed to do is to visit a junkyard and purchase the transmission engine.What is uncertain about this solution is the reliability of the transmission you’re buying.The purchase transmission might have the same issue the one you’re trying to replace has. For a good fix, it’s better to consider one that has a warranty.

Solution B: Purchase a Rebuilt Ford Escape Transmission

Here is a safer approach to solving your transmission issue. You can contact a transmission shop or mechanic for the rebuilding job. The rebuild can ensure you get an accurate fit for your vehicle issue.Note that if there is an issue with other parts, you won’t have a choice than to pay for it. So, ensure you are prepared for such circumstances.

Solution C: Purchase a Remanufactured Ford Escape Transmission

If you intend to use the Ford escape for a long duration, you’re likely to be looking for a reliable solution. It’s better you go for a remanufactured Ford escape solution.Such remanufacture ensures you get a solution that overrides the factory flaws. There will be attention to detail and precision in the design. So, this option is more recommended.

The Conclusion of Ford Escape Problems

Ford Escape is a vehicle purposely made to celebrate humanity’s good fortune. Good folks in America appreciate this vehicle for its elegance and engine configuration.Though its first-generation were quite smaller, they feature a sound V6 powerplant. The second generation of Ford escape models, which came into existence in 2008, is the best bet for anyone’s money.

Their 4-speed automatic Ford CD4E transmission works well in any situation. But as their time and mileage exceed some range, the chances are that the vehicle will start giving up some issue.If you intend to use the vehicle for its average lifetime or can afford it maintenance, it’s a good buy for you. Every vehicle has its challenges, so there is no point underrating the vehicle because of the earlier stated flaws.

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