How Safe Is Ford F-150: Complete Guide

How safe is the Ford f-150? This is a question that a lot of automotive enthusiasts may ask. In order to check out whether a Ford f-150 is safe or not, it is important to discuss its safety features.

It is also vital to analyze all of those safety features that will further help determine the level of safety a Ford f-150 offers. So, without wasting any more seconds, let's dive into our blog post and find out how safe Ford F-150 is!

Why Ford Is So Popular?

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Before we could even start our discussion about how safe is Ford F-150, it would be better to talk a little bit about the brand. Ford is a renowned American automaker. The main headquarters of Ford is located in the U.S state of Michigan.

Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford. Since then, it has been producing top-notch vehicles in the United States and has gained tremendous popularity.

Though Ford does not produce vehicles outside the United States, the brand has somehow gained popularity in other parts of the world. In fact, there is a huge international demand for Ford vehicles, such as its trucks.

Many people around the globe import Ford trucks and are willing to pay a hefty amount of money. The best one being the Ford F series. It has been a super hit for Ford, and many people around the globe prefer the Ford F series over its other counterparts.

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More About Ford F-150 2021

ford f-150 2021

Ford f-150, as mentioned above as well, is a famous series of trucks by Ford. According to the official Ford website, the vehicle will be available in summer 2021, and people are now going bananas. Though there is a lot to talk about the new ford 2021 model, this article would only focus on its safety features.

As per the brand, the new Ford will be tougher than ever. It simply implies that the new Ford f-150 2021 model will be equipped with highly advanced safety features. It will provide the type of safety one can expect from Ford vehicles. As far as the new model's prices are concerned, it will vary from one type to another.

You can expect the new prices to be in the range of $29,000 - $71,000. The cheapest one is the XL version, whereas the most expensive one being the limited version. According to Ford's official site, the XL, XLT, and Lariat are the versions that come under $50,000.

On the other hand, versions such as King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited have a price tag of over $50,000. However, Ford offers you the option of finance and lease as well so that you can get your hands on the vehicle without spending a huge sum in one go. Before moving on, make sure to check out which are the best lift kits for F-150 here.

How Safe is Ford f-150 2021?

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Ford vehicles have always been considered one of the safest trucks to drive in the United States or any other country. It is because of their strong built quality and excellent safety features. It can also be deemed as a USP for Ford vehicles.

One of the essential pieces of safety equipment in a vehicle is an airbag. Ford f-150 2021 has excellent airbags for both, the passengers and the drivers. Along with that, it also features side curtain airbags for better safety of the passengers.

There are some advanced features available with the Ford f-150 2021 that very few vehicles have. There are features such as Active Drive Assist and Active Park Assist 2.0. In addition to this, there are a few other amazing features such as:

  • Curve Control
  • Rearview camera along with a Dynamic Hitch Assist
  • Immobilizer
  • Side impact bars
  • Approach lights
  • Monitoring system for tire pressure
  • AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control
  • Seat-belt pre-tensioners

These phenomenal features are what make the 2021 model stand out among other competitors. Along with that, not just the exterior of the Ford f-150 2021 is strong, but its interior is also considered of top-notch quality.

In addition to these features, a few key features further make the Ford f-150 2021 a reliable and safe vehicle. Let's discuss these in detail. Before we move on, you may like to visit this link. Here you will get a premier quality wheel trim cover for your Ford f-150 2021.

Ford f-150 2021 Key Safety Features

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According to the aforementioned details, there is a fantastic list of advanced security features that the Ford f-150 2021 has. However, four key safety features are the most prominent.

AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control

The main function of this safety feature of the Ford f-150 2021 is to bring two gyroscopic sensors into effect when the vehicle turns to the corner at a greater speed. It measures the turning rate, and the truck rolls to maintain its balance while it is on the road.

In addition to this, AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control feature has the ability to apply the brakes automatically or even adjust the engine of the vehicle.

This is helpful in those situations where the truck is not able to maintain its position. On the other hand, this feature helps the truck get balanced and settle in one place. If you are interested in knowing which are the best car tires for Ford F-150, click here.

Automatic Braking

Automatic braking is essential for every vehicle. However, every vehicle does not have this type of feature installed. Thankfully, the Ford f-150 2021 model has one has got this fantastic feature. As its name suggests, this feature automatically enables your vehicle's braking system in a situation where there is a need to bring the car to a halt.

This can be super useful and could prevent a car accident even if the driver falls asleep, or another vehicle or a pedestrian suddenly gets on the road. It is basically an active crash avoidance technology. This type of technology makes use of various sensors that can help in detecting and identifying other vehicles.

Other types of equipment that are used in this technology are radar, cameras, and LIDARS. If you want to buy high-quality disc brake pad sets, make sure to click here.

Pre-collision Assist along with the Automatic Emergency Braking

This safety feature works to alert the driver about certain dangers, such as a collision. It first scans the route and then notifies the driver about a possible accident or crash that may occur. This feature automatically enables the emergency brakes in case the driver does not pay heed to the warning.

It can be useful in those situations where a person is talking on a phone and does not see the warning. Though this feature will save the driver from an accident, we definitely do not recommend using your phone while you are driving.

Rear View Camera with Dynamic Hitch Assist

Have you ever confronted an issue while parking your car in a spot with very little space? Now, with Ford f-150 2021 model, you won't face this problem. It is because of the Rear View Camera feature that enables you to see the spot clearly.

In addition to this, you also get a dynamic hitch assist feature. It allows you to easily attach the trailer to your Ford f-150. As its name suggests, this feature assists you in hitching the trailer by offering proper instructions that allow your toe hook to align with the trailer perfectly.

Are Other Ford F-150 Models Safe?

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The previous paragraph was particularly about the safety features of the 2021 model of Ford F-150. However, now the big question is whether the other models are safe or not? The simple answer is "yes"!

The majority of the safety features that we have discussed above are included in the previous years' models as well. If we talk about the 2020 model, it had safety features such as a Rearview camera with Dynamic Hitch Assist and AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control.

As far as the 2019 model is concerned, it has safety features such as SOS Post-Crash Alert System, Dual-stage Front Airbags for driver and right-front passenger, and various other phenomenal features. By analyzing all of the advanced safety features, we can say that undoubtedly, the Ford f-150 is one of the safest vehicles to drive.

A person who is concerned about the safety of himself and his loved ones must consider purchasing the Ford f-150 vehicle. If you can't wait for the 2021 model, you can buy the previous ones that would provide the same excellent experience. By the way, check out our other blog post that covers the best car wax products here.


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All in all, it is quite clear now that Ford f-150's safety is second to none as it provides a huge safety that every driver would need. Moreover, it is not just the safety features but other additional features as well that make it a top-class vehicle to drive.

We hope you got the information you were in search of. If you want to read more on similar types of topics, make sure to explore our other related articles. Have a good day ahead!

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