Ford MyKey: Everything You Should Know

Since its inception and subsequent releases, the Ford MyKey system has gained a lot of attention. It is one of the innovations that came from Ford after the Way Forward Strategy was put into place and was put in motion. If you would like to learn more about Ford MyKey, then just keep reading!

MyKey Basics (Overview)

Ford MyKey Overview

MyKey permits you to program keys with restricted vehicle modes that facilitate good driving habits. All except one of your keys can be configured in a restricted mode.The admin keys or administrator keys are the ones that are un-configured or un-programmed. These keys (admin or administrator keys) can be used to:

  • Generate a MyKey
  • Configure programmable MyKey settings
  • Wipe off all MyKey features

Once a MyKey has been created, you can make use of the displayed information to determine:

  • The entire distance covered by your vehicle with a MyKey
  • How many MyKeys and admin keys are configured to your vehicle

A few extra tips that will assist you to quickly set up your Ford Mykey include:

  • The vehicle must be switched on to configure a MyKey.
  • All MyKeys are configured to the same settings. They cannot be configured individually.
  • When switching on a vehicle that is equipped with a push-button start, it defers to the admin remote transmitter's settings when both an admin remote transmitter and a MyKey remote transmitter are present.

Non-configurable Settings

Problems with Ford F-150 GPS system

Once you've enabled a MyKey, it will contain the following MyKey settings (default) which cannot be regulated by the admin key.

  • When the passenger's front seat safety belts are not fastened, the car's audio system will mute and the safety belt reminder will be automatically turned on.
  • The low charge or low fuel warning signal would have activated earlier. This will give the MyKey user additional time to recharge or refuel.
  • If the driver assistance features are equipped on your car, they will be forced on. These features may include BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) with Cross-Traffic Alert.
  • If your car is furnished with satellite radio, constraints on adult content will be automatically turned on.

Configurable Settings

MyKey configuration

With an administrator or admin key, you can program other MyKey settings after first creating a MyKey and before you use either of the keys to restart the car. The admin key can also be used to change the initial setup settings.

  • A car's speed limit can be set. A display showing warnings will come up and then an audible tone will follow when the driver reaches the set speed limit. The Mykey driver will not be capable of overriding the set speed limit by using cruise control or pressing the accelerating pedal.
  • Also, you can set several car speed reminders. When you set speed reminders, the speed will be displayed and an audible tone will follow whenever the MyKey driver exceeds the speed you selected.
  • The car's audio system can be set only to a maximum of 45% volume. An attempt to exceed the volume limit by the MyKey driver will prompt a display message. The speed-compensated or speed-sensitive automated volume control will also be muted.
  • You can allow the always-on setting for traction control or Advance Trac, Emergency Assist, or 911 Assist, or the do not disturb feature if your car is furnished with these features. When always on is activated for these features, the MyKey driver will not be able to switch them off.

Note: Do not activate a MyKey maximum speed limit to one that will deter the Mykey driver from sustaining a safe speed about the posted speed limits and existing road conditions. The driver is responsible for driving in accord with the local laws and current conditions. Failure to do this could result in an injury or an accident. Check out which are the best tires for Ford F-150 here.

Ford MyKey Features

Ford MyKey features

The Ford MyKey features enable you to be able to configure one or more of your Ford keys so you can regulate your car’s safety settings, even when you are not behind the wheel.

These features will allow you to set your vehicle’s maximum speed, seatbelt alerts, and volume limit. The MyKey system has four (4) main features. Besides these features, there are other safety functions. The four primary features are:

The Belt Minder

This MyKey feature provides effectively a 6 seconds reminder chime every 30 seconds and mutes the car’s audio system until the occupants in the front seat fasten their safety belts.

Top Speed Settings

Making use of Mykey, a car's speed can be restricted to four different settings. These settings are: 105kph, 115kph, 120kph, and 128kph. With these speed settings, active chimes will give a sound at 70kph, 85kph, and 105kph.When it is activated, the teenage driver won't be able to press the accelerating pedal.

They can press the pedal as much as they want but the speed settings would prevent the car from increasing its speed. What this means is that the vehicle will not reach the speed they want no matter how hard they press the acceleration pedal.When the speed limit is activated, the cruise control is also restricted from overriding the maximum speed limit set.

Screening Radio Content

Any radio station the Sirius Satellite Radio label as 'explicit' can be blocked by the Mykey system, preventing drivers from listening to them. The total speaker system volume can also be limited to up to 45 percent of the maximum volume.

Earlier Low Fuel Warning

This MyKey feature will help young drivers pay attention to their ever-reducing fuel tank. A warning is presented at 3.14 L/100km to empty, contrary to the standard warning of 4.7 L/100km to empty.

How to Configure the MyKey System

Ford MyKey programming

Configuring the MyKey system is very easy, even for those who are not technically minded. By making use of the 3 steps below, you will quickly be able to configure or reconfigure your MyKey as you'd want it.

  • Select which of the two keys your new car came with that will be the MyKey, and which one will be the administrator key.
  • Inject the MyKey into the appropriate fob slot, and then tap through the message center, making use of the steering wheel regulators until the MyKey section is reached.
  • Heed to the instructions on the screen and select the options you’d like. When the MyKey is set up, just turn them off the engine and remove the key fob. The key should now be configured.

You can read more about the Ford MyKey here.

How to Disable MyKey

Disable MyKey

There is no guarantee that everyone will like the MyKey system; for people who don’t like it, there’s no need to be forced into using it. Thankfully, the process of disabling the MyKey system is very simple. Disabling the system is simple, just like setting it up is.

The steps below will enable you to return your Mykey to its default settings.

First step: Access the main menu with your Mykey inserted in the ignition.

Second step: Select "menu" and then Mykey.

Third step: Scroll down to the option "Clear Mykey" and press Ok.

Fourth step: Hold down the “OK button” until you see the "All Mykey Cleared" message displayed on the screen.

Note: The admin key will be needed to return the MyKey to its default settings.If you would like to learn how to program a Ford key by yourself, click here.

How to Check the MyKey System Status

How to Check the MyKey System Status

You can check information on configured MyKey(s) by making use of the information display controls on the steering wheel. To locate information on configured MyKey(s), use the steps below.

First step: Press the left arrow button to enter the main menu.

Second step: Go to Settings and press the “OK” button.

Third step: Choose MyKey and press the “OK” button.The next step after following the above steps is to choose any of the following options.

  1. MyKey Dist

This feature tracks the distance traveled when drivers are making use of MyKey. The amassed distance can only be cleared with an admin key.

  1. MyKeys

It reveals the number of MyKeys that are configured to your car. This feature can assist you in remembering the numbers of MyKeys you have created for your car and also help you to determine if a MyKey has been cleared and returned to the admin status.

  1. Admin Keys

It indicates the number of admin keys that are configured to your car. This feature can assist you in remembering how many accessible keys you have for your car and also help you to determine if an extra MyKey has been configured.

Using MyKey with Remote Start Systems

Using MyKey with Remote Start Systems

The MyKey system is not compatible with a non-Ford authorized aftermarket remote start system. If you decide to install a remote start system, see or contact an approved dealer for a Ford-authorized remote start system.

You can see your car’s owner guide for more information about using MyKey with aftermarket systems. If you want to learn more on how to use the remote start feature on Ford F-150, check out our other blog post here.

MyKey Troubleshooting

Some problems may prevent you from performing certain MyKey functions. Have a look at these problems and the potential causes in the table below:ProblemPotential CausesYou are not able to create a MyKey.

  • The transmitter or key used in starting your vehicle may not have admin privileges.
  • The transmitter or key used in starting your vehicle may be the only admin key.

You are not able to program the configurable settings.

  • No MyKeys are created.
  • The transmitter or key used in starting your vehicle may not have admin privileges.

You are not able to clear the MyKeys.

  • No MyKeys are created.
  • The transmitter or key used in starting your vehicle may not have admin privileges.

You lost a keyConfigure a spare key.You lost the only admin keyGet a new key from an approved dealer.The MyKey distances do not accumulate

  • An admin key may have been used in clearing the MyKeys and also creating new MyKeys.
  • The key system may have been reset.
  • The MyKey user may not be using the MyKey.

The MyKey does not work with the keyless entry transmitter

  • No MyKeys are created.
  • An admin transmitter is present when starting the vehicle.

Final Thoughts

The MyKey system is designed to monitor and guide young or inexperienced drivers on the road. It is a system that is built to minimize road accidents caused by negligence or carelessness.Hopefully, this blog post helped you to learn more about Ford MyKey system!

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