Gas vs Electric Pressure Washer

Gas vs electric pressure washer; which is the best? Most of us take pride in our cars and will have to make it continue to look as good as possible. There are many ways to keep your car clean, but for this buyer’s guide, we will be talking about pressure washers. Pressure washers are an excellent way to wash your car with less effort.

You don’t have to apply all your energy, all you need is a good car washing soap and an excellent pressure washer to complete the equation, and you will have your car looking fresh and sparkling.Now that you have decided to purchase a pressure worker, there are a few things you need to know. There are two types of pressure workers.

The gas and the electric washers are the two types.You can choose any of the two depending on what you are looking for and the resources available to you if you are confused as to which of the two you should choose.You can follow our guide in knowing the most suitable pressure washer that suits both your pocket and your lifestyle. Please find below the comparison between both.

Gas VS Electric Pressure Washer

Starting with The Obvious: The Designs

We will be starting with the very first thing you can see on the pressure washer even before you start them, and use them. There is a clear difference between both of them once it comes to design.

Electric Pressure washers

The electric pressure washers are of far lesser quality when it comes to components, compared to the gas washers.Notwithstanding, the electric washers also have some manufacturers that make good quality, but they cannot be compared to the gas pressure washers.Anyway, the components of the electric pressure washers are good enough for home use.They are not suited for industrial use. If it’s you and your children, in the garage having a cleaning time, then you can expect its design to last you very much.The electric washers have designs that come mostly with plastic. Since they will be used for simple use, they are meant to be suited for simple things.

Gas Pressure Washers

This type of pressure washer is more suited for industrial use. They are excellent for use in commercial places and can last for a very long time.The components with which they are made are very durable, but this makes it a little more expensive than the electric pressure washer.They feature a very good engine, with an equally good and long-lasting chassis. Most of them also come with two or four wheels protected against puncture.A general design that distinguishes the gas pressure from the electric is their powder-coated steel.


Practicality talks about the use case of the two pressure washers. There are certain use cases that one wins over the other, and other cases where both of them have a fairly equal amount of operation.In terms of size, we can say that electric pressure gas has a better advantage of size compared to the gas washers. They are light, small, and can be moved around more easily.

Most people who have an electric washer have it for personal use and want something they can move around easily.The gas pressure washers, on the other hand, are heavier, bulkier, and need a bit of effort to be moved around. Since they do not need to be moved close to a source of electricity, they can be stationed in one position while they are started.

When it comes to how to power on the pressure washers, the win goes to the electric washer.The electric washers are very easy to start, all you need to do is to move them close to a source of electricity, and when you touch a button to automatically start them, and turn them off in the same manner.The Gas pressure washers on the hand have manual starters. On a good day where you don’t have the patience to pull the starter, you might have a bit of a problem getting your gas pressure washer to work.

When it comes actually to work, the gas washers produce more fumes than you can imagine. These fumes can cause serious health issues if they are used for home use rather than the expected outdoor use. doesn’t count because the fumes escape into the air when they are used outdoors.The electric washers, on the other hand, are excellent at producing no form of harmful fumes. They are very eco-friendly and can be used with a breeze. You do not need to worry about health issues with the electric pressure washers.

Power Ratings

The power rating is something else you should consider when you are talking about what you want to use it for. Ideally, the most you can get out of an electric pressure washer is nothing more than 2000 PSI.That is because you can only hope to get that much power coming from a 15 amps electrical motor.You should also note that you can get different motors of the electric pressure washers.

There a regular motors, and there are induction motors, that have the mechanism to cool off the engine by circulating cool water around it before it sends it out through the hose.The gas pressure washers are more than the electrical washers in terms of power rating.The lowest gas design carries more than the highest electrical washer. The lowest models are somewhere between 2000 – 2500 PSI. Other designs have as high as 2800 PSI.You can also get some for up to 4000 PSI.

It might also come to you as a shock to see that there are massive industrial gas pressure washers that have ratings of up to 7000 PSI, but they are suited for professionals.There are some designs you should look out for. Apart from buying one of the two of them. There are some hybrid designs of pressure washers that combine the power and functionality of both.They equally use diesel, some kerosene. They can be used to heat the water before they are applied on the surface.

From the comparison made above, we cannot say for sure which is good or bad. Each user is entitled to their own opinion and can choose what they feel is most suitable for them.As you can see, either of them wins at some point in terms of use, while the other loses, and vice versa. It all depends on what you want to use the pressure washers for.Ideally, the gas pressure washers are the types that are always used whenever a major cleaning is meant to be done.

They are dragged out and use to do a complete cleaning.The electric washers, on the other hand, are the everyday use type. They are brought out every week or every other week to be used to clean.They are easier to be used and can get faulty faster. Remember that you should be well aware of the type of car you want to use it to wash before purchase. Do not be moved by the beauty or all the specifications you see.Be more purpose-driven in your pursuit. But from all indications, if you are looking for something smart, lightweight, easy to use, and portable, your best bet would be electric. Most homes have both of them in-store, and they are used periodically.


When major cleanings are needed, you can use the gas washers. If you have a car wash company and need something to wash the cars, then you can consider getting the gas models because they last longer and are made with durable materials.Or you can buy both if you need to be up and about with your job.

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