How Long Does a Ford Fusion Last? (Detailed Explanation)

In this article, we will try to find the answer to a very popular question "How long do Ford Fusions last?" Keep in mind that, Ford Fusions are well known for their comfort and economy.

Smooth ride experience, spacious cabin, ratability, and good mileage are some of the key features of Ford Fusion cars which make them a good choice especially if you are looking for an affordable car. So let's get rolling and find out how long they usually last!

How long Ford Fusions last?

Ford Fusion

Being one of the affordable cars present in the market Ford Fusions do come with some issue which may impact the service life of the car. However, it mostly depends on the maintenance of the car.On average a well-maintained Ford Fusion can last more than 200,000 miles. And if driving around12,000 miles per year then a Ford Fusion can last for about 17 years if maintained well.

How to maintain your Ford Fusion?

To make your Ford Fusion last long you have to check and maintain it properly. This includes not only periodic maintenance procedures by your local Ford service providers but daily checks as well which can be done by you.Some of the things you must do to keep your car well maintained are:

  • Oil change: Change lubricant oil after every 5000 miles on road. In time oil change will increase your engine’s service life and will give you a smooth ride experience every time.
  • Transmission Fluid: To keep the car in good shape change the transmission fluid every 25,000. Transmission oil prevents wear and tear of the gearbox so its periodic change will keep the gearbox working for a longer time.
  • Filters change: Change cabin air filter after every 15,000 miles and engine air filters after 15,000-25,000 miles. You may need to change them early depending on your environmental conditions. Driving in desert and sandy areas may force you to change them early and therefore you should consult your local Ford service provider for a better change schedule.
  • Tires: Change tires at once on any sign of wear and even if there is no visible wear you should change them after every 6 years.

Keep in mind that if you notice any fault your priority should be to repair it immediately. Timely repairs not only save you from larger and expensive repairs later on but also help to increase your car's life. Common faults which may occur are leaks, cracks, irregular sound, overheating, shaking, and difficulty in starting.

Learn from Ford Communities

There are many Ford communities and forums online where you can get answers to your problems. There you can learn from the experience of other customers and you might learn a trick or two which may help you maintain your vehicle. In addition, you can check our other blog posts that talk about Ford. By the way, if you would like to learn more about Ford Fusion from our experts, click here.

How to Avoid Rusting in Ford Fusion Cars?

Rusting in Ford Fusion Cars

From customer's complaints on Ford Forums, it can be inferred that Ford Fusion cars may show rusting problems after 3-5 years of their production. Cases of rusting on door panels and trunk lids have been reported.2018 Ford Fusion users have complaints about rust in exhaust pipe while some 2017 model users complained about bubbles formed under paint near driver door seam.

How To Stop Rusting?

An excellent product to stop and prevent rusting is to use RUST CURE FORMULA 3000. It comes in the form of aerosol cans and can be easily applied to cracks, seams, and other hidden areas in your car. Its dissolves and remove rust and provides a lubricating film that prevents rusting. You can purchase it here.

Solution of Transmission Shifting Problems

Solution of Transmission Shifting Problems

Owners of 2006 and later Fusion models have complained about shifting of automatic transmission onRepairPal. The shifting problem includes slow shifting, hard shifting, hash shifting.

The cost of repair of these problems varies and depends on the cause and extent of the problem. The repairs may include software upgrades, replacement of valve body, or a complete rebuild of transmission.

It's important to note that before doing any sort of component repair you should get your TCM (transmission control module) software updated from your local Ford dealer and reset your transmission learning values.

Most of the time this fixes the transmission shifting problems. Remember that you should also take care of your Ford Fusion's interior, so have a look at the best car floor mats here.

How to Avoid Swollen Lug Nuts?

Rusting lug nuts

Several customers have reported the problem of swollen lug nuts. Although it does not directly affects the fusion or your personnel safety but it can give a hard time especially when opening them. It occurs due to their design flaw.

These nuts have a steel core covered with an aluminum casing. Salt on-road rust the steel core but the aluminum body doesn’t allow the rust product to disperse which ultimately leads to the accumulation of rust and swelling of nuts. These nuts can give you a tough time when you try to open them with the tools provided to you by Ford.

Right now the only solution to avoid this problem is to check the nuts and replace them in time. You should have spare nuts all the time so you can change the swollen nuts immediately so you may not have to face trouble while removing them later on.If you need to purchase new ones, you can do it here: You can learn to remove them by watching this video:

Service Life Of Particular Ford Fusion's Part

Individual car parts service life indeed can contribute to the overall service life of the car. Here you will find the service life of individual car parts of the Ford Fusion model:

Brake Service Life: Ford claims that Fusion's brakes should last 30,000-50,000 miles. Customers have also claimed the brakes to last up to 55,000 miles. However, their service life greatly depends on your driving habits, road conditions, and terrain.

Hybrid Batteries Life: On average ford, batteries have an average life of 80,000 miles. However, by proper maintenance, you can extend their life up to 100,000 miles. You can learn more about Ford Fusion's battery life here.

Spark Plugs Life: Mostly platinum and iridium sparks are used in Ford Fusions and they have a service life of about 100,000 miles.

Service Life of Ford Fusion and Similar Car Models: Comparison

Ford Fusion is often compared to other similar car models. Honda Accord, Hyundai Sonata, and Mazda6 are the most common models that people usually compare with Ford Fusion. Let's see why is that.

Ford Fusion vs. Honda Accord

Ford Fusion vs. Honda Accord

Ford Fusion is cheaper compared to Honda Accord but when it comes to maintenance costs it's much cheaper to maintain a Honda Accord compared to Ford Fusion. Accord’s accessories and spare parts are cheaper compare to those of Ford. So in the long term, Honda Accord beats Fusion when it comes to reliability and operational cost.

Ford Fusion vs. Hyundai Sonata

Ford Fusion vs. Hyundai Sonata

Both cars have a service life of 200,000 miles. However, Hyundai Sonata has greater mileage and is more fuel-efficient. Per gallon fuel, the distance coverage of Hyundai Sonata is 25 city miles while that of Ford Fusion is 23 city miles.

Like Ford Fusion, Hyundai Sonata has also complained of rust after 3 years of its production. Unlike Ford, Hyundai offers a free repair for rust issues while Ford users don’t get free repair work to deal with chrome-related rust issues.

Ford Fusion vs. Mazda6

Ford Fusion vs. Mazda6

The service life of Mazda6 is longer than that of Ford Fusion. Compared to Fusion’s 200,000 miles Mazda6 can go up to 250,000 miles. However, user experience tells that Mazda6 can develop faults early as compared to Fusion.

Faults may appear in Mazda6 as early as 55,000 miles while Fusions can go up to 100,000 miles before showing the first fault. But once faults begin to appear in Fusion they become frequent and costly than Mazda6.Therefore annual maintenance and operational cost of Fusion is much more than Mazda6.

Ford Fusion: Frequently Asked Question

How much is the cost of Ford Fusion?

Insurance rates depend on the type of insurance, level of coverage, state of residence, driving record, experience, and other factors. On average insurance rates are $ 124 per month or $ 1,492 per year.

Does Ford Fusion is costly to maintain?

So on average Ford Fusion are more costly to maintain as compared to cars of similar models. Ford Fusion repairs are more frequent and expensive. The average maintenance cost of other cars of similar models is about $526 while for Ford Fusions it can go up to $582.

Is Ford Fusion a reliable car?

Despite high maintenance costs, Ford Fusion is pretty much reliable. It can withstand tough driving conditions. Its customers are satisfied with its performance in tough driving conditions and have praised its smooth and comfortable ride.

Customers complained of leakages and creaks but it was after the car has reached 100,000 miles and many of them were false alarms. So Ford Fusion might have some problems but it’s a pretty good bargain when it comes to reliability and economy.

Is Ford Fusion safe?

Ford Fusion Crash

Fusion has all the standard active safety measures like driver and passengers airbags, back view camera. It also has Ford’s Co-pilot 360 suite which comes in handy in changing lanes, monitoring blind spots, collision warning, and automatic emergency braking.

Key Takeaways

Only a handful of rivals of its class can match the driving comfort of Fusion. It gives the experience of driving a sports car. It’s speedy with sturdy brakes. Even at high speed and sharp turn, it doesn’t lean much. No doubt Fusion gives you a smooth ride even if the road is not.So here is a quick summary of your question how long Ford Fusions Last

  • Change oil after every 5000 miles
  • Change Transmission fluids after every 25,000 miles
  • Solve the issues on time, don’t ignore irregular sound or vibration
  • Give through wash regularly to prevent premature rusting

If you are interested in learning more about Ford, don't forget to check out our other blog posts.

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