How Long Does It Take To Learn How to Drive

How Long Does It Take To Learn How To Drive Manual? Few feelings compare to the privilege of getting to drive for the first time. Getting behind the wheel, although it is an exciting experience, can also be pretty nerve-wracking, especially for beginners and novice drivers. If you are about to get your license or are getting a brand new car, then you have come to the right place.So stay with us as we take you through a few essential tips and tricks that you can keep in mind for your first drive to make sure that everything goes smoothly!

Things To Know Before Driving Car First Time

You’ve Got This

If you are close to getting your license, then it is a given that you are already aware of the very basics of driving a car, i.e., the ins and outs of how to brake, accelerateStart or stop the vehicle, and how to work the various tools in a car such as windshield wipers, indicators, and headlights, etc.You might also be well familiar with the rules of driving on roads and various highways.Therefore, first of all, it is essential to tell yourself that you know most of the essentials that you need to know regarding the basics of driving, i.e., getting the car to move at will.Trust us; this is not the time to sell yourself short! Once you believe in yourself and your knowledge, you will feel much better equipped to take on this challenge.

Focus First

It is important to remember that several other factors come into play when you are driving a car.Therefore it is important to condition yourself into understanding the importance of multitasking and then practically applying it as well.This is because when you are on the road, you have to be well aware of the traffic around you as well as pedestrians, animals, and traffic lights, etc.Also, while driving, you need to know when and where you have to take your next turn so that you can turn on your indicators accordingly.You can even spend some time in the car by yourself where you can sit and familiarize yourself with all the controls of the vehicle.

Take A Deep Breath

For carrying out any task, it is essential to calm your nerves in the very first place because most of the time, it is the nerves that cause things to go haywire, not any specific faults.Therefore, try and condition yourself before it is time to drive by listening to some music and taking a few deep breaths beforehand.

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Switch Off That Cell Phone

One of the greatest downfalls of drivers, in general, is distractions. Naturally, smartphones come at the top of the list.With constant notifications from social media sites and one text after another, it can be pretty distracting to drive while you have a cell phone in the car.In this way, many drivers are tempted to text back or even call while they are behind the wheel.This puts the driver, the passengers, and the car at significant risk as it is a considerable safety hazard.Even if one doesn’t use their phone while driving, just the sounds and beeps are enough to distract them.Therefore, always make sure that your phone is on silent while you are driving to avoid any distractions and risks.

Do What You Know

If you are driving for the very first time, you might notice that the world looks a lot different from the driver’s seat than it does from the passenger seat.You might have traveled a particular route hundreds of times before, but once you are behind the wheel, you might find yourself getting confused about the directions.To avoid any stress, it is essential to stick to routes that you are sure of, i.e., limit your radius to your neighborhood and surrounding areas.You can venture further once you are more comfortable behind the wheel and more accustomed to driving.

Avoid Uncharted Territories

As aforementioned, it is easy to get confused about directions for novice drivers and lose their bearings.Therefore, it is best to avoid unfamiliar roads and areas on your first driver by yourself.It is also recommended that one should stay away from significant intersections and highways so that one does not get intimated and stressed because roads generally tend to have substantial and fast-flowing traffic, which can be overwhelming for a new driver.Also, it is best to avoid other unfamiliar situations and experiences on your first drive, i.e., going through fast food drive-thru lanes, or trying to park in cramped parking lots and driving in heavily crowded areas such as market places.

Ask For Advice

It is imperative to understand that there is no shame in asking for help if you feel stressed and apprehensive about this new ordeal.You can approach your family members, relatives, and even friends who have more experience than you.You can ask them about their worries from the first time they drove and how they overcame those worries and fears.You can apply those same tricks and see if they help you.You will also come to realize that everyone goes through these standard worries and stress when they are going through with this ordeal for the first time.It is important to remember that you are not alone and that you have a sound support system behind you.In this, hearing from your loved ones is bound to put you more at ease and help you feel relaxed before your first drive.

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Avoid Stressful Situations

For your first time behind the wheel, you need to remember that your sole focus should be on yourself and the road.Therefore instead of all the points above, make sure that you are not putting yourself in, creating and volunteering for a stressful situation on your drive.For instance, do not volunteer to drive somebody somewhere if they are running late, let somebody else do that.Even for yourself, do not propose to go off on your own if you are late to school, etc. as you will not be in the right state of mind to do so.This also includes driving with small children in the car as they tend to fuss and cry, and that is not the ideal atmosphere to have in the car for your first time driving.Keep in mind that this does not make you a wrong person because you are choosing to be responsible for yourself and for your family members that are going to travel with you.Therefore be sure to plan and set your drive for a time when all is cool and calm.

Be One With Your Car

They say that literature contains very fundamentals for the understanding of any subject. The same goes for cars as well, so start reading up in advance!The more you get to know about your car, the better equipped you will feel to drive it.Moreover, you will also more in control while you are on the road.This is true for any activity, the more you know it theoretically, the better you can do when it comes to practically applying those very skills.To do this, you can either research online or even buy a car manual that is specific to your real car if you wish to be more accurate and thorough.

Get Your Hands Dirty

Yes, this is precisely what it sounds like. Before getting to drive a car for the first, it is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the working mechanism of the vehicle.Much like the factors mentioned above about reading up on car literature, this will allow you to apply everything you have learned about your car practically.This includes several tasks such as checking the brake oil, refilling water for the cooling pipes, and refilling windshield washer fluid, etc.Also, you must know how to change and replace a damaged tire and pump gas. Moreover, you can learn how to jump-start a car if needed.Knowing how to do all these tasks will relieve you of a lot of worries and apprehension that you might have regarding this new experience.


Conclusively, it is essential to remember that although driving for the very first time can be daunting for many individuals; it is not something that one needs to fear.This is because driving is a rite of passage that everyone must go through at one point in their lives or another.One has to keep in mind that a great deal of responsibility in riding on their shoulders as a driver because, in the driver’s seat, they are responsible for they're well being as well as the well being of everybody else in the car.Therefore, it is imperative to keep a calm and composed state of mind. If you follow all these tips in mind, then you won’t ever have to worry about bumpy rides, happy driving!

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