How much does a Ford Ranger Weigh

People don’t really care about technicalities, especially something so specific like how much does a Ford Ranger weigh, but – in fact – they can make a visible difference in a myriad of situations.This article will cover a less popular topic, but a very practical one that will completely change the way you get informed about the cars you’re willing to buy. From what affects a car weight to how much some cars weigh out of the factory, you’ll find it all below. Have a good read!

Does weight affect a vehicle’s efficiency?

Basic physics says that weight directly affects fuel consumption. A vehicle that’s heavier will consume more energy, the explanation being that they have increased rolling resistance and inertia. This means that more fuel will be consumed, making the vehicle less efficient.Depending on the reason why you’re buying a car, you should take this aspect into account as well. What’s interesting is that the more powerful a car is, the heavier it tends to get because of the engine’s size.Cars like Ford Ranger are indeed efficient for those who need a lot of power for carrying extra weight. Normally, people look for ways to remove weight in their vehicles, but Ford Ranger is made for carrying cargo, hence the tremendous power. good part is that Ford Ranger remains an impressively efficient car in terms of fuel consumption if you place it in balance with the car’s weight and power.

Ford Ranger – weight, horsepower, and power delivery

The main engine configuration for Ford Ranger is a 2.3 EcoBoost I-4 one made of aluminum and lightweight composite. Even the pistons are made of lightweight cast aluminum to keep the engine as light as possible.The horsepower it reaches is an astonishing 270 at 5.500 RPM, with a torque of 310 lb.-ft. at 3.000 RPM. To match this power, Ford Ranger comes with a 10-speed automatic transmission with a wide range of gear ratios.The car’s curb weight reaches somewhere around 2100 kg (4700 lbs.), with the average weight for a vehicle topping at approximately 1300 kg (3300 lbs.). You can tell that Ford Ranger is indeed a heavy car that can support even more weight on top of it.Luckily, all its technical specifications are so well thought that you won’t even feel this vehicle’s weight or the one you add yourself. Now that you learned how much does a Ford Ranger weigh, it’s time to go deeper into the subject.Read more about the best heavy-duty shocks for ford truck.

The connection between weight and powerful cars

There’s an actual term used to measure the connection between weight and power in cars, and it’s simply called the power-to-weight ratio. Based on this ratio, you can determine the efficiency of a vehicle given its technical details.A remarkable power-to-weight ratio doesn’t necessarily point out to light, speedy cars, but also to heavier ones that can reach tremendous speeds because of their inertia, even though they won’t reach it as quickly as a light vehicle would.The Ford Ranger has a superior power-to-weight ratio of 99W/kg, which is truly impressive for the size of this car and its towing capacity. The newer Ford Rangers use an advanced engine technology that makes the car more efficient regardless of its own weight or the one additionally added.Besides much more power, the new engines on Ford Ranger vehicles are lighter and with lower emission levels compared to the old models of the same vehicle.

Is there any chance to remove weight?

Since Ford Ranger is specifically designed to add weight, not to remove it, this question is redundant. You can’t actually remove weight on this vehicle, but it is not needed whatsoever.As proven above, this car is as efficient as it can get, and you can easily take advantage of the extra cargo space. This car is built to carry heavy cargo, as it is part of the 1.0-tonne pickup truck class.Ford Ranger comes with specific towing and payload ratings that act as proof of its efficiency on the streets.You can indeed reduce the added weight by not using accessories like tonneau covers or similar. When buying a Ford Ranger, buyers can customize the trim levels and equipment on their cars, thus altering the final weight of the car and, consequently, its overall efficiency.

How much weight can I add to a Ford Ranger?

The amount of cargo you can add to a Ford Ranger depends on what model of this vehicle you’re buying. It comes in three sizes: Regular, Super, and Double Cab. Each of these models comes with a specific load bay area dimension.Irrespective of the model you’re buying, you can fit a loaded Euro pallet in your truck bed. Height-wise, the sidewalls measure only 511 mm, but you can secure your cargo and go over them without any issues.As for the actual payload the vehicle can carry, Ford Ranger goes as far as 1.000 kg (2200 lbs.) or even a bit higher for newer models. The latest engines are more powerful and therefore can carry a heavier payload without trouble.The towing capacity is also notable, as 2019-onwards Ford Rangers can go up to 3,500 kg (7700 lbs.) with an unbraked towing weight of around 700 across the board.This vehicle is truly a beast whenever we talk numbers, so there’s definitely a reason why people should buy it, in spite of how much does a Ford Ranger weigh.Reliable cold air intakes for ford f150 pickup view here.

The long-term view

So, is such a heavy and powerful vehicle efficient in the long run? The answer is YES, by all means. If the purpose you’re buying this vehicle for is carrying cargo here and there while also being comfortable and safe inside, Ford Ranger is what you’re looking for.Forget about the praised Ford F-150 or its competitors because Rangers have it all for a convenient price and plenty of upgrades.You can easily jump into other activities like off-road with this car without even worrying that it won’t face the challenge. Ford Ranger can become your main car once you fall in love with it, and this will be the ultimate proof that it’s an efficient car for day-to-day usage without consuming so much fuel that it sends you into bankruptcy.Ford Ranger is hard to resist, and it’s perfectly understandable why – a nicely weighted, genuinely powerful, multi-purpose, and economical car – what’s there not to love?

Verdict: is it worth the money?

Ford Ranger is definitely worth the money, as the pros overcome the cons. From its price to its features, this truck is a go-to to all drivers interested in power. Ford Rangers are good for heavy cargo, towing, hauling, and – on top of everything else – they look absolutely amazing. You get everything you would need for a fantastic value, not to mention the advanced safety tech put into Ford vehicles, as well as the convenient (and very strong) automatic transmission.

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