How To Disable Auto Start Stop Ford Escape Quick Step by Step

There is no doubt that Ford makes the best trucks and cars that fit the American trail, and when compared to other vehicles used for heavy-duty activities, they come off as the best. Even with the fact that they are one of the best, there are still some flaws in their design. They recently added a new function, which is the auto start-stop function proposed to help you save gas.

Through this article, you will learn about the auto start-stop function, what it does, and how to permanently disable it if you feel it is too much of an annoying piece for you. Remember that if you want to have s full warranty service, the car must be in good shape and not be tampered with. Now, let’s jump right into the details.

Know-How To Disable Auto Start Stop Ford Escape

How Does It Work?

The auto start-stop function is a piece of programming connected to the components of your car. Basically, it works with the circuitry of your car and initiates a stop when your car is not in use. However, you have to make sure your car battery is solid and in good shape to start up the car after it is made to stop.

When this innovation was introduced by Ford, it was said that it doesn’t affect the battery life of the car. It was made to consume a very minimal amount of battery power, help save gas, and keep your vehicle running for a good number of years.

How To Disable Your Auto Start-Stop Function

The reason why many people are so keen on permanently disabling the auto start-stop function is because of how annoying the function proves to be. Many believe that it does more harm than good to your Ford Escape.

Here, you are going to learn some ways you can stop the start-stop function permanently. Worthy of mention is the fact that only one of the ways you will learn is safe. If you are keen on using your warranty to get a repair, then you should not consider the options starting from the second option.

Option 1 – Using the auto start-stop eliminator

Option one is by far the easiest and safest method you can use in stopping the function permanently. It also doesn’t tamper with your Ford Escape, and as such, you can take it over to the company for a fix with the warranty.

The eliminator is a very simple device that can be connected directly to the switch. You only need to loosen the compartment for the switch and connect the wire of the eliminator to the switch. The start-stop eliminator works as a device that helps to switch off the function without you having to do it over and over again.

You only need 10 minutes to install this beauty. The eliminator remembers your option and saves it for you so that every time you start your car, it automatically turns off the auto start-stop function. If you wish to enable the auto start-stop function once more, all you need to do is to click just a button on the eliminator, and you have your function back, very convenient.

Since it works only to help you switch off and switch on your start-stop function, it doesn’t harm or tamper with your Ford Escape, and as such your warranty is intact and can be used within the specified period.

Option 2 – changing the firmware

Since the auto start-stop function is a program, you can get programmers to help you reprogram the function, and you can have your car in the state you like it. However, this option is not a bright one if you don't want Ford to void your warranty. It sounds cool but your entire warranty covering other parts of the car will be rendered void and ineffective.

Option 3 – wire clipping or towing deceit

Another option provided you’re not using the Ford Escape is to clip wires together. If you use other models like the Ford F-150, then you can clip some wires together that are directly connected to the engine. Another method if you use the F-150 is to deceive your truck that a car is being towed.

This you can do by connecting a trailer light tester to the rear of your truck to deceive it that an object is being towed. The downside to this is that it will not only disable the function but also disable the sensors at the rear, and deactivate the backup camera.

Does It Really Save Gas?

The Society of American Engineers conducted research and proposed that after 7 seconds of inactivity or driving, you must turn off the engine of your car to save you gas. This, in turn, implies that, when the auto start-stop helps to turn off your car within this specified period, it does save you gas.

The amount of gas that you can save in that short period is enough to effectively start up your car when you need it moving once again.

Daily, there are lots of traffic stoplights you will come across, this is when the auto start-stop comes in handy, and a larger amount of fuel is saved.

Why You Might Not Like The Auto Start-Stop Function

Regardless of what is written, there are many people out there who believe the auto start-stop function is innovation and works well in helping to fight climate change. While there are others, who do not think well of the function, and you will learn of some of their reasons why they feel this function is a total flaw.

On the contrary, it doesn’t save fuel

According to many other studies and experiments, it has been proven that in actuality, the auto start-stop does not save gas. The research and test carried out by the EPA were explicitly made for Ford and you bet the car will pass this test excellently.

On the contrary to these experiments, many YouTubers and individuals have conducted their research and experiment. These experiments were conducted under normal driving conditions and have certified that it doesn’t save gas. To this end, they believe if it doesn’t save fuel as it claims to do, then the function is not worth keeping.

It is not safe for your battery

There are also proofs and experiments carried out to prove this. Ford explicitly claims that this function does not tamper with your battery life and that it is an innovative technology set to help you make the most of your car. The results from the experiments prove otherwise. If the battery of your Ford Escape lasts for three years, when the function is disabled, it will last for up to four years.

Remember that various tests were carried out to prove this. When you think about the cost of replacing your car battery rather earlier than it should be replaced, then you will understand that it is worth turning off. So, disabling the function is very healthy for your battery.

It ruins your driving experience

Whether you agree with this fact or not, the function does affect your driving experience. The best option for you is to disable your auto start-stop function totally so that you can enjoy your long or short road trips.

Some of the few scenarios of how your car can misbehave with the auto start-stop function on are. Your car can come to an abrupt stop when in traffic, and if you use a Ford-150, turning off and starting your engine in traffic can be very unpleasant both to you and the people around you.

You will also experience a condition where you have to release the brake and let it take in gas before you can make a turn. You will equally experience a difference in your power steering.

The start-stop function can also cause your AC to keep turning on and off. During summertime, it can be tough for you to have control over your car, and best believe that you are going to have a not-so-good time in summer with the function in place.

Another thing you will notice is that as your car continues to start and stop the radio volume continues to fluctuate in that manner. There are times it will get loud and other times it will be soft. These and many more are the inconveniences caused by leaving the start-stop function of your Ford Escape on.

It Is Safe To Disable Your Auto Start-Stop Permanently

In conclusion, with everything explained, our verdict to you is that it is absolutely safe to disable the function if you feel skeptical about it, and you will be glad you took that choice.


You can always turn off the switch anytime you start your car, but if you feel it is too much of a burden, then you should apply some of the methods spoken about. You should understand that these tips are given to make sure you find the most useful information with regards to disabling your auto start-stop function in your Ford Escape.

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