How to Install Ford Navigation SD Card - A Quick 3 Steps Guide

Being lost in the middle of nowhere is frustrating, it creates panic and tension. With an updated navigation system, it is possible to stay on the right route always. It not only keeps you on the right track but also becomes your guide while you are on the road. Finding out the traffic density, nearby gas stations, and the quickest routes becomes so much easier with a navigation system.

An SD Card in Ford is responsible for keeping all the updated maps. As soon as the SD card is lodged, you get access to the updated maps. You can be on your way through the shortest route!

What is Ford Navigation?

The Ford Navigation system utilizes the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to ensure easy access addresses and various destinations.The users can look for a specific place and the navigation system will provide all the key details about it.

The navigation system uses voice commands to provide easy and quick access to points or places of interest. The users can view their route and pinch to zoom in and out as well.

There is a navigation menu as well. It comprises of the full map; the highway exits and all the turns that may come in the routes.The navigation settings can be adjusted according to the personal preference of the user.

An active route can even be canceled, the guidance can be muted, and alternate routes can also be provided. Above all, it makes getting out of the house and driving to the final destination extremely easy.

People who are new to SD cards may not know how to install it. So, in this step by step guide, we will tell you how to install ford navigation SD card.To check the shocks for Ford Diesel, you may check our review.

Steps of How to Install Ford Navigation SD Card?

Following are the steps that need to be followed in order to successfully install the Ford navigation SD card.

Step 1: Purchasing the SD card

Every year, a new map update is launched by Ford with the current maps and routes. To have the current maps and routes, an SD card is essential because all the information is stored in an SD card.To have access to the new maps, you need a new SD card. So, once the updated maps and routes are released, you can go to the Ford map update site.There you can select the model of the Ford that you own.

You can buy a suitable map update and it will be issued to you on an SD card.

Requirement of Vehicle’s Application Number: While you are purchasing the SD card with the current map update, you may be asked to submit the vehicle’s application number. You can go to the “system info” of your vehicle and there you will find the application number. After completing the purchasing process, you will be issued the SD card. The SD will be according to the Ford you have and the model of your vehicle.

Step 2: Finding the SD card slot

Most of the vehicles have the SD card slot right above the navigation screen. You can find it in the middle, right above the screen.However, some other vehicles might have the SD card slot in some other place. So, found out the SD card slot.

Step 3: Insert the SD card in the slot

After finding the SD card slot, you can insert the SD card in it. You will see the map appearing on the screen.Some of the models may have different instructions on the screen to make the maps work. So, when you have inserted the SD card, then make sure to follow the instructions given on the screen.That is how you can successfully install Ford navigation SD card. You will be all good to go!

What to do if your SD card is mistakenly dislodged?

If the SD is mistakenly dislodged then you will lose access to the maps and other information. You pull out the SD card and then lodge it again.Before you do that, you will see the message showing on the screen that the SD has been dislodged.You can overcome this problem by simply inserting the SD card again and you will get access to the maps again.

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How long does it take to install the SD card?

The installation of the SD card pretty much takes less than five minutes. All you to do is find the SD card slot and insert it in.It is a very simple process that takes minimum time. No professional help is needed for this job. However, if you may have some issues then you can seek out for professional help.

What are the tools needed for installation?

The installation of the SD card requires no tools. All you need is an SD card and the SD card slot. The SD card needs to be inserted in the SD card slot and that is all you need to do.

What is the cost of installation?

There is no cost of installation. It is a simple process; you can do that by yourself super quickly. However, the SD card itself has to be purchased.You cannot have access to the SD card without paying for it. Each year new and updated maps are released and they can be bought. The price of the SD card may vary from model to model.

Common Problems While Installation of Ford Navigation SD Card

Following are the common problems that may be faced while installing the Ford Navigation SD Card:

Not being able to find the SD card slot

The first and most common problem that people may face is that they might not be able to find the SD card slot. Different models may have the SD card slot in a different place.Some have the slot right above the navigation screen while others have it under the armrest. So, check out the user manual and then figure out where the SD card slot is.

Inserting the SD card in the wrong way

While installing the SD card, make sure that you insert the SD card the right way. Don’t insert it upside down, otherwise, it won’t work.

Mistakenly dislodging the card

By pressing the top of the SD card, some people may mistakenly dislodge the SD card.This will lead to the loss of maps and other information that is saved in the SD card. The SD can be inserted again to have the access back.

Are Ford navigation updates free?

No, the Ford navigation updates are not free. You have to purchase them updated maps to have the latest information. In some regions of the world, free map updates may be available as well.But in most regions, the map updates have to be purchased. They have detailed yearly plans relating to the navigation updates.

Why does Ford update navigation every year?

Every year, there is the addition of millions of different roads, places, destinations, and points. So, updating navigation everywhere provides the most current information. This way, while taking a road trip, you are never confused between an old route and a new route.

So, Ford updates the maps every year to provide the users with the newest information. People who do not travel a lot don’t necessarily have to get an updated SD card every year.

They can get the updated SD card every two years.People who are usual travelers and people who take frequent road trips will make their life so much easy by getting the updated SD card every year.

Is the Ford navigation system multi-functional?

Yes, the Ford navigation system is multi-functional. It allows you to connectivity to your phone. Calls can be made through it and music can also be played.So, it not just tells you the routes but also allows access to your phone and keeps you entertained as well.

Why does Ford charge for updates?

Ford comes up with new map updates every year for the benefit of the users. They include new entries, roads, ATMs, Restaurants, and other spots and places to their maps.This takes a lot of work. Updating maps every year with millions of new additions takes time, resources, and energy.

So, they charge the users for the yearly updates of the maps. The frequent travelers or people who take a lot of trips will definitely find the update worth the money because they will always be on the right route. Without any struggle.


Having the Ford SD card makes your road trips very comfortable. You get access to true information and can be aware of your surroundings. The SD card installation is an easy process and involves only a few steps. You can view the most recent maps with the help of SD cards. There is no cost of installation and you don’t need any tools either. So, no more getting lost!

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