How to Reset Check Engine Light Without Scanner

How to reset check engine light without scanner? Whenever the computer of your car notices a problem within the powertrain or the engine, the check engine light turns on.The light tells or informs you about a problem or complication. This problem could either be major or minor. Whichever case it is, it is advised that you should not ignore the warning.When you ignore the warning, it could lead to damage or repair that will eventually be expensive to fix or correct.Whenever the check engine light comes on, do all it takes to know the reason for the light. Sometimes, even after the detected problem is fixed, the light still stays on.Having the light stay on after getting the problem fixed can be annoying. In this case, there is a need to have your car’s computer checked and fixed.At this point, you need to understand what it takes to reset or turn off the check engine light of your car.

How To Reset Check Engine Light Without Scanner Step By Step

The following are how you can easily reset or turn off the check engine light:

01. You can make use of a scan tool

Making use of a scam tool, without any doubt, is the easiest approach to reset the check engine light. By simply following this simple procedure, you will turn off this annoying light with ease.

  • The first procedure is to connect the scan tool to the onboard diagnostic connector which is better known as the OBD – II. The OBD – II is located under the steering support.
  • After you must have connected the scan tool to the OBD – II, the next step is to turn on the ignition switch or button. While the ignition button or switch is on, do not forget to switch off all other devices in the car.
  • On the scan tool, click on the read button to display the error messages or codes. On display, do not forget to write the error codes or messages down just as they appear on the screen of the scan tool.
  • The retrieved codes or messages will serve as a guide for subsequent repairs or corrections.
  • Now that you have retrieved the error codes, the next step is to clear or erase them. To get rid of the error codes, click on the clear or erase button on the scan code.
  • Once all the error codes are wiped off, the check engine light automatically goes off. While doing this (wiping the codes off), do not forget to leave the ignition on.

02. Adopt the battery disconnecting approach

Although this is considered an old approach, yet it’s effective. To effectively use this method, follow the below procedures.

  • Remove your car’s battery cables. You can disconnect the positive and negative cables using a wrench.
  • Ensure you get rid of the remaining electricity in your car’s capacitor. To simply get rid of stored electricity in the capacitor, you can easily do that by pressing or holding on the car horn for about 45 minutes.
  • After you must have followed the first two procedures, the next thing to do is hold on for about fifteen minutes to have the battery cables reconnected. After you must have followed these three procedures, by the time you turn on the car’s engine, the check engine light should have been turned off.
  • Although this approach sometimes fails to work on some car computers. But even still, after all of these procedures have been carefully followed and the code still comes up afterward, this could indicate a need to take your car to a professional to fix whatever the problem may be.

03. Switch the ignition on & off on multiple occasions

To reset the Check engine light, with an interval of one to two seconds, you can turn the ignition on and off for up to three times.Once this is done, you can move the car around while you closely watch if the light has been reset or turned off.

04. Leave the error message to go off by itself

In some cases, all you need to do is leave the error message to wipe off by itself. In some cars, when the check engine light pops up, the computer system swings into action by recurrently checking what the problem is.If it is a minor problem, the computer system may automatically get it fixed, which eventually put the light off.If the light or error message stays on for up to three days, then there is a need to reset the check engine light using any of the first three procedures mentioned.


Lastly, if the light later comes on days or weeks after any of the listed reset approaches were adopted, this could be a sign of a major problem. In some cases, you may need to deploy the reset strategy again.If the error message keeps coming back or reoccurring, then there is a need to take your car to a professional for a quick check.With the use of an advanced tool, the problem can be easily diagnosed and fixed.

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