How to Tell if F150 Has Max Tow Package For Truck Owners

Before now, there are normal capacities that come with towing vehicles. For these capacities to be connected, there was always a need for a top mechanic to fix them appropriately using the towing arrangement system.Today, the story is different. Now, when you buy a towing vehicle, it comes with the complete towing package installed right from the factory.If you still operate an old vehicle, you can upgrade it. All you need to do is attach a towing package to it.If you are planning on getting a new towing vehicle, it is advised you go for a brand of vehicle that already has the towing arrangement already installed in it.

Know-How to Tell if F150 Has Max Tow Package

When you purchase a vehicle that comes with the towing package already installed from the factory, it gives you the comfort that the vehicle is built to handle your towing need at every point in time.When you get one of the new towing vehicles that come with the already installed towing packages, the engine parts, and the overall mechanism is prepared to accommodate.The loads and torque that arises during any towing activity to ensure it accommodates your need from time to time.

Know the Difference Between a Hitch and a Tow Package

One of the most important components of a vehicle in the tow package. So, whenever you are looking at buying a new truck or upgrading the one you drive, the presence of a tow package is very important.To a lot of car owners, they can’t differentiate between a trailer hitch and a tow package. They see these two components as the same thing. But are they the same?

Read along, the answer to this question is provided in this article.If you drive a vehicle that comes with a hitch, it is improper to conclude or assume that it as well comes with a tow package.For easy understanding, let us break it down. Ideally, the hitch is known as the center of the tow package. In some vehicles, a hitch is designed to appear like a simple ball.In some vehicles, it is known as a receiver hitch.

Whatever the shape the hitch comes in your vehicle, it is always screwed or connected to the frame members on your vehicle.The receiver and the ball come in various sizes. The size and type of loads you wish to carry with your vehicle determines the size of the ball and receiver to go for.The tow package also allows an easy connection of the trailer to your truck’s lighting system.

This connection is made possible through the presence of wiring that comes with the tow package.A tow package is one of the most important additions to your vehicle. Don’t give anybody the chance to tell you something different.

Why Go for Tow Package?

The role of tow packages in your vehicle is to provide it with the strength it requires to conveniently withstand the load it carries from time to time.In a towing vehicle, all the various parts of the engine are built in such a way that they can easily function with the load the vehicle carries.To further give a breakdown of how the various components of a towing vehicle work, it is worth mentioning that the vehicle’s frame, the transmission system, the electronic equipment, the cooling system.

The braking system is all designed in a way that supports the extra load that results from towing. In a simple term, the listed components work alongside the payload capacity of your vehicle.If you have always wanted to know about what makes the movement of your vehicle so easy on the road even with the additional load it carries, the answer to your question, is the “tow package.”With the tow package, a driver can easily drive a vehicle with an extra load or carriage towards the right direction and position without any stress. The process is as smooth as you can imagine.

Know The Things to Look Out For in a Tow Package

Before you consider a tow package for your vehicle, you must have a clear understanding of the load sizes you want to carry or move about with your vehicle.For example, in some cases, you may only need a trailer hitch and not necessarily a heavy-duty tow package. Just like the tow package, a trailer hitch also comes with needed electrical wiring.

One of the major benefits of a trailer hitch is the fuel consumption rate. When compared with a tow package, the fuel consumption rate of a trailer hitch is lower. It comes with an increased fuel economy.Going further, a heavy-duty tow package also has its benefit. If you are looking at the movement of heavy equipment or materials, a tow package is important.In cases like the movement of cars, materials for construction and other heavy equipment, towing is expected to take place, you can’t take away the need for a tow package.So, with a tow package, you are guaranteed of improved performance, and the drive life of your vehicle is extended.

Know the maximum tow package

You can know the maximum tow package by identifying the amount of load a vehicle can conveniently carry.If you drive one of the new vehicles on the market today, this could be a heavy-duty vehicle or the light-duty vehicle, such cars come with an upgraded engine type and parts. Not only that, auto accessories that come with them are modern and well-equipped.

The towing purpose of your vehicle can only be justified if the vehicle had the optimum capacity to accommodate an additional load.In case you want to know the maximum tow package of any vehicle, the first thing to do is to go through the capacity or potential of the load such a vehicle can carry.

This information is always provided by the manufacturer of every vehicle.All towing vehicles are fully equipped to handle the necessary supports that are needed to ensure there is a balance between the load and the vehicle. This guarantees the safety and as well ensures you can drive on the road with no stress.

Ford F150 Tow Package

To reinstate our initial position on how to know the maximum tow package, the process is to do a proper finding of the maximum load that your truck can carry or accommodate.For example, Ford F150 comes with an incredible towing capacity of thirteen thousand two hundred pounds.As it stands, this incredible towing capacity recorded by F150 stands out as one of the best you can find on the market.Overall, the various components of this vehicle are fully built with modern technology to ensure the vehicle stays in good condition at every point in time.

What's F150 Raptor's Towing Capacity?

The F150 Raptor (The SuperCrew) comes with a tow rating of Eight thousand pounds. And for the SuperCab, the towing rate stands at around six thousand pounds.When we talk about the Tow Package for the Trailer, both the SuperCrew and the SuperCab share the same Tow Package. In other words, all the models of Raptor come with the same standard of Tow Package.

The tow rating stated for each Raptor above can be considered as the maximum figure under various configurations.It is also very important to know that once you include some other options to the vehicle, it can lead to a drop in the towing capacity.Likewise, in a situation where there are extra passengers in the vehicle or an extra payload is added to the truck, the maximum towing capacity is also affected.

At all times, make sure you carefully look at the gross weight of your vehicle, the gross weight of the axle, and the overall gross weight ratings of both the truck and the trailer.Under no condition should you go beyond the recommended rated capacity that is specific to the truck you drive and the trailer connected to it?

Know the towing capacity of the F150 limited

Just like the F150 Raptor, the F150 limited also uses the three and a half liters EcoBoost (High output). The F150 limited comes with one configuration.This configuration is known as “SuperCrew 5.5-footbed”. When you look at the 2WD and 4WD models, the maximum tow rating is different.

For example, the 2WD models come with F150 limited tow rating of eleven thousand one hundred pounds at maximum, and at maximum, the tow rating for the 4WD models stands at nine thousand four hundred pounds.For any of the two models (2WD and 4WD), make sure you go for the right trailer tow package.

Associated Features of The Max Tow Package

The following are associated benefits of using a max tow package:

01. Advanced backup for your trailer

Now, you can back up your trailer with no stress. To carry out a backup on the trailer, all you must do is turn the knob towards your preferred direction. At your command, the trailer attached to your truck follows.For every direction you rotate the knob, the truck automatically moves in a way such that the trailer as well gets itself well-positioned at the back of the truck.To ensure you get a proper view of how the trailer is positioned at the back of the truck, you can always make use of both the side and rear cameras.

02. The camera is carefully positioned

Let’s talk about the camera that comes with F150. This camera is positioned in a way that it captures the overall view of your truck. With this, you can make the necessary commands and decisions without any stress.The visual quality that these cameras give is unbeatable. With the assistance of the camera, you can easily access the position of your truck in all angles to ensure better positioning of the trailer.

03. The pressure of your tires is monitored

The dashboard of F150 is on another level when compared to a lot of other trucks available on the market. The dashboard of F150 comes with a screen.Whenever there is a reduction or decrease in the pressure in the truck’s tires, the screen informs you about it. For every tire on your truck, there is a pressure monitor system allocated to it.For example, if the pressure in the front tire on the right reduces, the designated monitor alerts you. With this, you can easily identify where the problem or error is coming from.

04. You can now monitor the connection between your truck and the trailer

The F150 comes with a smart connector between your truck and the trailer. With this available function, you can easily know the relationship that exists between your truck and the trailer.If there appears to be a problem between the connections or there is an urgent need for an action to be taken, you will get an instant update on the screen.

Once there is a blinking light on the screen, it indicates that there is a need for urgent action on any of the connections. Most times, this happens if any of them is going slack.Besides the alert or update you get on the screen, you can as well know the current condition of the trailer, which helps you to control the settings via the connector.

For all the features mentioned above, these are what make the towing capacity of F150 a top choice amongst other available choices on the market.With the innovative technical support and the maximum tow package that this vehicle possesses, you are prepared for a great treat whenever you hit the road.


If you are thinking of getting a new vehicle, then it is important to go for a vehicle that comes with a tow package right from the manufacturer.Good enough, a tow package from the manufacturer ensures that various components such as the engine, brakes, transmission system, electrical system, and cooling system are designed to accommodate the additional weight the towed load imposes on the vehicle.The way these parts are designed to work together makes it very easy for the vehicle to conveniently tow the connected trailer.So, it is advised you go for a vehicle that comes with a tow package from the factory instead of having it installed by a professional.

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