Interstate Car Batteries: Reviews and Buyer Guide

Regardless of how great your car battery is, at some point, it will stop working. Considering that you are here reading this blog post, chances are that has already happened, right? Well, don't worry! In this blog post, you will find out detailed reviews of the best Interstate car batteries.

After reading this article you will then be able to make your decision on which car battery you should go with and just go ahead and make your purchase. So what are we waiting for? Let's get started!

Things You Should Know About Car Interstate Batteries

Car Interstate Batteries

Interstate batteries are the most preferred car battery company in North America. Their batteries can fit in almost every kind of vehicle. They also provide different types of battery options which makes them a reputable car battery brand in the US.

The original name of the company is “Interstate Battery System of America” which is a private battery and distributional marketing company, located in Dallas, Texas. Interstate Car batteries are not only famous for their top quality and refined material, but also for their large variety of batteries that serve and fit any vehicle.

This car battery brand targets light trucks, motorcycles, cars, and even heavy-duty and commercial vehicles. They are in the line of the oldest car batteries with decades of proven experience. By the way, if you own a Ford check out this blog post covering the best batteries for Ford F150 here.

Why Should You Choose Interstate Car Batteries?

interstate battery

When you purchase an Interstate car battery as a replacement for your existing car battery, you are definitely adding the best power backup system to your car. These car batteries are proven and guaranteed to work when you want them to run the most. Above all, Interstate car batteries have all energy and power managing accessories in one spot.

They are regional partners with all automotive communities around the world. The brand has been around since 1952 which is the reason why it inspires trust and symbolizes quality.

While the company operates a broad distributor network that supplies car batteries to a maximum of 200,000 retailers, the distributors are spread all across the world including Guyana, Canada, Honduras, Bermuda Panama, and the Dominican Republic.

They are operating more than 200 franchise and corporate retail outlets. Moreover, Interstate batteries come in various sizes to meet your car’s needs. 

They manufacture different types of batteries, starting from mobile batteries to all high-ranking truck batteries. Interstate is also one of the prominent companies in the recycling industry, and they have sold fewer batteries than recycled ones.

They are the number 1 acid battery recycling company in the United States and have been devoted to the environment since the mid of 1950. Their workers are “Green Standard-Certified” which shows that all batteries are correctly and carefully handled every single time. The brand’s recycling program collaborates with all environmental regulations and the U.S department of transportation.

Every year Interstate sets a goal to recycle one billion (in pounds) batteries. What's more, they have responsibly recycled more than 400 million batteries so far.

Best Types of Interstate Car Batteries: Our Picks

As previously mentioned, Interstate manufactures a variety of batteries for cars and trucks. Each one of them has its own features that you should definitely check out before purchasing your Interstate battery. Here are the best Interstate car batteries according to our expert opinion:

MTZ Car Batteries

The MTZ (Mega Tron Z) (glass-matt absorbed battery) comes with authentic matrix power which powers vehicles by serving as a strong start of the car engine. With free 48 months replacement warranty and long-life performance, this powerful battery delivers long-lasting performance for high accessory cars and other types of vehicles that use devices such as GPS devices, phone chargers, and DVD players.

MTZ- 34

MTZ Car Batteries

MTZ-34 is the variant of interstate car batteries which is specifically designed for vehicles like minivans, luxury cars, and trucks that need AGM batteries or have a number of tech accessories. The battery is equipped with the power of Pure Matrix, delivering super-premium battery life.

Key Features

  • Comes with a warranty of 48 months.
  • Flexibility of mounting
  • 3X life of conventional flooded batteries.
  • More power for plugins and accessories even when the engine is off
  • 40% more cranking power
  • Absorbed Glass Matt
  • Cold Cranking Amps up to 800.

MTX Car Batteries

MTX (Mega Tron X) with consumed glass-mat AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) battery offers a long lifespan and premium performance. With a free 36-month replacement warranty, this power battery will deliver lasting power in AGM-required material applications and will help the vehicle start quickly and easily.

MTX- 35

Interstate MTX Car Batteries

MTX-35 delivers robust and ideal battery life and accessories. It has a design that restores the original equipment and offers the additional energy required for performing vehicles and those cars with a high number of accessories add-ons.

Key Features
  • It has a 36-month free warranty.
  • Comes with 750 CCA (cold cranking amps)
  • More than the life of conventional batteries (2X)
  • Great starting power
  • Massive power for plugins and accessories even when the engine is off.

MTP Car and Truck Batteries

This MTP (Mega Tron P) Battery line comes with free 30-month free replacement and a six-year guaranteed performance warranty. These types of batteries can provide you with high performance for a moderate to the cold climate which is great because this should meet the vehicle’s needs to get you where you want to be.

MTP 24

MTP Car Batteries

MTP 24 battery has the fantastic and long-life performance that every driver would look for in a battery. It is one of the types of artillery, designed to match your vehicle's original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specs. Similar product.

Key Features
  • With 750 cold cranking Amps
  • Free 30-month warranty
  • Group size is 24
  • Non-AGM and best-flooded battery
  • Meets the vehicle starting point
  • High performance even in cold weather.

MT Battery Line

Interstate MT (Mega Tron) represents the classic Interstate power battery that is super popular among the fans of this brand. With a free 24-month replacement and with a 5-year performance warranty, this battery for vehicles provides the most extended life to your car in moderate and even hot climates. It also has a high electrolyte-to-lead ratio that confronts high and extreme temperatures.


MT Car Battery

MT-27 battery comes with better battery life and better performance in moderate to hot climates. If you want to have a battery that is affordable and reliable, then this product is for you! Similar product

Key Features
  • Cold-cranking amps up to 810
  • With four months warranty
  • Dependable and affordable
  • Performance is classic in moderate to hot climate

M Batteries

M-line batteries is another great option because it provides quality for a super affordable price. The batteries from this M-line provide a great amount of energy that, without a doubt, can meet the needs of your vehicle.


M Batteries

M-26 battery can make your vehicle run smoothly and without interruption. It is an auto battery with proven performance and quality at an affordable price.

Key Features
  • Standard performance life with incredible cranking power.
  • With 18 months warranty
  • The standard life cycle for accessories

Commercial Batteries

These commercial battery series provide cars/trucks batteries with dependable power for your heavy-duty applications. It comes with free 18 months free replacement and a warranty. This unique battery line is a symbol of endurance and strength.


Commercial Batteries

C24-XHD comes with reliable power for all heavy-duty vehicles. This series provides functional strength and endurance, which your vehicle might need to get the job done.

Key Features
  • With 575 cranking cold Amps (CCA)
  • Eight months guaranteed warranty
  • It is for heavy-duty, fleets, and off-highway automotive vehicles
  • Better performance even in high temperatures.

Pros and Cons of Interstate Car Batteries

Interstate car batteries are considered to be one of the best on the market. However, like anything else it also has pros and cons. Let's see which are those:


  • Interstate gives confidence to its users as they are approved by AAA (American Automobile Association).
  • Friendly, professional, and fast service in every store.
  • Having an appointment is not required when it comes to installation and on-site testing of the battery.
  • The staff of interstate car batteries can provide accurate information, check your battery, and provide relevant and helpful tutorials within 15 minutes.
  • The company staff is honest about the possible frames of time for completing the assignment.
  • Their batteries no longer depend upon receipts for adjustment of battery.
  • Their staff checks the other parts of the car to make sure everything works.


  • Low warranty services as some battery handlers fail to acknowledge the warranty.
  • Many Interstate batteries go defective or dead before their guaranteed lifetime.
  • In many cases, customers get blamed for faulty products.

Speaking of batteries, have a look at our guide on how to build a battery box here.

Unknown Facts About Interstate Car Batteries

If you haven't heard about this brand before then perhaps you might be interested in learning some interesting facts about it. Here are some of them:

  • Every year Interstate sells above 15 million car batteries around the U.S, and all of the batteries come with receipt-free warranties.
  • They are one of NASCAR’s long-lasting partners. They are sponsoring car race #18 since 1994.
  • The company has a fair share of publications in the magazines of wall street journal and the USA today.
  • They not only manufacture top-notch car batteries, but they also have an ideal working environment.
  • Interstate batteries were named one of the top 150 places to work in the “Nation” in 2013.
Interstate Battery

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] about Interstate Car Batteries

How long do Interstate car batteries last? 

With Interstate batteries, you will be getting a 1-year warranty. If you regularly use their car battery, you can expect a good run. Usually, an Interstate car battery can last up to 3-5 years with proper care. Also, it would be best, if you kept servicing the battery for a better drive.

Do Interstate batteries require maintenance?

All the batteries produced by them are maintenance-free and in average condition. However, the traditional deep cycle requires regular watering to keep them running correctly.

Are Interstate batteries expensive?

These batteries are a little expensive due to quality, higher ranking, or warranty on the battery system given by Interstate. Most people choose Interstate over other brands because Interstate has thousands of stores around the US so you can easily give back or return the battery in case you don’t like it.

How much does an Interstate battery cost?

The price range of the Interstate car batteries in both the outsourcing battery selling sites and main selling location sites typically rounds up from $99 to $145. For dual-purpose batteries, their price range may go up to $353 per battery.

Do you need to add water to Interstate batteries?

 Yes, interstate car batteries need water. Regular deep-cycle batteries require daily watering to keep them in a good condition. You have to check every level every 4-6 weeks.

Batteries Interstate

Final Thoughts

Interstate provides customers with top-notch quality car batteries and customer services. When it comes to trust, they are a leading battery company in America.

If you are looking for a reliable and trusted car battery brand in the US in that case, we will surely recommend you give it a shot to Interstate car batteries. Not only it is considered to be one of the best car battery brands, but it also offers receipt-free warranty products.

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