How To Program a Ford Key With Only One Key By Yourself

With the right information, you can easily program your Ford key. In this article, you will be shown how you can program your Ford key without the need of having the original key. In other words, the duplication of your Ford key is achievable without any stress. So without further ado, let's jump in and learn how you can program a Ford key!

Why Do You Need To Program a Ford Key?

Why you need to program a ford key

For every car owner, one of the most embarrassing moments you could be faced with is having yourself locked up in your car. In fact, if your new Ford car comes with one key then you definitely need to create a duplicate and program it.

What's more, if you have just one key to your car and you don’t feel the urge to get an extra, you have a lot to be worried about. I am telling you this because I have learned the hard way that having one single key in your car is the worst idea ever.

However, considering that you are here reading this, it's not hard to assume that you are already thinking about creating a duplicate and then programming it. Speaking of this, make sure to also have a look at our blog post about Ford MyKey.

How To Program Transponder Key Ford With Only One Key

How To Program a Ford Key with original

Before you start programming your Ford key, you definitely should gather the necessary tools. It is important to have these tools as they will make your job significantly easier. Therefore, make sure to have the following tools:

  1. You need a Bluetooth OBDII Adapter. ELM327 preferably
  2. You need a personal computer that is Bluetooth supported
  3. Make sure you have the FoRScan OBII installed on your personal computer
  4. You need the extended license for FORScan
  5. Then you need both the original key to your vehicle and the new set of keys you purchased.

Let's now explain why you would need these things!


When you hear the name ELM327, the first thing that may cross is “This tool must be really expensive”. However, in reality, this tool is not expensive and the process of making a spare key for your vehicle has been made so easy that everything you need is made affordable.

If you are buying this tool from one of the online stores, it is expected that you should get it for as low as $18. In fact, you can get yours here on Amazon. The benefit that is associated with getting this tool from Amazon is the ease of delivery. You don’t have to move an inch away from the comfort of your home before you can access this tool.

For every purchase made online, it is expected that you get your consignment delivered to your home. This saves you the time and stress associated with visiting the store physically. To put this tool into use, there are several options you can choose from. You can choose between the wired or wireless option. It truly depends on your preference.

A Bluetooth supported computer

A Bluetooth-supported computer is considered a perfect fit for this exercise. If your personal computer is not Bluetooth supported, don’t worry, there is another option.

If you don’t have the Bluetooth feature on your computer, you can make use of a wired adapter. Connect the adapter to your computer and the job is done. Super simple, right? By the way, check out which are the best Bluetooth car adapters in our review blog post that you will find by clicking here.

FORScan OBII software

FORScan OBII software

This is another important tool that you need for your key programming task. Note that this software is advised to be installed on your personal computer. Although there are versions of this software that you can download on your smartphone, don’t go that route.

The smartphone or mobile versions of this software are known to have lower capabilities, which are not efficient for the programming exercise. For the best result, it is advised you to use your computer. As you move away from the tools to the process involved, we will discuss with you how you can make use of the features that are available on this software.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you need the BETA version of this software. This is because this version is generally easier to use.

The extended license for FORScan

The best thing about FORScan is that its license comes at zero cost which you can get here. However, we can’t guarantee if this is going to continue for a long time. Hence, to cut down on your budget for this exercise, we advise you to benefit from this offer before it ends.

As indicated earlier, we can’t foretell if this offer would stay on for a very long time or end soon. To be on the safer side, you should get the license now so that when they possibly put a price tag on it, you would have saved some cash.

And for individuals who do not feel the urge to get this license yet, if at all they would put a price tag on it anytime soon, one thing is guaranteed.

No matter what, what you will pay for getting this license is going to be lower when compared with what you would pay if you were to consult a dealer for it. Free or not, you will definitely save some bucks! If you would like to learn more about getting the extended license for FORScan, check out this blog post here.

And last but not least, don't forget the keys! In fact, this is where the job starts so make sure to have the original keys and the keys you purchase with you.

Issues that you may face with FORScan

Yes, it is very easy to use, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with some challenges.

You should not expect it to be problem-free, especially on your first try. After consecutive attempts, it is expected that the process becomes as smooth as possible.

When you make use of this software for the first time, you may be faced with compatibility issues. The software may tell you that the program is not suitable for your key. The issue with compatibility is common with vehicles that make use of push-button.

Solutions to issues that you may face with FORScan

The good news is that for compatibility-related challenges or any other challenges, the customer support of FORScan can be contacted. All you should do is tell them the challenge you are faced with. Whatever the challenge is, it will be resolved as soon as possible. Before you place a call or send an email to the support unit, make sure you have exhausted all options we listed above.

Make sure the problem is not a result of your negligence because you don't want to embarrass yourself, right? One of the common negligence is “operating older versions of the software”. At all times, make sure you are using the latest versions of this software. The issue of compatibility is lowlily recorded with the up-to-date versions of this software.

How to erase and add keys to the memory?

Programming Ford Key

Before anything else, remember that the process of removing and adding keys is the same. To add new keys to the program, first, you will need to wipe off the program’s memory.

This is super simple. To start with, get rid of all the data of the keys you have on the memory. Once you finish with this, you can easily program and add the new key to it. After you've done that, just follow these steps:

  • On the program, navigate your way through the “Choose the ignition key link” and click on it.
  • Upon clicking on the link, you will get a prompt command from the program asking you to choose from the available options. You will have to choose between the retrieval of the incode from another source outside the program or directly from the program.
  • Once the incode has been retrieved, the next step is to insert it directly into the program.
  • Once the program takes in the incode, the deletion of lost keys becomes valid or effective.

Upon the deletion of the lost keys, the next thing is to return to the main menu. On the main menu, if the lost keys removal attempt was successful there won’t be any traces of the lost keys again on the main menu.

Now that the memory is free of the lost or old keys, you can now start the process of programming and adding new keys. To program the new keys, you should work with the “ignition key programming” features.

Make sure the ignition switch is off before you insert a new key into it. Once you insert the key, you can then proceed to switch it from off to on. By the way, learn more about replacing your ignition switch by reading our guide here. You never know when you may need it! To complete this process, click on okay. To add another key to it, simply follow the same process. It is that simple.

Upon the completion of the whole process, you can then go back to the main menu. On the main menu, the program should only indicate the newly added keys. at that point, these two keys remain the two keys that are recognized by the program.

Make sure you do not exit the program until this fact is confirmed. Keep in mind that if you fail to return to the main menu to confirm the status after the completion of the exercise, you may lose all you have worked for and won’t be left with any other options that to start the process over again. To see how it all looks visually, have a look at the following video:

Programming of your Ford key using one key - Dodge key: Guide

Ford Key

If you noticed, we have been making a lot of references to FORScan in this article. Therefore, before we move forward with our discussion, we would want to highlight why we picked FORScan against other available options.

Apart from being effective when it comes to monitoring of OBDII sensors, FORScan as well makes it extremely easy to gain access to all kinds of cars. This is an area where this software stands out when you compare it to related software on the market. Apart from its compatibility with Ford, FORScan is as well compatible with the following vehicles:

  • Mercedes
  • Lincoln
  • Mazda

So, if you use a Ford or any of the other from the car brand we just mentioned, in case there is any problem with your car keys, you can solve that issue by using FORScan.

Amazingly, the process involved when you use this software for Ford is the same process when used for the other indicated vehicles. Therefore, all of the users of the listed car brands will definitely find this guide super useful.

Programming Your Transponder Key- DIY Guide

transponder key ford

There is a DIY guide when it comes to programming your transponder key, just follow these steps:

  • Remove the plastic end of your car key. For ease of operation, you can make use of a plier.
  • While removing the head, make sure the key’s teeth are not affected. If any damage occurs to the teeth, it may lead to difficulty in igniting the car’s engine.
  • Upon the removal of the key’s head, you can then position the head very close to the ignition.
  • Once you properly place the head (You can make use of a glue gun for this), now insert the key in the ignition and test. With the transponder well positioned near the ignition, the car will start
  • Once the car starts, you can then get an extra key and try it with the vehicle.

Final Thoughts

Programming your key can be kind of challenging if you have never done that before. Nevertheless, if you put in enough effort and you follow all the steps that we mentioned in this blog post then you will definitely do it in no time without the help of a mechanic.

If you are willing to learn other useful things for repairing other parts of your Ford vehicle, make sure to check out our other blog posts. Thumps up!

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