How to Repair the Throttle Body of Your Car?

The throttle body is an important part of a car engine. The throttle body or, as it is also called, the throttle valve, represents the entire fuel system of the vehicle. Its purpose is to adjust the airflow in the fuel system. However, sooner or later, with prolonged use, this part of the vehicle may fail. In other words, despite the great wear-resistance of the throttle body, sometimes it still breaks and needs to be repaired.  

Let's first start by explaining how the throttle body works and how you can repair it in case you ever need it.

throttle body work

How the Throttle Body Works?

The air supply in the vehicles is controlled by an accelerator (gas pedal). The accelerator is connected to the throttle body. Therefore, when the driver presses the gas pedal, the fuel flap sensor is triggered and supplies the required volume of air to the cylinders. The air entering the cylinders mixes with the fuel and the resulting air-fuel mixture burns, providing the necessary energy for the car to start moving.

At first glance, everything looks extremely simple, because these actions are periodically repeated during the process. Nevertheless, still, there is a whole set of problems that can affect the performance of this mechanism. By the way, if you need to replace the throttle body, perhaps you might need to buy a fuel Injection kit on Amazon.

Circumstances That May Cause Damage to the Throttle Body

Under normal operating conditions of the engine (such as the serviceability of all components and assemblies of the engine) and the use of high-quality fuel, the throttle valve should be cleaned no more than once per year. However, under some conditions, carbon deposits build up faster.

Consequently, maintenance will have to be carried out more often. It is not that difficult for car owners to identify the failure. There are a few signs that a throttle body is broken that you need to look out for:

  • Intermittent start;
  • Floating idly;
  • Periodic power failures;
  • Jerky movement at low speeds.
  • The car slowly picks up speed;
  • At idle speed, the engine picks up speed too fast and the car does not start smoothly;

Detection of any of the above factors, in 90 cases out of 100, is a result of a failure in the throttle body.

Throttle Body Repair Guide

cleaning a throttle body

Disassembling the throttle body does not require specialized tools or accessories. You can remove the device yourself and replace it with a new one. In some cases, it may not be about the breakdown of the damper itself, but about the failure of the sensor, which transmits incorrect readings.

Replacing the sensor is easier and cheaper, but you can also try to repair it. One thing to remember is that the throttle body can only be removed when it is cold. Once it gets cold, feel free to start disassembling its parts:

  • Damper drive unit;
  • The plastic-covered choke of the electric motor that is removed by pressing the latch;
  • Motor winding;
  • The motor rotor magnet (do not forget to mark its position relative to the body with a marker);
  • And last, don't forget to clean the sensor board (board with tracks, slider, contacts, shaft, etc.).

By the way, if the throttle body only needs cleaning, check out our blog post on how to clean a throttle body.

How to Properly Repair the Throttle Body?

Throttle body repair

Before repairing the throttle body, you will need to remove the entire assembly from the hood so that it does not interfere with your repair. After this procedure, you need to verify the cause of the problem. This part rarely fails, so in most cases, it just needs to be cleaned. Before proceeding with cleaning, you first need to disconnect all the wires and pipes and then prepare special aerosols.

It is also a good idea to replace the rubber pads. Keep in mind that during the cleaning process they need to be removed because otherwise, the chemicals will corrode the material

Broken Throttle Position Sensor

One of the possible causes of a throttle body failure may also be a broken throttle position sensor. Leaving wires aside, one of the most common causes of failure is the wear of the resistive layer of the tracks in the throttle position sensor. It is not difficult to detect this breakdown. It is enough to simply disassemble the sensor and check if something is broken there. In case there is, you will have to think about replacing it.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to eliminate this problem at home, since this requires special equipment that is available only in service centers and the skills of professional mechanics. If you want to know more about the throttle position sensor, check out this article here.

Throttle Motor Issues

throttle motor issues

If none of the above methods helped you, perhaps the cause of the malfunction lies in the motor. It is possible to detect a glitch of the throttle motor by examining the motor contactors. If when it rotates, the contact disappears, then it appears (unstable connection), then that's the problem!

Throttle Body Motor Repair Guide

First, you need to unscrew the mounting screws and remove the motor. Then unbend the so-called "whiskers" which are located on the body and hold the motor cover. Next, you need to open the motor. If when opening you find a brush burnt to the body then that's it! This was the reason for the broken throttle body in the first place! Here is how you can repair it:

Step 1: Remove the burnt-out brush and use a soft cloth to clean its seat. Purchase a brush like this one from Amazon.

Step 2: Put the new brush in the body and check how freely it moves.

Step 3: Crimp the old welded wire and the wire from the new brush.

Step 4: Clean the collector tracks very carefully.

Step 5: Degrease the work surface.

Step 6: Put the body parts back and assemble the motor. That's it, you are good to go!If you want to see how the entire process might look like visually, have a look at this video:


The throttle body is an important part of the car engine, therefore, if you notice something unusual is happening with it, you should not wait, but either fix it or replace it immediately. Fixing the throttle body might not be the easiest thing to do especially if you have never done it before.

If this is something that might sound too complicated for you then consider saving your time and effort and buy yourself a brand new throttle body from Amazon and replace the old one with the new one.

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