A Guide to Seasonal Windshield Maintenance

From January to December, car owners need to take care of their vehicles and follow a proper maintenance course throughout the year. Statistics show that more than 500,000 accidents occur each year due to harsh weather conditions, posing a direct threat to human life.

While it may seem unavoidable to you, there are several preventive maintenance techniques that can help car owners avoid mishaps. When it comes to seasonal car maintenance, a critical vehicle component you shouldn’t ignore is the windshield. Designed to support the entire car structure and protect the driver and passengers from external factors, windshields are the real superheroes.

In this blog, we will talk all about windshield maintenance and upkeep during different seasons. So let’s get into it.

1. Summers

Whether you live in a hot state or not, the summer sun can have a direct and significant impact on your car’s windshield. This impact worsens if there’s significant humidity in the air. Taking care of windshields is especially important for people living in coastal areas.

Windshield maintenance guide

The harsh, scorching sun rays can cause the glass to heat up and expand. As a result, if you turn on the air conditioning, the sudden contraction may lead to chips and cracks. Hot weather is the true enemy of windshields, but there are different ways to combat it. Here are some tips you must follow:

  • Don’t blast air conditioning as soon as you turn on your car’s ignition.
  • Keep AC temperature low and steady to stabilize the car’s overall heat.
  • Try to avoid parking your car directly under the sun.
  • Invest in quality sun shades and windshield covers to prevent sun damage.

2. Winter

Winter is coming, and so are windshield challenges. Cold, chilly weather is one of the harshest seasons for windshields. Freezing temperature, hail, frost, and snow can damage auto glass quite severely. The contraction and expansion of glass happen rather quicker than in the summer season. This leads to windshields becoming more vulnerable to cracks and impact damage. Here’s how car owners can maintain and take care of windshields during winters:

  • Don’t turn on the heater as soon as you start the car.
  • Let the car’s temperature regularize via the engine’s heat.
  • Don’t use harsh scrapers or sharp objects to clear snow from the glass.
  • Don’t pour boiling or hot water to melt the settled frost on windshields.
  • Invest in quality defrosters to enhance windshield performance and quality.

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