Spark Plug Buying Guide

Although this engine component looks small and inexpensive, the spark plug is an extremely important part and parcel of your vehicles' engine. The internal combustion of your engine depends largely on your spark plugs. Just as its name, the spark plugs create the sparks that ignite the fuel and commence combustion.

Therefore, if you have a bad or faulty spark plug, you will most definitely have an unpleasant driving experience. The smooth movement and acceleration of your vehicle will be affected when your spark plug is faulty.

How does the Spark plug work?

Your vehicles' engine operates on a simple principle that works by capturing the energy released by tiny explosions. These explosions are created inside the cylinders by the ignition formed from the mixture of gasoline and air. In operation, deep within your engine, fuel and air come in, and they get compressed by the pistons, after which they get ignited multiple times per second. This scenario creates an energy-dense explosion that is responsible for producing the power that drives the vehicle.

The spark plug triggers this explosion, which we are talking about here. The explosion occurs when the current flows towards the center and ground electrode. This flow then creates a tiny spark. Most times, your spark plug wears down over time. The wear out can reduce your engines' fuel economy, cause drag in your engine's performance, and will inadvertently cause damage to other parts.

Therefore, paying close attention to your spark plug and changing it over time, especially when a fault appears, is cardinal. Your spark plugs may be either worn out, dirty and simply due for a change to ensure better performance. A failure to effectively do this will mean your engine will suffer dearly. Furthermore, when it comes to making the right choice of spark plug for your engine, you must understand the Spark plugs' construction in a general sense.

What are the best Spark Plugs?

You must know the best spark plugs available in the market. Therefore, we have put a list below of the five best spark plugs for you with added information on what you need to know about them.

NGK Iridium Spark Plugs

NGK Iridium Spark Plugs

NGK Iridium Spark Plugs  

This set of smart plugs is superb. This brand has successfully irked its name among the greats in the manufacturing business. This brand spans from producing iridium, copper, single and double platinum high-quality spark plugs. This company has also taken it a step further by ensuring that its products are compatible with modern engines and older ones. This adaptability was made possible with the help of its advanced technology.

Denso Spark Plugs


Denso spark plug

A lot of drivers will love to upgrade and enhance their car's speed and engine performance. However, only a few get to implement this as many think this will cost a fortune to implement. But only a handful of people know that with Denso spark plugs, you can do this.

Denso produces both iridium and platinum plugs, which have enshrined an improved technology that brings to life every driver's dream of experiencing heightened acceleration and sustained performance.

Bosch Spark Plugs


Bosch Spark Plugs

This brand of plugs is known for its variety and diversity of different kinds of spark plugs, depending on its preference. Unlike most spark plug manufacturers, which stick with just two types, Bosch takes it a bit further.

The Bosch brand has successfully evolved and surprise the world as it produces copper, platinum, silver, or iridium spark plugs. Whichever type you prefer, Bosch has got you covered. Furthermore, simple iridium plugs have been further enhanced into double iridium plugs producing perfect results.

ACDelco Spark Plugs


ACDelco spark plugs

If you are searching for Gold (Professional) and GM original spark plugs, then ACDelco is the brand for you. These guys know their OEM plugs. The ACDelco spark plugs company has a wide variety of plugs listings, including iridium and single platinum, and double platinum products. Their products come with the latest features you can find anywhere, and they have a limited warranty.

Champion Spark Plugs

Champion Spark Plugs

Champion Spark Plugs

The Champion plug brand has been on the scene since 1907. Since 1907, this company has not failed its customers in providing high-quality spark plugs for both moderate and diehard drivers. Are they looking for high-grade iridium, copper, and platinum spark plugs? You don't need to look further. Champion spark plugs are here for you. Both old and new drivers make use of this product, and they have been well satisfied.

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Top 5 Best Spark Plug Buying Guide 2023

Without much ado, let's take a quick look and our top-rated best spark plugs for you.

  • NGK 6619 Iridium IX – Best Performance Spark Plug

Overtime, iridium has proven to be the strongest material available when dealing with plugs. This plug here is manufactured in such a way that longevity and efficiency are a must. That is basically what most people look out for when they want to purchase a spark plug.

With this singular attribute, they have labeled themselves better than others, with their makeup material comprising majorly of substances as copper. Compared with the platinum plugs, the iridium used for this spark plug makes it deliver up to 25% more.

The multi-pack option comes in when you need to replace multiple plugs. Nonetheless, if all you need to replace is one spark plug, you can keep the unused one for some other time when others might need a replacement. The NGK 6619 plug is twice the cost of other products in the market. Nonetheless, it is still within an affordable range. If you place this plug's cost alongside the life span, it brings it to the table. You will surely agree that it is worth it.

This plug is compatible with most vehicles and usable on some recent car models as well. It has a superfine wire that enhances its efficiency, and you only have to change this plug after 100,000 miles. However, this plug has inconsistent gapping.

  • NGK V-Power Spark Plug

As earlier established, NGK is has instituted itself as arguably the best spark plug product in the market for years. We trust this brand for the quality and consistency it has not failed to bring on every time. The company's V-Power spark plugs feature comes with a uniquely enshrined electrode design or pattern. This design creates a peculiar shape that helps to improve mileage and performance. This design also helps to maintain a cleaner and long-lasting electrode surface.

These V-Power plugs also have an NGK's Trivalent Metal Plating technology, which helps to resist corrosion and provides superior anti-seizing characteristics. They also come with compatible fittings or sizes for many cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. Furthermore, this NGK's V-Power spark plugs come with a higher level of ignitability, and they require less system voltage for this.

Meaning, your engine receives more power and heightened efficiency accompanied by a drop in strain on the ignition system parts. This plug is ideal for the DIY enthusiast.

  • ES Spark Plug E3.36 Powersports

The ES Spark plug has specific features and attributes that set it apart from others. This spark plug ensures that irrespective of whether it's a two or four-stroke engine, the emissions will nosedive after its installation, about fifty hours to be precise.

The duration the plug needs to come to speed is why we have this time frame. The ES PLUG design is in such a way that it can handle intense conditions because its design suits a colder heat range. This feature is why professional drivers frequently use this plug to test the limits of their engines.

This plug has a Yttrium-enhanced alloy, which minimizes the side wire temperature up to 8%. This feature helps to complement the cold heat range. Although you might consider this to be on the high side, the reduced temp is responsible for enhancing this model's shelf-life and reduces the possibility of any pre-ignition. Lastly, this model's design is exquisite and in the similitude of a DiamondFire electrode design.

It improves your fuel efficiency, power and helps with a faster burn. It is eco-friendly and aids in the reduction of greenhouse gases. However, it requires the right tools to get the car running alongside.

  • Denso (3194) K16TR11 Traditional Spark Plug

The Denso is also a popular and decent brand in the spark plug production industry. This brand designed a direct OEM replacement spark plug, which is the K1GTR11. It has a copper core, which provides an improved thermal conductivity.

In similarity with the NGK spark plug, which we looked at above, the Denso spark plugs have some significant features. Examples of such features include the five ribs, which perform the function of inhibiting flashover. This spark plug also comes with machine-rolled threads that prevent seizing and cross-threading. It also has dual ground electrodes and an alumina powder insulator construction.

Finally, the Denso spark plugs are affordable and will work fine for your vehicle. However, this spark plug will require you to change it often to ensure optimal performance from your engine because of the copper component.

  • Bosch 6702 PLATINUM Spark Plug

The Bosch brand has set its name in the sands of time as it is arguably one of the best in producing quality spark plugs. Beyond their production of spark plugs, they are also well known for their distributors' production and ignition components. These spark plugs are platinum. Following the manufacturer's report, these spark plugs will inadvertently last longer than other high-quality and standard spark plugs available in the market.

One of the key features to notice about this spark plug is an OEM direct replacement plug. Its fine wire design helps to enhance its performance. It has a ribbed insulator design. The Bosch spark plug guarantees you a four-year high-quality performance.

Lastly, it has a 360 degrees laser welding design. Finally, in standard spark plugs, the Bosch plugs offer longer and more efficient service. These spark plugs also assure you of high-level performance and have a life span of as long as four years.

How to install a Spark plug?

Let's take you through a step-by-step process on how this works. It's a pretty easy process and should not take a lot of time. Without much ado, let's get down to business.

  • Firstly, you should start by removing the old spark plug. Removing the old spark plug can be done easily with the help of a spark plug socket.
  • Then clean the plughole using a thin, dry, and soft cloth. Please do not use a wet cloth.
  • Use the oil dipstick to oil the spark plug threads.
  • You can install the plug into the engine's cylinder. Carefully rotate it in a clockwise manner. Tighten it further wise the help of the plug socket
  • The next step is to use dielectric grease inside the main wire and then press or push it on the plug.
  • After doing this, repeat this same process if you need to change the rest of the spark plugs in your vehicles' engine. That's how it is done!

What does a Spark Plug do?

The role of a spark plug in your automobile's engine cannot be overemphasized. Spark plugs affect your car's fuel economy, your engine's performance, and the overall health of your engine. A spark plug design enables it to endure the high heat and pressure emanating from your car's engine cylinders.

These plugs are also essential in burning off fuel additives and other deposits, thereby ensuring your car's smooth movement. The absence of a spark plug inadvertently means your car isn't going to move at all as the engine will not start without it.

Key Takeaways!

  • Although the spark plugs are a minute component in your car's engine, they are an extremely important part and parcel of it.
  • The internal combustion of your engine depends largely on your spark plugs. The absence of a spark plug inadvertently means your car isn't going to move at all.
  • The role of a spark plug in your automobile's engine cannot be overemphasized. Spark plugs affect your car's fuel economy, your engine's performance, and the overall health of your engine.
  • Your vehicles' engine operates on a simple principle that works by capturing the energy released by tiny explosions. These explosions are created inside the cylinders by the ignition formed from the mixture of gasoline and air.
  • The common brands are NGK Iridium, Denso, Bosch, ACDelco, and Champion Spark plugs.

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