Ultimate Guide to Fix the Sunroof of a Ford F-150

Regardless of how cool the sunroof for a Ford F-150 can be, sometimes it might get broken. Considering that you are here reading this, it is not hard to assume that you are here to learn how to fix the sunroof of a Ford F-150, right? If the answer is "yes", then just keep reading!

What Is a Sunroof?

Ford f150 sunroof

First things first, let's learn what is a sunroof. The sunroof is the skylight on a car roof. It is an opaque, movable panel commonly of glass, which suits the body color of the car. It can be bent, open, or separated so that fresh air and direct light can enter the car.There is a diversity of designs of the sunroof for the Ford F-150.

It is available in many sizes, designs, and styles. The sunroof is a highly vital and decision-turning choice before buying a demanding car.It is an attractive opening glass panel overhead facilitating fresh, air and sunlight inside the car. A sunroof is an opening to raise the top car body out and seem relaxed and refreshing while driving.

Sunroofs are usually present in luxury cars which is why many people like them. Ford lovers are not an exception either. In fact, now there is also a sunroof for Ford F-150 which offers openings up both the front and seats and may be operable or fixed glass panels.

Hold your attention for a moment and think, do you need one? The sunroof is usually regarded as an ‘accessory’ and the occupancy of a sunroof in a Ford F-150 thoroughly depends on your choice.

Types of Sunroof

types of sunroofs

Before anything else, let's learn what types of sunroofs exist. Keep reading!

  • Tilt-up  Sunroof

This type of sunroof has a roof windowpane that is affixed in the front so that it unfolds and seals in the rear. It only bends, and the opening is small. This tilt-up sunroof is best for fresh air and to feel the sunshine, but not too much.

  • Sliding Sunroof

The sliding sunroof has a window that skims backward and forwards to get opened and get closed. It is the most common sunroof.

  • Panorama Sunroof

Panorama Sunroof is a huge synthetic resin windowpane; it is fixed in the car roof. Under the panorama glass, there is a binding sheet that slides backward and forwards to lower the sunlight.

Open the panorama windowpane to allow the sky inside your car to enjoy the direct sunlight and pleasant scene. The panorama window is the only sunroof that does not open and shut. It is not for ventilation purposes within the roof, yet, this huge glass proffers the most real feeling of openness.

How to fix the Sunroof of a Ford F-150?

How to fix the Sunroof of a Ford F-150?

There are many speculations why the sunroof for Ford F-150 (here you will find our expert opinion on whether you should get 2021 Ford F-150) is so popular. However, unfortunately, sometimes it might get broken. Here you will learn how to fix it step-by-step:

Separating the Headliner

  • First, take the glass off. Keep in mind that there are four screws on the glass from inside. This is how you can take the glass out super fast and easy.
  • Separate the dome light case by interpolating a flathead screwdriver below the edge and move it away from the light. Place it aside.
  • Exclude the screws that keep the base of the dome light with a screwdriver.
  • Draw the dome light switch down. Unplug any electrical connections.
  • Push the grip handles applying a ratchet and socket.
  • Unfix the headliner by lightly drawing down on the sides till the sunroof motor is fixed.

Sealing the Sunroof

  • Locate the connector for the sunroof motor.
  • Insert the Allen wrench.
  • Rotate the Allen wrench clockwise until the sunroof is entirely fixed.

Wipe the sunroof trails properly, as dust and trash cause the sunroof to shift stuck open. Sunroof should routinely be cleaned so dust and trash don't accumulate in the sunroof trails. Enormous dust and waste may damage the sunroof cables, which are so tricky to fix.

Tools you will require

  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Ratchet and socket set
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Allen wrench

You also should check out this sunroof repairing kit as it definitely might be super helpful throughout this process:

Is Sunroof for Ford F-150 a Good Investment?

Sunroof for Ford F-150

Sunroofs are often considered to be a luxury feature, therefore, many Ford lovers do like having a sunroof. Here are some reasons why you should consider getting a sunroof for your Ford F-150 if you don't already have one:

  • The sunroof makes the vehicle look even more attractive
  • It replenishes cool air in the car at driving and builds a dreamy and romantic ambiance.
  • The sunroof is useful if you don't like keeping the windows open as it keeps the car well-oxygenated with a fresh climate and direct sunlight.
  • You can look at the sky even inside your sky.
  • Natural brightness.
  • Simple, push-button controllers.
  • Lavish, open-air adventure.
  • The smooth looks of a shady roof.
  • Outspread brightness above the shield.
  • In zones where the weather is regularly cool, the sunroof throughout the day ensures the car's interior to be bright and filled with fresh air which presents a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere while driving.

Why Some Owners Don’t Like Sunroof For Ford F-150?

ford truck with sunroof

Just like there are some people who love sunroofs, obviously, there are some people who don't like sunroofs. Here are some of the reasons why they don't like it:

  • The sunroof is usually easy to break.
  • Sunroofs influence the fuel expenditure of an automobile. You can learn more about it here.
  • The sunroof sometimes begins to leak, and many drivers find that irritating.
  • The electrical components, motors, mechanical parts, rubbers, and the glass itself require considerable attention.
  • Inner sliding sunroof structurally lessens the ceiling.
  • The sunroofs are usually made of glass or synthetic resin which insulates outside temperature.
  • There is a probability of rain drooling through the rubber sealant between the glass panel and the roof.

Sunroof for Ford F-150: Care and Maintenance

Sunroof for Ford F-150 Care and Maintenance

Many features are used to fix and maintain the Sunroof for Ford F-150. Sunroof care is super simple, therefore, you should clean your sunroof on a regular basis. Here is how you can do it:

Clean Sunroof Routinely

Proper cleaning and washing of the sunroof are the most useful idea to maintain its function.

  • Clean the entire area of the sunroof, by using a vacuum. Here you will find our reviews of the best vacuum cleaners for cars.
  • Wash all moving components, and the gasket around the roof with a soft fabric, toothbrush, and automotive cleaner.
  • Rinse the slides and trails.
  • Lubricate all moving parts by using a lightweight, heat-resistant lubricant.
  • Clean the glass with a cleanser that doesn't contain ammonia or vinegar.
  • Lastly, clear the sunroof trough by fanning low-pressure air by the draining devices.
  • Then shut the sunroof and splash water over the glass in order to check leakage.

If there is a noise coming from your sunroof, perhaps you should take it to a mechanic.

Cleaning Products for Sunroof

It is extremely important to use the best cleaning products for washing the sunroof and its parts. Some materials are quite harmful to the rubber gasket that helps keep water out of the car; some products may be toxic when the car warms in the summertime.

Keep in mind that you should avoid the use of ammonia-based materials to wash the sunroof or its components. Instead, you should use vinegar. It is most suitable to clean your sunroof. The main point to remember that dust must be wiped away while cleaning the sunroof. Dust causes trouble of jamming and leaking within sunroofs.

So, make sure to clean the dust before you proceed with other things. By the way, here you will find the best cleaning car products. The cleaning is just the basics of the maintenance of the sunroof. If anything is broken in the sunroof, then follow our guide below or consult a professional to fix it.

Final Thoughts

The use of a sunroof lets the cool breeze in the car while driving and creates a dreamy atmosphere.  However, sometimes sunroofs become trouble due to negligence!

Thus, the most essential factor in maintaining a sunroof is to keep the sunroof clean inside and out. The sunroof has both pros and cons. The most reliable recommendation is to test-drive a car with a sunroof before deciding whether you desire a sunroof for Ford F-150 or not.

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