Water leaks in Ford F-150: Identify and fix!

Car leaks can be very disturbing especially for drivers with little experience and knowledge of cars. While some leaks can spell danger, some others like water leaks may not always mean danger.

Regardless of this, you should fix all leaks as they can affect the general maintenance of your car. This article will, therefore, put you through the steps involved in identifying and fixing water leaks specifically in Ford F-150.

Introducing Ford F-150

Ford 150 is a famous and durable pick-up truck. It would, however, be fair to say also that maintaining this truck is a challenging task as complaints keep reeling in. One of the common reports regarding this brand is its frequent water leaks.  To see other problems Ford users face, Read this. However, if you have the water leaks problem with your Ford too, you have to find a solution and the good news is, this article is here to help.

Ford F150

Types of water leaks in Ford F-150

  • Windshield water leak
  • Satellite Radio pod water leak
  • Third-break water leak
  • Roof leak (sunroof and moonroof)
  • Rear window water leak
  • 3rd brake light water leak

Identifying each type and finding solutions

Windshield water leaks in Ford  F-150

What is a windshield?

The windshield of a car is a glass window in front of the car, designed to protect the occupants of the car. The windshield water leak can occur at different spots and can have different causes. When there is a leak from the windshield, water soaks and drips down from the driver or passenger side.

ford f150 windshield

IDENTIFY THE WINDSHIELD IN THIS FORD F-150 STRUCTURE[/caption]To fix this watch the video below

Windshield leaks can also occur as a result of rust along with the point where the windshield meets the roof. In this case, fixing your windshield would require changing it completely. Are you worried you’ll have to buy a new windshield? Not to worry there’s a second solution to fixing this smoothly without replacing anything. Watch this to see how.

Satellite Radio Pod Water Leak

The radio pod water leak is quite confusing and some tend to mistake it for a windshield water leak. This leak causes water to drip from the grab handle. Seeing that the grab handle is closer to the windshield, makes one suspect that the windshield is the source of the leak first. This however may or may not be the cause. If after taking measures to fix the windshield and the leak continues, then it definitely should be a Radio pod water leak.

What is a satellite Radio pod?

A satellite radio pod is a black bump attached to the roof of your Ford F-150. It holds the antenna that connects to the radio inside your Ford. The wire connecting the antenna to your radio runs from the roof of your car and through the grab handle on the passengers’ side. It furthermore, continues from the grab handle and runs through the dashboard till it connects to the radio.

ford f150 radio pod

How does a Radio pod Water Leak Occur in Ford F-150?

The radio pod leak occurs when the bond/seal holding the radio pod to the roof of your ford becomes weak. When this happens, the radio pod begins to absorb water especially when it rains. The water absorbed follows the wire connection and runs through the wires on the roof down to the grab handle. There, the leak occurs. As the water soaks the grab handle, the handle absorbs it and it drips down on the passenger side dashboard.


Seeing that the grab handle is closer to the windshield, it is not unlikely for one to first suspect that it is a windshield leak.

How Can I fix a Radio Pod Water Leak in Ford F-150?

If your Ford is having a radio pod water leak, all you need to do is replace the bond to maintain a firm seal. Amazingly, this is not a complicated process. Watch the steps here.

Sunroof and Moonroof Water Leak in Ford F-150

Meaning of Sunroof and moonroof

The sunroof and moonroof are very similar. They are located at the same spot in a car and perform the same function of letting light in through the roof of the car. While they share this similarity, however, they also have differences.

Difference between the Sunroof and the Moonroof


Traditionally, the sunroof is a manual panel on the roof of a car that can be slid backward or removed completely to let light rays into the car. The sunroof allows light rays and its elements to stream in and it is found in old model cars.

The moonroof

The moonroof on the other hand is a modern brand of the sunroof which is has a tinted glass panel designed to let light rays in without letting the elements in too. Some moonroofs however are designed to slide further down to let light rays and its elements all in.  Unlike the traditional sunroof, the moon roof is not designed to be removed completely. It also not controlled manually; rather, it tilts or slides open and we control it from a control panel inside the car.


A double moonroof that covers the roof of the car is called a Panoramic roof. The panoramic roof is also called a Big Moon Roof or Double Moon Roof.


As mentioned earlier, the sunroof is rarely found in recent vehicle models as the moonroof appears to be in voke. Regardless of this, the moonroof is still called sunroof as it is an improved brand of the traditional sunroof.Watch this to see their differences.

What causes water leaks on sunroof or moonroof in Ford F-150?

Water leaks on the sun/moonroof can have various causes. While it could be caused by a loose seal, it can also be a result of a damaged/ clogged water drain tube. A drain tube is a channel that absorbs the water that seeps through the sides of the sunroof or moonroof seal.

It drains it off the bottom vehicle without causing a leak. When your drain tube is clogged, water drips right into your car and this can be very messy. Watch this to see what to do when you have a leaking sunroof/moonroof and how best you can fix a clogged drain tube.

Now do it yourself following the steps below:

To learn more about sunroof and how to fix other damages on your sunroof read this.

Rear Window Water Leak in Ford F-150

What is a rear window?

The rear window is located at the back of your ford F-150. Every car has a rear window. This helps drivers monitor what is going on behind them. It is also very helpful while reversing the car.


Causes of water leaks at the rear window

The water leak that occurs at the rear window is mostly a result of the seal. When the window seal becomes weak, it cannot resist water from seeping through thereby, causing a leak. To fix the rear window, therefore, we have to replace the damaged window seal with a new one. See just how to do this in the video below.

3rd Brake Light Water Leak in Ford F-150

What is the meaning and function of the 3rd brake light?

The third brake light is located right above the rear window. It supports the other brake lights in performing the simple but important function of lighting up whenever the driver hits the brakes. This serves as a warning to oncoming drivers who in turn slow down.


Where does 3rd brake light water leak occur?

This occurs when water leaks through the brake light seal into the roof. Water leaks from this area can be really messy as it soaks the entire roof, drips to the floor of the car, thereby leaving watermarks on the roof. Fix brake light water leaks as soon as possible to avoid damages. Watch a detailed guide on how to fix the 3rd Brake light Water Leak in Ford F-150.

Effects/ dangers of water leaks in Ford F-150

  • They are very messy
  • They can cause smell and odor in your car
  • Water leaks can lead to other damages
  • They cause discomfort

There are various sources of leaks in cars and the Ford F-150 as seen in this article is not an exception. Do well to run a detailed check if you discover a leak in your car so that you do not end up fixing the wrong problem and spending more.

Read this to see other common causes of water leaks in your car. Do you want to purchase  Ford F-150 and need some advice? Click here for a proper guide. See also the cost of maintaining Ford F-150 while you make a choice.

Key Takeaways!

  • Water leaks may not be too dangerous but they are destructive
  • Most water leaks in ford F-150 occur as a result of loose or damaged seals
  • The moonroof is a rebranded version of the sunroof. They both serve the same purpose.
  • You can fix water leaks without going to a repair shop because the steps are not complicated.
  • People often misplace radio pod leaks and windshield leaks. Know the difference.
  • Identify the source of a water leak before fixing it. Do not make assumptions!
  • Visit a Ford dealer if water leaks persist in your ford.

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