What are the Best Injectors for 7 3 Powerstroke

We know. You just wanted to know what are the best injectors for 7.3 Powerstroke, and it turned into a 10+ sites mess with endless, pointless reading about this brand or the other.Sometimes you go too deep into one specific part, and then you become completely confused - thinking about the smallest things like how much it weighs or what are the exact dimension when what really matters is that it performs well. Don’t worry - you don’t need to do some pointless reading and neither go directly to the most expensive option (like Alliant); We’ve compiled here a beneficial list containing some of the best injectors out there for 7.3L PS engines.

What are The Best Injectors For 7.3 Powerstroke on The Market today?

Good question. This article should answer on a personal level, although if you want to talk more objectively, we found Delphi’s EX63803AD is the best injectors for 7.3 powerstroke.But, you know, there are as many opinions on this as there are people on earth!

Why Delphi’s EX63803AD Is The Best Brand For 7.3 Powerstroke Injector?

It’s hard to say, but if we’re just talking about Diesel Injector, Delphi is the best one on this list.We took the optimal performance and low budget into the consideration for the selection of choosing the best injectors for 7.3 Powerstroke.

Buyer’s Consideration of Choosing The Best Injectors For 7.3 Powerstroke

How do we make sense of all this, then? To make a decision, it’s better to break down what influences the decision - like price, reliability, the convenience of the product, and so on.So, let’s look at different factors separately so you can get a sense of which decision is the right one for you:

01. Reliability

Yes. Whether a product is reliable or not is a huge, significant factor in whether or not someone will buy it. But this is a very subjective thing.While one manufacturer might be generally regarded as making reliable parts, one bad experience from a source you trust -or even yourself- might make the winds shift.Further than just predicting the quality of the product, this serves to feel better about our decision.Even if a part is alright, if you had doubts before buying it, you will feel like something just ain’t right with the car - also if there’s nothing wrong. Kind of like the placebo effect, but with diesel injectors.

02. Price

A most apparent consideration: Can I afford this?The answer is complicated- Even if you can afford the highest price, is it wise to spend all that money? Could you be paying just because of the manufacturer’s name?This is for you to consider: What are you paying for, and is it worth it for you? For example, while two injectors might look exactly the same.You might feel strongly in favor of the more expensive one just because it comes from a reputable manufacturer: If this is very important for you, then that’s your choice - if not, then you can look at lower prices.

03. Convenience

Then comes convenience - which is a very diverse category, for example; Does this installation kit provide the bare necessities for removal and installation, or does it have some spare parts that could come in handy later, for something else?As another example, you can find it more convenient for your needs to buy apart from a provider that offers extensive customer service if you feel it imperative to have each and every question about the product answered.A warranty (and its length and price) can fall under this category.

Top 10 Best Injectors for 7.3 Powerstroke Reviews & Buing Guide

01. Delphi EX63803AD Injector - Overall Best Injectors For 7.3 Powerstroke

Delphi EX63803AD Injector

Highlighted Features

  • Performance and quality tested
  • Parts are all new and high quality
  • Made in America

And we say alternative because, unlike Alliant Power, this company is based in Dublin, Ireland - not at all because of the quality of the product.Delphi’s manufacturing is top-notch, and although their administrative headquarters are in Ireland, they make most of their parts in the US.But, like with doctors, sometimes we want a second opinion. Sure, you want to get the best injector possible, money being no object, but do you have just one choice? The answer is Delphi.Delphi’s mission is not just to manufacture (and remanufacture) auto parts upholding the strictest standards they can; they aim to better their techniques and so better the parts - improving upon the quality of their craft so as to make a better one each time.This product has undergone supervised tests to ensure that it can match the performance giving by original injectors.


  • A good alternative to Alliant
  • Undergone supervised performance tests
  • All injector parts are new


  • No core refund

This injector is a great choice that’ll make your car run even more smoothly than before. Delphi is not just a manufacturer: These guys are basically scientists.And who else are you gonna trust to give you the best technology and engineering, besides scientists?

02. GB Remanufacturing’s 722-504

Highlighted Features

  • Made in the US
  • Improves on OE’s quality
  • Durable

GB Remanufacturing is a company that always delivers on the variety of their equipment: This local company, based in California, was started in 1986 as a family business, and it still is.This injector comes as a single unit and has been remanufactured not only so that it is restored to its original glory, but to endure past what it did the first time.And, just in case, all of GB Remanufacturing’s products come with an excellent 24-month warranty.All in all, the 722-504 injector is a very reliable piece of equipment that has been tested to fit perfectly with all compatible diesel engines.It is a very safe bet - and guaranteed to last long.


  • Durable & Resistant
  • Exceeds Original Equipment’s quality
  • Designed for a perfect fit
  • Made in America


  • O-rings are not of the best quality

GB Remanufacturing is a company that you can always trust. Their products are very reliable, and it is very reassuring that they offer an extended warranty and customer service.When the time comes, you can’t sit there thinking too long about exactly what injector you’re gonna get - you don’t have time to look through endless reviews and comparisons, because, well, you need your car to work.

03. International Navistar T444E

Highlighted Features

  • Get a discount for your old injector
  • Same-day shipping
  • Reliable experience in automotive parts remanufacturing

You just gotta look through BuyAutoParts’ catalog first - being the world’s leading provider of any kind of automotive parts and replacements, it’s worth looking through their stuff first.This injector is of very high-quality, very specific (fitting only a few models going from 1997 into 1999), and comes with a free 1-year warranty courtesy of our good friend BuyAutoParts.The refundable core deposit system implemented by BuyAutoParts is probably the single most compelling thing about this product: First, you make a deposit (of about 100$).This money is then refunded to you once you send your old, faulty part to BuyAutoParts. Free shipping! How much easier can it get?


  • Refundable deposit for your old injector
  • Fast, cheap shipping.
  • Exact fit
  • Extensively tested for best performance


  •   You have to pay for the shipping of the remanufactured part

So, if you don’t like getting remanufactured parts while yours sits there, BuyAutoParts is probably your most convenient choice. Send your old part, get your new one, and it’ll be like nothing ever happened.Plus, there’s something to say about the credibility of these guys. They have a hand in almost anything - which makes it easy for one to trust that their parts are right.

04. HEUI Injector for Ford 7.3 Powerstroke

HEUI Injector for Ford 7.3 Powerstroke

Highlighted Features

  • Original HEUI-type injector
  • Brand new
  • Built for top performance

HEUI is just an acronym for Hydraulically activated, Electronically controlled Unit Injector.This was basically the first instance of direct injection that the world has seen, and is an excellent milestone for automotive engineering.What Alliant power offers is top-notch quality equipment that is hardly bested by other brands.Their injectors (and most of their products) are quite famous for being some of the most lasting and reliable on the market.Plus, this is new equipment. Some people have their reserves about buying remanufactured equipment (if it failed once…), which is why there are options like these.Most of the time, what you really want is a brand new part. It’s just more expensive, so you get the remanufactured one.But of course, even if you’re getting it now, you can still give up your old, defective injector in exchange for a 100$ refund, which is, considering the price, quite a relief.


  • New & shiny!
  • It is built to be just as good as your original injector.
  • Perfect fit.
  • Very powerful


  • A bit expensive

This is an excellent choice for people who want their replacement to be of the highest quality possible.If money is no object and you don’t want to get anything but the best, then this is the one for you!

05. Platinum Remanufactured Fuel injector for 7.3L Powerstroke

Highlighted Features

  • All new pieces used for remanufacturing
  • Undergone performance tests
  • Made by experts in Diesel Injectors

These guys (Diesel Care and Performance products) are the most specialized out there when it comes to diesel parts and, more specifically, injectors.Their team consists of the most qualified, experienced workers on diesel engines and all other pieces they remanufacture.This, without a doubt, is a huge plus. Whenever you need something, you can always get that thing from the prominent supplier, the big store that makes anything, everything, and all the things there are.But nothing can beat a manufacturer that is specialized - this kind of expertise is invaluable.What this means in practical terms is an injector that will perform flawlessly, reassembled with all new parts - a product that will give you no excuse to be even the slightest bit dissatisfied with its performance.


  • Guaranteed to perform better than the OE
  • 1 year of technical follow up from DCP
  • All injector parts are new

ConsCan seem a little expensiveThe good thing here is that there isn’t much deciding to do; You know that DCP Products are gonna give you excellent quality because, unlike other providers, their focus is very narrow.If you want your diesel injector made from experts in that exact kind of part - then this is your best choice.

06. Delphi 6760301 Fuel Injector - Best for first-timers

Highlighted Features

  • Great for the novice or amateur mechanics
  • Maximum efficiency guaranteed
  • Good for cold starts

If you feel you are finally ready to get your hands dirty and replace your own injectors instead of paying a lot of extra money for a job that you could easily do yourself in one evening - we’ve got great news for you.This Delphi injector is designed to be very easy to install, has a brilliant design that makes them a perfect, exact fit for all compatible engines.Besides being beginner-friendly, these babies implement the most advanced diesel technology for injectors (all thanks to Delphi) and are guaranteed to make your engine run more smoothly.This Injector part is designed to provide a very precise fuel spraying: It can reduce your car's noxious emissions as well as making fuel last longer.(Not enough for you to notice short term, but your wallet will thank you in the long run)


  • Fuel-efficient
  • Inexpensive
  • Reliable, durable


  • Tends to break if not handled with care

The reason we’ve picked this part is, apart from being a great piece of technology while still managing to be inexpensive, it’s always rated as the simplest injector to handle and install.Overall, doing this kind of work is pretty complicated even if you have experience - so we’ve put this one on the list for all of you who need a simpler one just to get the job done fast and efficiently - without a lot of hassle.

07. Bostech’s Remanufactured Gold Series

Highlighted Features

  • Premium quality
  • Precise fuel injection
  • Can handle extensive wear & tear

While Bostech might be a more small-scale kind of manufacturer compared to others on this list, their Gold Series Injector might as well be their crown piece.It is of exceptionally high quality, with some of the best remanufacturing work - hardly anything to complain about.This Injector (for cylinder #8) is Bostech Factory certified - their remanufacturing methods have been tested regularly over the years to ensure that they are consistent with the quality of their products, and that is particularly true with this injector.In terms of market popularity, Bostech may not be the first thing that comes to your mind; we admit it.But there is a lot to be said about this Injector in particular - it performs really well and has nothing but reviews from happy customers; that should speak for itself.


  • Premium-quality Injection
  • Able to perform at peak condition even after years of use
  • Engineered for casual and heavy use


  • Even with free shipping, it’s pricey

For the final injector on our list, we wanted to have a very high-quality one.And this one is: Truly a kind of “premium” injector - designed to be better and more durable than your original one, but still being more affordable than other high-quality parts out there.

08. Auto Parts Prodigy

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Good quality

Jobs don’t get done by themselves. They need a man - and not just anyone, but a prepared man to do the job right. And you can’t be prepared without the appropriate tools, can you?What we liked about this kit is that first, the installation tools are incredibly sturdy - they could probably handle hundreds of cylinder installations (hope it doesn’t come to that though) before so much as a chip appearing on them.Second - the parts that come with these tools as part of the kit are surprisingly high-quality.Most mechanics would recommend you buy stuff like this separately, but we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality of this kit.Everything is easy to use and quite intuitive, so don’t worry about this being some sort of super complicated installation - you’ll find anything you need in this kit.


  • Remover & Installer
  • It’s effortless to use - no need for manuals
  • Comes with everything you need for the job


  • Hardened threads on the brush can be hard to get used to

If you’ve ever thought, “I could do that,” then this kit is precisely how yo go from thinking actually to do.Get this kit if you’re enthusiastic about your car so that you wouldn’t trust some stranger doing work on it - the only way for you to make sure the job’s done right is to do it yourself.

09. lUKSY US-Direct

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with O-ring kit
  • Easy to use
  • Works great

While the O-ring equipment might be just a little plus, it does come in handy even after many uses. The point of this kit, after all, is convenience.Do not expect a tip-of-the-spear kind of kit: This is not designed to be particularly high quality, but it’s more to get you out of a hairy situation.After all, these guys understand that some people don’t really need tools that’ll last them a lifetime: It’s a one-time thing, does the job, get out.And that’s the strength here - the kit is very affordable if you take into account of much stuff you get, it ships immediately, and it’s straightforward to use. Cheap, fast, convenient. That’s all you need, really!Pros

  • Remover & Installer tools
  • Comes with its own O-ring kit
  • Inexpensive, easy to use


  • Not made in the US

What can be said for this kit? After all, it’s not particularly attractive. Sure, it’s made in China: that might spell cheap, but…It’s a handy kit that’ll save your ass if you ever need it. Even if you don’t need it right away, one day you probably will - and why spend a thousand bucks for replacement, installations, when you can get this kit that works just fine and save yourself almost one grand?If you believe in saving money by doing the hard work yourself - get this kit. It’s worth it.

10. LIYAauto 7.3 Powerstroke

Highlighted Features

  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy

Pray that you never need one of these, but if you do - you better get this one. It’s all too common for people to get one without looking, and then it turns out they are of inferior quality.With this Diesel Valve Cover Gasket, you will find everything you might need to replace your old one - all with cable and connections so that you only need to make one purchase.


  • Convenient
  • Easy to install
  • Covered for factory defects and similar


  • Needs some reading up before installing

There aren’t many reliable providers for parts like these - so we recommend you don’t spend too much time looking around and wasting your time. LIYA’s quite safe, and their products are of decent quality.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-f-CmYiwMA

FAQ's About The Best Injectors for 7.3 Powerstroke

Do more significant injectors increase MPG?

Technically, yes. They can - but not if you tune your car right. If you just swap injectors and don’t pay attention to anything else, it’ll definitely increase mpg.

How many injectors does a 7.3L Powerstroke have?

It depends on the particular engine, but usually 8.

What CC do these injectors have?

They commonly range from 80 to 130 cc.

How many injectors does a 6.7 Powerstroke have?

8 as well.


So, after all of this, we wish that this article can help make a better decision now that you’re informed and, more importantly, more aware of each product’s pros and cons.We do recommend, however, that you read each product review twice for good measure.It’s easy to get dazzled by one product in particular and become blind to possible faults and things you won’t like until after you’ve bought it, so take your time.

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