The size of a windshield that is cracked can increase if not fixed. This can reduce the visibility of a driver, posing a risk. Repair kits used for windshields will help you fix any crack or whip on your windshield and protect it against additional damage.

Wintshield repair kits - reviews

Reasons You Need Repair Kit for Your Windshield


The cost of a vehicle glass repair can vary between $20 and $200. Windshield replacement on the other hand can cost between $100 and $400. Although some damage to your glass will need to be checked by a professional, windshields do not need extensive repair. This is because windshields suffer minor damage.Since repairing your windshield does not warrant professional repair, you can buy a repair kit and fix the glass as soon as possible. You will find all you need for fixing the crack in the kit. The process is relatively simple; you just need to adhere to the instructions.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Repair Kit

You must consider some things before purchasing a repair kit. Knowing more about repair kits will definitely help you out to decide which repair windshield repair kit you need. Things you should consider include:

Assessment of the damage

Windshield Repair Kit

Assessing the extent of damage to your windshield is the first step to take. Check to see if it is cracked, chipped, or scratched. Also, assess how deep and extensive the damage is. This check is essential because it will help you know the exact type of kit that is needed for the repair. Most repair kits are limited and cannot handle extensive damage. Some kits can handle cracks better than chips. Only purchase the kit that matches the damage.

Assess the windshield to see the amount of pressure it can handle

In repairing a damaged windshield, you will need to insert the resin into the glass which will require that you put pressure. All kits require that you apply pressure. The design of the windshield makes it capable of handling much pressure. However, the glass can be weakened because of the cracks. It is therefore important that you assess how strong the windshield is before you go on to applying pressure.

Ensure that the kit has all components before buying it

You should make sure that the kit comes with some essential materials. Ensure that it contains a stabilizing device, resin, an instrument you can use to insert resin on the glass, and a cloth for cleaning. The time that it would take to cure the resin is another thing you should consider. It takes an average of 5 hours for the resin to cure.

Temperature sensitivity

A temperature range is needed to cure the resin patch. You will find the instructions on the best temperature range to repair the windshield repair kit. Some kits recommend that you cure the repair in direct sunlight and while others say otherwise. For the resin to properly cure, you must follow instructions.

Quality of resin

The windshield resin (learn more about this here) needs to be a high-quality substance for it to properly repair cracks and chips. A denser and thicker material that dries up easily should be what comes in the windshield repair kit. This property makes the resin blend into the windshield. Also, it will not leave any big blemish. A resin kit that is of low grade may dry in a pale yellow shade.

The size of the damage

To know the quantity of resin that will be needed to repair, you will first need to assess the volume of the cracks or chips. Normally, a small crack on a single windshield would only require that you use one repair kit for a one-time windshield repair. A kit that can be used more than one time will be needed if you are fixing multiple windshields.If you also need a car dent removal kit, check out our blog post here.

Top Windshield Repair Kits: Reviews

Windshield repair kits are quite different from each other mainly because of their capabilities. Here is a list of the top repair kits and their features.

Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit

The rain-x windshield repair kit is a superb car care product. It is long-lasting and effective. The kit is effective for all types of laminated windshields such as side windows, rear screen, and quarter windows. It helps to stop cracks from spreading and minimizes the appearance of cracks and chips as well. It is only when the resin is exposed to UV light that it cures.When examined at a 45-degree angle, the crack vanishes. It is good for multiple repair work. It works well on cracks that are no longer than 12 inches and round-shaped damage that the diameter is smaller than 1 inch. This kit is very effective for small cracks and chips, minimizing its appearance. The kit is very easy to use and it does not take much time. This kit is a bargain because you are getting an additional amount of fluid in one package


  • Quad suction pad applicator
  • 96 ounces of resin fluid
  • Curing strips
  • Razorblade


  • High-quality resin formula
  • Budget-friendly
  • Small package
  • Helps in filling longer cracks


  • Takes long to prepare
  • Not very effective for patching large holes
  • After curing, the crack might remain slightly visible
  • Has a strong odor
  • Can adhere to your skin

3M Windshield Repair Kit

This kit is a high-quality option that comes at a lower cost. You will find everything you need to apply in it. The resin that comes with it is very thick, which makes it dry quicker. It can prevent the spread of the damage when applied immediately after the crack or chip. For this reason, we recommend you to get this kit as a preventative measure. Use this kit immediately after the damage to get the best results. The manual that is it is concise and of good quality.


  • Dual suction stabilizer
  • Bottle of resin liquid
  • A couple of wipes
  • A dropper
  • Blade


  • Great formula
  • High-quality applicator
  • Cure time is shorter


  • Screws not good enough
  • Not suited for larger damage
  • Cannot perform in hot temperature

Permatex Windshield Repair Kit

Permatex Windshield Repair Kit

This repair kit will allow you to make both permanent airtight and durable repairs. It is the best solution for damage to glass with a depth reaching 1.25 inches. Its delivery system that is spring-lock enables you to point out damage and perform the repair more precisely. With this kit, you only need to apply the resin to the area that is affected and allow natural sunlight to cure it. The resin does not need to be mixed also. You will find everything that is needed to carry out a complete windshield repair in the kit.


  • Spring-lock delivery system
  • Curing strip
  • Razorblade


  • The instruction manual is detailed
  • The delivery system is precise
  • Heavy-duty formula


  • Takes longer to show results
  • The self-curing feature does not work sometimes

Blue-Star Windshield Repair Kit

For more extensive damage, this kit is exactly what you will need. Its resin penetrates deep, preventing stone damage from extending throughout the windshield. Its restoration makes the windshield look new.To get the best results, it is recommended that the resin is under sunlight. By doing this, you will get the best results. Users have reported that this windshield repair kit is better than other kits you will find. It is what you should buy if you need to make repairs on windows and glass doors that are laminated.


  • 6-ounce tube of resin liquid
  • Adhesive alignment seal
  • Curing film and a razor blade
  • Repair injector
  • Resin chamber pedestal
  • Resin liquid


  • The instructions manual is concise
  • Formula works great
  • Liquid with more quantity


  • Longer curing time
  • Tricky applicator
  • Does not cure well in cold or hot weather

ATG Windshield-Fix Repair Kit

This is the best option when your priority is to stop cracks from spreading. This kit does not only fix cracked or chipped glass only, it is also suitable for optical issues caused by bad windshield wipers. The full effect of the resin can only be seen if it is cured under direct sunlight or a UV lamp. One of its stand-out features is that it can be used to restore old glass. There is no other kit in the market that can be used to restore the old glass.


  • Adhesive seal
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Cleaning pin
  • Injector syringe
  • Metal scraper blade
  • Resin liquid


  • Budget price
  • Preparation and application takes only 1 hour
  • Restores faded glass


  • Shipping can take longer days
  • Requires UV or sunlight to cure

Gliston Windshield Repair Kit

This windshield repair kit will deliver a precision result. It is great in fixing small cracks in a short time. Suitable for a lot of outer glasses, this kit works best for circular damage with a diameter that is not more than 1 inch and cracks equal to or less than 12-inches.To repair, you will need to firmly press the resin in the cracks and then quickly apply the curing strip. You should have it solidify under sunlight. It is an easy-to-use kit.


  • Needle
  • Suction cups on the four-pronged holder
  • Scraper


  • Effective resin
  • Easy to use
  • Crack repairs in 20-30 minutes


  • Not so effective for larger cracks
  • The kit is too small
  • The instruction manual is not explicit

Raniaco DIY Windshield Repair kit

This kit is one that efficiently fixes the damage. You will find the UV light in the kit. The radiation from this light is required for the curing process of the resin to be complete.The inclusion of this light makes it stand out from other kits. The high-grade resin is easy to apply. To achieve the best results from the resin, ensure that you make use of the UV light. You can use this kit for any type of damage.


  • High-grade resin
  • Suction and pressure pipe


  • Easy to use
  • Dries in less than half an hour
  • Addresses damage efficiently


  • Not suitable for significant damages
  • UV light is required

EWK Auto Windshield Repair Kit

This repair kit is best for small chips and light jobs. As the special resin formula in the kit fills the cracks, the windshield is reinforced. It hides chips, cracks, and scratches. It is just the kit you need for windshields with numerous chips or cracks.


  • Suction cup stabilizer
  • Resin liquid
  • Razorblade
  • Cleaning cloth


  • Can be used for up to 15 repairs
  • Leaves a clean surface on the windshield


  • Not workable for large cracks
  • Not very effective if repair is delayed

Benefits of Windshield Repair Kits


The following are some of the benefits of windshield repair kits.

  • It helps keep you safe since you can repair any damage to your windshield at any time.
  • They are easy to use
  • It helps you save money since it is more expensive to replace a damaged windshield than repairing it.
  • They allow you to fix your damaged windshield immediately.

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Final Thoughts

A repair kit will help fix issues with your windshield and prevent the damage from getting worse. A good repair kit will conceal the damage. Buying one improves your safety while driving, as well as saving you money. There are a lot of windshield repair kits in the market and resin solution is the common element that comes in the kit.

The resin solution strengthens the areas surrounding the glass. We have narrowed down their functionality to help you choose one that is appropriate. Having a repair kit in your car is never a bad idea so go ahead and choose yours!